Search Engine Optimization has been the most important key factor for ranking websites on SERP. Every website hopes to rank on the first page of the Google search engine results page. This can only be possible if the page is correctly optimized according to Google. To make things easy and to indicate that the WordPress webpage is SEO friendly we use several plugins. One of the best plugins for optimizing a webpage is RankMath SEO Plugin.

What is RankMath SEO Plugin?

Rank Math SEO – Best SEO Plugin For WordPress To Increase Your SEO Traffic  – WordPress plugin |

RankMath SEO plugin is the most powerful free plugin that can boost your website ranking with proper use. It has currently 500,000+ installations with 4.9 ratings on WordPress. As of now, this plugin is free for installation and a pro version is yet to come. It provides premium features free of has an interactive layout. This plugin is certainly a boon for the blogger and WordPress web designer. This plugin has conquered the competitors which are providing the same features by charging money.

Features Of RankMath SEO Plugin:

  • Focus Keyword and Content Analysis:

You can add focus keywords to your content as you do in Yoast SEO.

Focus keyword shows your content optimization how you have optimized the content for search engines and gives suggestions. But your keyword must be correct with appropriate locations based on On-Page SEO.

  • Automatic Image SEO:

If you want to get a good rank in image search results, then image optimization is very important. Rank Math automatically adds ALT tags and title tags to images to improve image SEO.

  • Link Builder

Rank Math provides an innovative link builder for internal linking to your website.

It automatically creates internal links on your website to boost your website SEO. Simply enter the keyword you want to create into a link, it will automatically convert it into a link.

RankMath SEO Plugin Review

Rank Math Or Yoast SEO For SEO In 2021 » HD Media

The biggest question would be why should you consider the RankMath plugin over others?

Well, talking about the features it offers there is no competition. The below are listed the features that you would experience using it:

  • It is fast, easy and more intuitive. It is light on space thereby doesn’t slow your website.
  • It is user-friendly attractive masterpiece designed for dynamic user experience.
  • It has modern SEO filters and features. You can add up to 5 targetted keywords without spending a single penny.
  • You can make changes to meta description title and snippets independently.
  • It is integrated with Google Search Console.
  • You can track your keywords ranking in Google. You can use the LSI keyword tool integrated into the plugin.
  • It can audit your website with advance SEO tools.
  • It supports 15+ google schema markups
Rank Math - Best Free WordPress SEO Tools in 2022

Some of the only features that are available in RankMath:

  • 404 error monitor.
  • AMP Support and advanced custom fields.
  • Modular framework.
  • Modern SEO analysis tools.
  • Advanced Redirect Manager(301,302,307,410,etc)
  • Local SEO Integrated Setup.

This feature keeps going added when you get to discover this awesome plugin.

RankMath SEO Plugin Price

Free, Yes this is the most positive key factor that you get all the premium features and awesome features free of cost.

How to Install and Setup RankMath SEO Plugin?

Get your website rank improved now! Follow the procedure below to get started:

  • Login to your WordPress.
  • Go to the plugin section and click on add new.
  • Search RankMath in the search bar
  • Hover over the RankMath SEO plugin and click on install now.
How to Setup Rank Math SEO Plugin Properly

After successfully installing the plugin follow the setup procedures:

  • Click on Start Wizard.
  • Fill out the basic information and click on save and continue.
  • Now, set up your Google Search Console and click on save and continue.
  • Now turn on the sitemaps, post, images, pages and turn off if something isn’t necessary.
  • Leave everything default in SEO tweaks section and click on save and continue.

Congratulations, now you can enjoy writing SEO-friendly content.

RankMath SEO Plugin Review Verdict Talkin about the experience with different SEO plugins the RankMath SEO plugin is certainly an edge above. This plugin is a must set up which I recommend to everybody. This plugin is perfect for bloggers, eCommerce store owners, niche sites, businesses, local businesses, startups, real estate, artists and photographers, directories, and any other WordPress website owner. It is recommended by the best SEO platforms such as ahrefs, semrush, backlinks, product hunt, Hubspot, etc. Go follow the setup procedure and improve your site contents.

SEO Professionals Use RankMath Plugin

Why SEO Professionals Use RankMath Plugin?

Most SEO Professionals use RankMath SEO Plugin Because it is one of the highly accurate SEO plugins, and it is freely available in WordPress, RankMath has one of the easiest setup wizards among all of the plugins. RankMath is three times lighter than other SEO plugins like Yoast SEO, which makes your website lighter and faster to use. Rank Math has a better UI and it is very easy to work with it.

What is RankMath Seo plugin price?

RankMath Seo plugin comes with all the premium features free of cost.

Does the RankMath SEO plugin help in rating traffic?

RankMath Seo plugin guides to get your content SEO-friendly. The more your website will be SEO friendly there are higher the chances of ranking in SERPs.

How can we know that the content is SEO-friendly using the RankMath SEO plugin?

RankMath SEO plugin uses an immersive overview where the content is scored between 0-100. If the content is above 80, the content is good.

How can I install and set up the RankMath SEO plugin?

To set up and install the plugin follow the procedures mentioned above.

Do the plugin work with different themes?

The plugin works absolutely fine with most of the themes available on wordpress.

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