It’s important to carve out a niche market before becoming a popular go-to brand for specific customers in order to establish credibility among them. If you are wondering about the first item, we suggest you begin with your niche as this is a superb way to start selling on Shopify. Identifying a niche market is crucial for grabbing valuable customers. 

Apart from the skills that are required to market products online and the drive to succeed in eCommerce, you must know the best products to sell on Shopify. And, it can be a challenge. 

This is why we have compiled a list of the top trending products to sell on Shopify. The products in this list are from the top trending product categories that are currently needed in the market. 

What to sell on Shopify?

The simplest way to find trending products online is through Google Trends. It helps in examining the popularity of the top search terms or queries on Google across several locations and languages. 

Some of the most popular products to sell on Shopify are Peel-off face masks, furniture, blankets, bicycles, medical items, plants, and electronics.

Let’s understand what a niche market is? 

A niche market is essentially one of the important sections of a larger market, defined by a few unique needs and preferences which make it different from the general market. 

For example, in a footwear market for women, there is a wide range of niches & segments. Shoes for plus-size women, shoes for nurses or working women, shoes for transgenders, etc. All are different types of niches in the large women’s footwear market. 

Each niche market can be divided according to the specific preferences of its constituents. 

Below are some popular factors that will help you define a niche market: 

  • Geographics – residents of a particular city, country or neighbourhood 
  • Price – Discount, moderate & luxury
  • Demographics – income level, educational qualifications, age & gender
  • Quality-level – Handmade, economical, premium 
  • Psychographics – Attitudes, interests & values

It’s better to focus on a niche that goes well with the strategic business decision in order to work excellently for your customers and this must be better than the competitors who target the larger market. 

Why are niches necessary for eCommerce? 

There are numerous eCommerce online stores available out there and if you are a small or medium-sized business, you may not have enough resources to outperform your competitors for each market niche. Therefore, you must choose a typical market group and then invest in the resources. Once you successfully do it, you can expand your business to a different niche before building your own brand market. 

Additionally, niche customers will shop in the same patterns that make it easier to plan about the products to sell and then figuring out how to market them effectively. 

Fundamentally speaking, the more you understand & perceive your customers, the better will be your sales strategies optimized. Pricing deals along with sales techniques & methods like upselling can be prepared according to the particular customer types to boost the success of a business. 

Niches are important for eCommerce as they bring the following advantages: 

  • The production selection is optimized – Your products will more likely sell if they fall in your niche. And there will be less guess-work involved in choosing which products are offered.
  • Easy brand management – With more targeted products, there will be fewer listings & channels, and this will result in the entire brand easier to manage & control. 
  • Optimized pricing – Due to a smaller range of clients, you can use sales analytics to evaluate the matching costs. 
  • Customer loyalty – If you target typical niches, it will bring a sense of customer loyalty as well as improved individual relationships. 
  • Effective content – It becomes easy to generate more valuable content once you cater to the preferences & needs of each group, which is much better than struggling to please people. 
  • Less storage fees – There is faster turnaround as you are able to predict the bestsellers products. 
  • Precise online marketing – You can use targeted keywords along with web design features to target a specific group behaviour or audience. 
  • Affordable campaigning – When you target fewer marketers, it results in a lesser number of ads and market research, thereby reducing the cost of campaigning. 

10 Best Products to Sell On Shopify 

1. Peel-off Face Masks

If you wonder what is the trending product in the beauty niche, peel-off face masks are quite the rage. They are sold everywhere from Amazon to Google, and many other online stores. 

According to data by Keywords Everywhere, the term ‘peel-off face mask’ gets around 30,000 searches a month, and the phrase ‘face peel’ is searched around 27,000 a month. Another variant – ‘charcoal face mask’ gets around 41,000 searches a month while ‘facial mask’ is searched around 81,000 a month. 

This makes the peel-off mask the most demanded product in the beauty category. 

In addition to this, Keywords Everywhere also showcases that on YouTube, the top 20 videos for ‘peel-off face mask’ have an average of 5.3 million views and the topics range from how to use a peel-off face mask for the first time to How to DIY a peel-off mask at home. 

Concentrate on video platforms like YouTube and Instagram while selling trending products in the beauty & health category. You can also collaborate with influencers and run Instagram ads to boost your sales. A more sustainable approach is to create your Instagram account and post content related to your products. 

2. Vegan and Eco-friendly products

Sustainability is indeed the hottest subject among customers. As per a study conducted by Nielson, 48% of U.S. consumers say that they can change their consumption habits to help reduce any effects on the environment. 

Such conscious customers have given rise to vegan, eco-friendly, and cruelty-free variants of different conventional products. If there is an item that is much in demand in the bigger market, there is likely to emerge a niche of conscious customers who will be ready to embrace the eco-friendly products. 

Nowadays, a large part of consumers cares about how their products are sourced & produced. 

Some of the niche item ideas for eco-friendly consumers are: 

  • Cruelty- free cosmetics 
  • Reusable drinking straws
  • Menstrual cups

3. Water Bottles 

As of 2018, the global reusable water bottle market is priced at $8.1 billion, and is estimated to grow by a CAGR of 3.9% till 2025. 

As per data collected by Keywords Everywhere, the search volume is: 

  • Reusable water bottles – 27,100 per month
  • Water bottle – 103,000 per month
  • Sports water bottle – 14,800 per month
  • Custom water bottles – 22,200 per month

Growing threats to the environment due to non-reusable water bottles and a rise in people switching towards a healthier lifestyle drive the trend of using reusable water bottles. Your target consumers will be more conscious and will know the harmful effects of using single-time-use water bottles. 

In order to market reusable water bottles, you will need to show these bottles being used. For instance, you can run a contest where customers are asked to upload pictures of their water bottles in an eco-friendly environment on their social media accounts. 

4. Yoga Mats

Due to the growing popularity of Yoga and its various health benefits, there has been a huge increase in the demand for yoga across the world.  The yoga mat industry is expected to witness a growth of $17.3 billion by 2025. 

While promoting yoga mats on social media, pay attention to the trending bright & naturally lit spaces as these are mostly preferred by yoga enthusiasts. 

Click photographs of people using your yoga mats in a calm space, whether it’s your living room or balcony. Upload these pictures on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, etc. Then, collaborate with the influencers to market your products in an organic way. Besides, you can also showcase yoga routines on social media. 

If you have a limited budget for promotion purposes, consider marketing yoga mats only during the favorable seasons. 

5. Bicycles 

Pandemic calls for a Bicycle boom! More and more people are working from home while not being able to hit the gyms due to social distancing restrictions. This is why there has been a steady increase in the demand for bicycles since 2020 as people are looking for other ways to exercise and go out. 

So, bicycles have become a hot-selling product as it doesn’t harm the environment too. 

6. Blankets 

Blankets is one product on the market that has a high profit margin. Colder seasons call for a higher demand for blankets while there are places that have colder temperatures throughout the year. 

As per a study conducted by Future Market Insights, the rise in demand for blankets is boosting the blanket market, priced at $6.6 billion in 2018. And it’s estimated to hit $9.9 billion by 2027. 

Studies also show that consumers are switching to sustainable woollen blankets which are not only comfortable, but modern & stylish too. It has been noted that retailers are making more money from these than polyester or cotton blankets. 

Blankets can be sold online via a paid search strategy. You must run ads on Google for different keywords such as ‘fleece blankets’, ‘wool blankets’. You can also use more specific keywords like ‘wool camping blanket’ or ‘blue and white throw blanket’, depending on the kind of blankets you sell. 

Post videos on social media to show the different benefits of your blankets. Demonstrate other creative purposes of blankets besides their obvious use of keeping people warm & cozy. Run giveaways to market your new types of blankets. 

7. Kitchen & Dining Furniture 

In the past few months, there is an evident rise in searches for ‘kitchen furniture’ and ‘dining room furniture as people are spending more time at home refurbishing their living spaces. Google Trends shows both these categories reaching its peak, so if you are wondering what to sell on Shopify, this is a good option. 

The search term ‘kitchen furniture’ receives around 49,500 searches in a month. Whereas related keywords such as ‘table sets’ and ‘kitchen chairs’ reach around 110,000 and 60,500 searches in a month, respectively. 

The term ‘Dining room furniture gets 40,500 searches a month. Besides, there are different variations of search terms that can be used: 

  • Dining room chairs – 135,000 per month
  • Dining room sets – 201,000 per month 
  • Dining room tables – 110,000 per month 
  • Small dining room sets – 8,100 per month

Let’s talk about dining room furniture. To market this, run Google ads using keywords related to dining room furniture. You can create a blog giving tips on interior design and link those with your products. And run retargeting ads to the traffic on your blog on Google or Facebook. 

Try to use long keywords as per your products such as ‘small kitchen table and chairs, ‘wooden dining table’ etc to target customers who are already aware of what they need. 

8. Medical Products 

Besides face masks, a number of other medical supplies have been in demand since the pandemic arrived. Products like PPE kits, gloves, medical scrubs, sanitizers, etc are being bought more than ever. Therefore, if it goes well with the theme of your store, you can consider adding this to your list of items to sell on Shopify

9. Electronic items 

A lot of people now prefer to buy electronic items online from the comfort of their home than visiting the store. Efficiency is the need of the hour, be it working from home or stepping out for a meeting. This has raised the demand for smart electronics and people are purchasing more & more of these online. 

10. Plants 

The pandemic has made us realize the importance of being close to nature, and therefore suddenly there has been a steady increase in the demand for plants in the market. In fact, nowadays people also set up a small kitchen garden at their houses. All this has made plants one of the trendiest products on the market. 


These are some of the most demanded products in online stores. However, the list is endless, but if you are starting an eCommerce business, the above list of products will help you. Choosing the right products to sell on Shopify is one thing, and determining how to market them is another. 

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