Blogging is a best way and make for those people who cannot have any option or stage to express your feeling ideas. You can be share your feeling and gain a follows and likes all over the world within safely and own limits. Because this blog is your personal and you can do and write any things without limitation. It is a best source of gaining confidence which is whatever your field and what are you write your personal expression.

It is a self promoting and create a new opportunities because it is a basically tool or channel to promote yourself as an expert. It is helped a many people to start a profitable businesses and industry. As a motivational we discuss some example that will become a success through blog like Guy Kawasaki, Dan Kennedy and many other business have adopt blog and successes.

You know now a day’s anyone can have a blog or start a blog these days then why wouldn’t you make a blog and start work on it. If you owner of any marketing field or affiliate marketing then having a blog is very important and useful for you because through this way to provide a valueable information to your clients. Nowadays blog is working as a diary you can do and write adding content spreads word and people know what you are doing actually. For example you start a business of clothing then you are write clothes variety, colours and price and tell your clients future prospects about clothing.

We discuss some reason why you should start a blog

Provide helps others

It is a true many people find solutions of their problem through google or blog. Today the big problem in world health and people want to know health tips, and what is good or bad and some people interesting in fashion and how to improve lifestyle so through this way you can write content and give different ideas. You can pick your favorite topics and start work on it and you will get many audience for your blog and provide help others.

Enhance your writing skills

The best quote is that practice makes a man perfect and it is hundred percent truly. In start you think you are not a good writer but you continuously write on different topics. Sometime you face a failures situation but you cannot stop and improve your writing skills with regular blog and become a great writer. When you write on different topics then your knowledge increase and you explore the world and learn about new things. A writer is not only writer it is a best reader and learns about new things in every day.

Promote yourself as an expert

When you write content on any topics and many people read your content and consider you as a expert and follows your different social media accounts. Blog is an easy and simple way to become a famous personality. When you start a write content then you think about new thing as a social things or lifestyle issue.

Reduce your stress

Writing is a best way to reduce your strees.Mostly people become a good thinker when they have stree, then you think or observes a deeply and see a life on different way. Many people take medications to reduce their stress but blogging is a best source of reducing stress and generate new ideas and focus on it.

How to start blogging

If you know why you should start a blog and you are ready for it, then don’t waste your time and start to make blog. Before starting a blog you will decide what type of blog you need fun or profit type. Firstly understand what are you doing and determined by the people. You choose you want to create blog on current news, viral videos or writing. Firstly you select a good and unique blogging platform, and there are many blogging platforms and they offer to offer to free and premium blogging opportunities. You can choose them according to your interest and then sign up to create a blog and you can take a web design ideas and tips from different experts.

Decide a free blog or paid

If you want a free blog then it is all over the web, you just search a web and find some blog. As a example, and blog is not your personal blog and the same domain name have many people. Through this way you cannot give a service of advertisement on their, because free blog cannot allow to earn money. On the other side if you have make a paid blog and pay for domain and hosting, then it is your personal blog and control over the blog when you need try to earn money.  This blog allow to advertisement on it and share a different links. When you register your domain it is basically your website or blog name. The starting price of domain name is may be $8 and if you want a special then it is costly.

Generate traffic

You can generate traffic in two ways

  • Free traffic
  • Paid traffic

When you write something and post on your blog and people to read it, then where traffic comes on it. If you want your blog will be successful then you need a more traffic and having a different option,

Free traffic

  • Search engine traffic
  • Social media platform (Facebook, twitter, instgram, linked)
  • Forum post
  • Article marketing form

Paid traffic

  • Paid per click use a title add you see on top as per google search
  • E-mail subscribe
  • Banner advertisement as per 1 to 6 month

How to Create a blog Step by Step

In simple words, the blog is a website that focuses on written content mainly and in which template is a basically backbone of your website. Before making a blog you can choose the website buider, softwate features, website templates, pay or not pay, brand name and focus on design. When you start to make a blog then forget about Google because you need a site that is optimized for search engines (SEO).When you want a website is a SEO- friendly then follow these features. Blog marketing is a business that is used in online business and it comes as a channel, for example, on social media, the way email is in the business of email marketing. When we have a lot of data and we have to save the must-have album. It can also create a block on any Facebook Instagram. According to research52 marketers believe that blogging is the main point for the business. It is used for SEO which makes perfect for blogging and long-lasting content.

If you want to start a blog then you follow the 6 steps and you can create a blog within 20 minutes

  • Choose a blog name; the first and main point is that what your blog name is and chooses a something descriptive.
  • Get an online blog; Register your blog online and purchase a hosting
  • Customize blog: select a free template and tweak it
  • Write and publish your first post
  • Promote your blog on a different platform: select a different platform where more people read your blog
  • Make money Blogger; Pick several options to monetize your blog

Choose a blog name

If you not sure about your blog then there a few ways a find a good blog topic

 Share your Life experience

In your blog, you can share your life experience. For example you will define, how to deal with your clients, how to deal with your team members, how to spend your time with your family.

Personal Blog

In personal blogs include different topics like your things you can do daily, and your thoughts and ideas.

Blog name should be descriptive

 Blog is always making about a specific topic then you will surely want to include in some way to your blog name. You cannot focus on only one word. If you write a blog and choose your topic of blog is a cooking blog than it is not necessary to write have to have word cooking. You can pick a word food, recipes, and meals than people easily know your blog is about cooking. On the other ways you want planning to create a personal blog where you discuss different topics then you use a name or some variation of it since your blog is all about you. When you have some blog name ideas then you will need to select a domain extension like domain extension is mostly preferred, and net or org is good working. The main thing is that in a blog domain you cannot have any space between words. For example, you choose your blog name Scott then become blogging you got your name and pick an extension then it’s time to make sure that no one else has already registered the same name.

You find that the name is already taken by someone there are few things you can do;

  • Try a different extension domain If a .net version is already registered you may still be able to .com or org select your extension domain.
  • Use a  small word,
  • Added a dashes between words; if your blog name then you can select a

Get an online blog

If you complete the first step then this times to get your blog online. It is difficult and technical work but the step below will help you how to make the process easy. You will do two things to run a blog

  • Blog hosting (It is a company that stores all of the files of your blog who deliver them to use when you type in your blog name).
  • Blog software (Blog software needs to build your blog the WordPress blogging software is most popular, customizable and easiest to use).
  • As a new blogger, you choose a blue host. It has a good blog host due to these things
  • They will register your blog with your name and these names have no else anyone.
  • It is offered free, simple installation of the WordPress blogging software.
  • It is helpful 24/7 customer service via phone or web chat.
  • The big advantage of these they have a 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • Its monthly cost is $2.75.
  • You can choose as per your plane
  • If you have an already domain name and want to use it for your blog and type your existing domain in the right box and click next, only you can use the right box you have previously paid to register a domain.
  • If you start a new domain name then use the left box then click and start the registration process.
  • Fill out your charge details on the registration page and your complete information, like name, city, country, street dress, zip code, phone number, and email address.
  • Create your account and password.

3 Customize your Blog

Logging in

If you not logged in your account on the previous step, then you go to and click login and on the top right to bring up the login screen. You can choose and set your domain name and the password in the previous step and you misplaced or forget your password then you can reset it by clicking forgot password link.

Change your blog design

When you log in to your account that is where you can make any changes and make a new design in your blog. In WordPress through blog layouts it’s called Themes you can change the design of your blog. If you change the Theme of the blog, click on the Appearance tab on the left menu. If you have installed already Theme then you install a thousand of free other themes. For a new installation of the theme go to the Appearance tab on the left menu and add new Themes.

4 How to publish a blog post

When you write a blog then go to the left menu and click on posts and add a new post in which you post your article, if you upload a picture from your computer you can select and upload it, you set a category, Meta Tags. If you publish already post then you can edit it Trash or delete it easily.

5 Promote your Blog

After publishing your blog post you can promote it on social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linked. Through this way your reader easily read your blog.

  • Create an Email list
  • SEO
  • Collaborate
  • Submit in search engines

6 Make Money Blogger & Earn money at home

For online earning blog is best and perfect platform. Through this platform you can earn money without going to outside just you put your post and earn money you just spend a few hours a gain a huge profit. You can share your story a blog allow to write anything you can write about your families, friends and daily life experience and give a health and fitness tips. Once you make a blog and put your effort into creating great content and promote your blog, then making money from your blog is easy. When your blog promote on a different platform and you target a more audience then you can use a few methods to earn money,

  • Sell Advertising Space
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Memberships

Why start a blog

Blog is a basically web page and that gets updates by its owner and they grow to quite number of pages. Daily thousands of blog are created in both categories like personal and business use and some blog make a very easy like a wordpress and business blog use to communicate and stay with their client and give updates all new product related to your business and who will you launch in future. In personal blog you can share your ideas and give suggestion on different topics. They will share their life experience and discuss about hobbies and activities.

Find a Community

Blog is use as a medium. You write article on different topics and people comments on it. This is a best way to connect with your clients and other people who are interested in your blog and writing and increase your friend’s circle.

How to select niche for your blog

Before selecting a niche you think about your passion. Without passion you cannot become a successful and do something in life. Your blog is not a boring and neither interest and knowledge.

Before selecting niche these things must be check,

  • About your passion
  • Which fields is best for you
  • Can you write daily articles and post on your blog
  • People would you like your topics
  • Can your content will be informative and related to your fields