Nowadays, people consume so many promotional advertisements that you have to do something else to appreciate them. Doodle Videos are one of the most famous and compelling techniques for imparting a business message.

Doodle Videos are a kind of video liveliness. Animated Whiteboard pictures are another term for them. The combination of the marketing content and the hand drawings keeps viewers engaged and digesting all of the information you need to impart. This thorough DoodleMaker Review will tell you all you need to know about it.

What is DoodleMaker?

Doodle Builder, an online tool developed by Paul Ponna and Sid Dewar, allows you to make doodles on a whiteboard, chalkboard, or glass board using cutting-edge technology. A video may be converted into three distinct forms in seconds.


You may then give the doodles different options, and no two doodles are the same! This is likewise an immense leap forward and benefit, not just in light of the fact that you will set aside time and cash, yet in addition, since business freedoms cover the unit, you will actually want to use it for your own business or procure a critical benefit from it as a help.

At the point when one individual draws the principal letter of a word, the psyche expects the second. The same is true for cartoon drawings. We’re excited to see what happens next. This excitement allures guests to continue to watch your video cut.

Stories have been shown to be an effective technique for consumers to evaluate important elements such as the qualities and benefits of a product or service. Obviously, having guests on your site suggests they might get to more than one web page, bringing down your site’s skip rate.

How Does DoodleMaker Work?

Just supplement anything that sort of data you need, whether it’s an exposition, a digital book, content, or whatever else. In the wake of checking your material, the AI quickly matches the text catchphrases to the fitting doodle picture.

How Does DoodleMaker Work

Besides, a symbol locater, a Pixabay API interface, and a library of many great doodle pictures permit boundless customization choices. This means you can make an infinite number of drawings, and more crucially, no two will ever be the same.

Amazing Features of DoodleMaker

Doodle Maker is intended to give you complete control over your doodle and allow you to personalize it as much as you like. This allows the doodle to be unique and tailored to your specifications.

Both for personal and business usage!

Doodle Maker Features
  1. More than 300 video templates

You may choose from a variety of DFY whiteboard, blackboard, and glass board video templates from popular businesses and niches. All of the templates included with this software include natural-sounding female and male voiceovers, as well as effects and animations. You are free to modify the templates as much as you like and use them for business or personal purposes.

  • Text-to-speech in 60+ languages

DoodleMaker allows you to convert any text into speech and use it as the narration for your doodle films by converting it to speech using any of the offered natural-sounding male or female voices. DoodleMaker has the advantage of supporting all major languages. All of the templates offered include human female and male voiceovers, as well as all of the animations and effects. This implies you won’t have to utilize your camera or record your voice because everything has been taken care of.

  • Video translation a single click

DoodleMaker’s inbuilt translation engine allows you to turn your films into any language with a single click. This implies you’ll be able to reach people in different nations.

  • Switch easily among whiteboards, glass boards, and blackboards

With a few clicks, you can convert any video into one of three distinct formats. With a single click, you may produce any video and output it in one of three distinct formats. The built-in AI engine automatically converts your text and images to different colors so that your movie may be transmitted in the format you want.

  • Built-in voice recording

If you want to record your own voice-over, you may do so with this app’s built-in voice recording feature. There is also the option to upload a previously recorded audio file.

  • Millions of HD doodle pictures and icons are available.

Pixabay doodle graphics may be used to personalize your films. This allows you to stand out and make your films one-of-a-kind.

  • Convert images to sketches

With a few clicks, you can now convert any image into a sketch-style doodle. Add as many different elements as possible to make any scene stand out.

  • Built-in professional transitions

DoodleMaker’s next-generation video transitions may give your film a more professional feel. With a single click, you may have your text or pictures slide from the bottom, fade in, or slide from the left/right.

  • Other exciting features

Color changer built-in, Download in high definition, Create endless films, add your watermark, Vimeo and YouTube publisher, video lessons.

What is DoodleMaker’s price structure?

Doodle Maker Pricing

1. White Label ($497 for One Time)

White Label is the best upgrade for people who don’t want any pricing blockade in their way. With this plan, they can do anything. DoodleMaker Enterprise Whitelabel is available for a ONE-TIME fee that includes limitless usage and accounts. There are no monthly or hidden fees.

  • Rebrand the app with your logo and branding to make it your own. (This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance.)
  • Sell as many copies as you want with unlimited sub-accounts.
  • Set your own pricing.
  • VSL that has been done for you so that you may market the software as your own.
  • Done-for-you Sales Page – visuals and copywriting completed to convert leads into sales.
  • We are in charge of app hosting and software updates: Sell without a hitch.

2. Deluxe Upgrade ($49 for One Time)

This is also a worth-it upgrade if you are a beginner or you can’t afford $497 at this time. For a ONE-TIME fee, you will receive a full year’s worth of templates supplied monthly. You get to retain all of the new templates and features DoodleMake releases for free.

  • New design templates Monthly for 1 Year (One-Time Payment): Each month for 1 year, brand new customizable whiteboard, glass board, and blackboard templates are uploaded to your account (no monthly fees).
  • Ready-Made Human Voice Overs (Male and Female) for All-New Templates – save money by not hiring pricey voice artists.
  • Pre-Written Video Scripts Written for All-New Templates by a Copywriter (Modify as You Like) Designed to turn your leads into customers!
  • There are 56 more premium text-to-speech voices in 29 languages.
  • High-Quality Royalty-Free Music Files (for your doodle videos)
  • Google Cloud Server Priority Video Rendering (Get your videos rendered faster than other customers without waiting in line)
  • Priority Access to Future App Upgrades: Deluxe users receive all future feature updates before other members, allowing them to stay ahead of the curve without fear of saturation or competition.

3. Toon Video Maker App ($39 for One Time)

Add fresh TOON videos to your marketing toolset to go beyond doodle videos. Cartoon videos have been shown to be an effective technique to increase outcomes. Toon video is used by Fortune 500 firms to sell their services. After graffiti video, cartoon video is the most popular video format. Each film you create can be sold for between $300 and $500.

4. Client Engine App ($29 for One Time)

Client Engine software enables users to locate the highest-paying consumers in order to offer a video or other service. This is ideal for anyone looking to get the greatest pricing for their Doodle Maker doodle videos.

Users may use the program to search the top five employment sites from a single platform. There is no need to visit several websites in order to locate jobs and people searching for video-making services.

Meet The Founders Of DoodleMaker – Paul Ponna & Sid Diwar

DoodleMaker Founders

Doodle Maker Pros and Cons


  • DoodleMaker makes use of artificial intelligence (Artificial Intelligence).
  • With only one program or software, you can produce whiteboard, blackboard, and glass board doodle films in minutes.
  • Using next-generation software, you can quickly transform any existing video of yours into doodle animation films.
  • It boasts the world’s greatest text-to-speech engine. You can make high-quality videos in whatever language you desire without recording your voice.
  • You may astound the entire globe without any professional expertise by creating professional animation films using 300+ ready-made templates.
  • Simply start with a basic article, text script, or content piece, and the program will generate a professional Doodle whiteboard movie in seconds, with no more effort required.
  • It comes with a collection of high-quality symbols, photos, and material that you can quickly import into the program to make even more HD-quality films.
  • There’s also a music collection to let you create a one-of-a-kind doodle film with all the bells and whistles.
  • It is cloud-based, which means that the video is created on enterprise-grade Google and Amazon servers.


  • Everything is kept on a cloud server; an active internet connection is required to retrieve pre-installed media files and add additional (auto-saves).
  • You must now remember to utilize it. However, this is not the fault of the program.
  • Nothing is wrong with Doodle, save for some Android software failures and login issues.
  • Some colleges no longer use DoodleMakers.
  • Because it is a cloud-based program, you must update the software whenever you receive an alert from the server.

Who is Doodle Maker For?

Doodle films are easy to make, whether you are a publicizing or advertising office or a singular specialist hoping to upgrade your income.

Doodle Maker user

A 30-second film made fun of animated doodles would cost $300-$500 if you hired a professional. DoodleMaker might be utilized by anyone and any kind of organization. DoodleMaker might be for anyone in the accompanying organizations and professions like:

  • Freelancers who work for others,
  • Teachers who create content,
  • Digital Advertisers for firms,
  • Bloggers for an income source,
  • Online and Offline Businesses,
  • Affiliate Marketers,
  • Youtubers,
  • Writers and the list go on.

What makes Doodle Videos so important on the internet?

To explain, a professionally colored doodle film may be time-consuming, distracting, and pricey. DoodleMaker is the only global video production software that employs intuitive artificial intelligence to create amazing, practical, and competent doodle videos in more than 60+ languages in minutes, regardless of technology, age, or creative talent.

Doodle Maker importants

Doodle Creator is fresh out of the plastic new cloud-based device that produces whiteboard, perfectly clear, and slate movies in 70 dialects in minutes, complete with human-like voices. It also has transcription and translation tools for translating video texts to doodle videos in any language.

Why do I recommend DoodleMaker?

DoodleMaker is the only newly launched Doodle Video Software development tool that employs Intuitive Artificial Intelligence to allow anybody, regardless of technical skill, age, or style, to generate beautiful and lifelike doodle films rapidly in over 30+ languages.

DoodleMaker allows you to make and market animated videos, whiteboard animation videos, video demonstrations, training videos, and promotional or advertising videos. You may white-label this product and advertise it to an unlimited number of customers, or you can utilize DoodleMaker’s commercial license to offer services.

recommend DoodleMaker

You’re making films from scratch with the adaptable freehand Doodle Editor. Only include whatever content you like, whether it’s a brief paragraph, an e-Book, or a research paper. The AI then examines the information naturally and automatically connects text keywords with the relevant doodle artwork.

The excellent Doodle Image Library, symbols Finder, and Pixabay API are totally allowed to alter and change symbols, giving you essentially boundless choices. The important point is that you can achieve anything just by pulling and falling; no hard-core technological expertise is required. The powerful freehand Doodle Editor in Doodle Builder allows you to make movies from scratch.

Simply insert the entire content, whether it’s a simple blog post, an e-book, or a full script. The AI naturally functions and reads the text, then automatically connects the keywords with the relevant doodle image.

You may also change and personalize the logo by using the Thousand collection of high-quality doodle pictures, Icon Finder, and the Pixabay API Integration.

This means you have an infinite amount of options when generating doodles, and most importantly, no doodle is ever the same! This is a huge benefit since not only will you save time and resources, but you will also be able to gain on this by providing this service as trading privileges are included with your own company or income!

DoodleMaker Review: Wrapping Up

Overall, DoodleMaker is an excellent piece of software for any internet marketing expert. It conserves both time and money.

Individuals are turning out to be more mindful that they can never again depend on one kind of revenue while confronting the danger of another. Doodle Video Creator on a whiteboard is an excellent approach to motivate, instruct, and market to the general public. So now is a better time than ever to share your Doodle films online.

This tool is designed for online company owners, freelancers, agency owners, marketers, education institutes, coaches, and consultants.

Finally, I strongly recommend DoodleMaker to anyone who wishes to quickly and easily create and sell an incredible amount of high-quality doodle flicks, even if you are just starting out or have no experience like me.

Also, DoodleMaker is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that will never be repeated; simply try DoodleMaker!

The DoodleMaker team has utilized their years of product manufacturing and testing knowledge to provide a solution at this pricing that you will not find anywhere else. Doodle Creator is a software that assists “GLOBALLY” sales and transportation businesses in taking on Industry and skyrocketing sales.

Top DoodleMaker Alternative

You may want to look at DoodleMaker alternatives for a variety of reasons. I’m familiar with a number of them and have already addressed them, but before going into DoodleMaker’s alternative first, let me tell you if DoodleMaker is worthy or not.

In a nutshell, sure. DoodleMaker is one of the simplest programs for creating high-quality doodle films. If DoodleMaker does not suit you, select one of its most suitable alternatives and continue your video-creating trip.

  • Doodly: Doodly is the greatest DoodleMaker replacement. It, like DoodleMaker, is an application for generating whiteboard films with a drag-and-drop interface.
  • Animation Studios: AnimationStudio is yet another DoodleMaker replacement. It is an excellent platform for creating all sorts of videos for your brand & business.
  • Animaker: Animaker is an online do-it-yourself (DIY) animation filmmaker that makes studio-quality presentations accessible to everyone.
  • Videoscribe: Videoscribe is simple, quick, and affordable. Without any editing abilities, you may quickly produce stunning animated videos.
  • Toonly: Even if you’ve never made a video before, you can produce excellent animated explainer films in minutes with Toonly. It’s really that simple.

FAQs about DoodleMaker

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