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Amidst the modern era, where digitization has spread its paws. It is a pity it is difficult to cope up with the challenges faced during last year. COVID pandemic was the main bulletin that year. It has grown pity immense and as a result the whole nation was in their homes. That is the impact of COVID in the global era. Work from home is still trending in our nation. Therefore, the reluctance of writing more on-screen rather than on paper has increased. That’s what digitization is with which many of the users often get confused. 

Before starting with the proceeding, if you are looking at the content writing tool then go through the internet where several million sites are there. But IT Vowel has emerged as the perfect platform for the same. 

Coming to the point, digitization is doing work online on the screen no matter it’s online or offline. But most work is done online. Whatever homework, the daily chart that you make which once was done on paper has now been done online. COVID-19 has changed the whole complexion of the nation. 

Now, a new service is trending nowadays which is content writing. Before knowing detail about this term. Let us brief you about types of content. 

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  • Blogs– it is a part of the content that is written by the user from his wish. There is no limit to words that need to be written. But the basic thing is that it should be more interesting and easy for the reader to understand. A Blog can be fun as well. 
  • Ebooks– ebooks are the type of very long-form content. You must have read books during your childhood days. eBooks are nothing but the digital version of the books that contain pages. Writing eBooks is prestigious in itself. 
  • Infographics– it is the most popular content that you can create. It is more informational that presents a great deal of info such as statistics, research, and other data in a visual way that is easily engaging and shareable. 
  • Video– you must be surprised by the fact that video is in this category. But the truth is videos are one of the most popular types of content that accounts for 80 percent of all web traffic in 2020. There are vast varieties of videos like interview, call-in-show, and explainer videos. Just like eBooks and other forms of content, videos add value to your audience by answering questions and providing solutions. Other than we have case studies and how-to guides as well.

As of now, you must be aware of these types of content. The professional person who writes these contents considering the market needs is called a content writer or content developer. The content writer plays a crucial role in efficient Search Engine Optimisation. In true words say that content is the king in every SEO project. Without quality content, the whole SEO is in vain. The main job of SEO is to increase traffic and ranking and the first thing that the reader notes is the quality of the content. If it is not written properly then it is of no use. 

Moving ahead, let us now look at some skills that a good content writer acquires. Have a look. 

  • Excellent writing communication skills with a sound grammar
  • Personality
  • Adaptability
  • Basic know of Search Engine Optimisation
  • Being transparent
  • Time management skills 
  • Knowledge of your target readers 
  • Knowledge of social media

These skills are very important that could lead from being a good content writer to a successful content writer. Now we shall be looking at the roles and duties of the content writer. 

  • Researching industry-related topics (combining online sources, interviews, and studies)
  • Writing clear marketing copy to promote your products/services
  • Preparing well-structured drafts using Content Management Systems.
  • Coordinate with marketing and design teams to illustrate articles
  • Promote content on social media.
  • Updating the website contents as required
  • Ensure all-around consistency. 
  • Conduct simple keyword research.
  • Prepare a well-structured draft using content management systems. 
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Is content writing easy?

Content writing is not that easy as it seems. Though from the first glance, you may have thought that content writing is easy, as all you need to do is to write for the companies. But here you are competing with a lot of other content writers in the same niche. 

The thing that differentiates a successful and good content writer is the fact that the successful content writer writes original with plagiarism-free content that is not copied from somewhere else. The original content is itself quality content. You don’t require any further modification. 

Is the content writer a good career?

A career in content writing offers huge opportunities in the modern market. Booming scopes of a content writer if you go for it. The demand for a content writer is increasing day by day due to the increase of digitization and internet marketing. 

How to make a career as a content writer?

Content writer is a prestigious job and lucky are those who are content writers as they write on several issues and niches that could change the entire scenario of the modern market. Making a career as a content writer requires the following aspects.

  • Develop the proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
  • Practice long contents as they fetch more backlinks
  • Mind your formatting
  • Link appropriate
  • Add photos
  • Add an interesting headline
  • Don’t go for very promotional content as such

Final words

Summarising the entire content, in short, it is worth adding that being content writing is a prestigious job, and doing it is worth it for all as a digital marketer. As thought by many critics that content writing is just writing content. But in the actual case, content writing is more than that. You simply can’t rely on mere writing. 

Thanks for your quality in reading through the entire content. If you found it interesting and worthy, then don’t forget to share it with all your friends and relatives. Hoping for a great time ahead. Cheers!

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