Amidst the world of the internet where every person is relying on digital platforms, SEO has become an integral part of our everyday routine. Being an SEO expert in Chandigarh and Panchkula can be a huge boost to your career as Chandigarh and Panchkula witness a tremendous amount of literate people who rely mostly on social media. Their domination can be estimated from the fact that you will more users on the internet than in real life. Facebook, and Instagram has taken over all the facades of modernization. 

Therefore, the requirement of SEO tools becomes highly significant. Multiple SEO tools come in handy for you while you do digital marketing. Digital marketing I am sure it’s a basic term with which almost every guy is familiar. SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the fundamental part of digital marketing without which it is arduous being a top-level digital marketer.

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But first of all, it’s important to know why SEO tools are important for an SEO expert or digital marketer. Being an SEO expert is a high privilege. But it’s not confined only to the tri-city, but to the entire world. Whichever part of the world you are living, even if that particular SEO expert is in Chandigarh and Panchkula, he can bestow you with the best SEO services. 

SEO tools are important

Why SEO tools are important?

SEO tools can save you from tedious keyword research and highly complex data analysis. The best SEO tools can give you that extra edge over your competitors. It also helps in measuring the competition in several major countries ( UK, USA, Canada, etc.) and regions. It is also important if you are running more than a single website. It can bestow you with tremendous help in estimating the performance of the sites with ease.

Top important Search Engine Optimisation ( SEO ) tools

The Internet is flooded with SEO tools that are helpful and market-friendly. But here I have chosen the best SEO tools that are user-friendly as well. Let us get started now. 

1. SEMrush

SEMrush is the market favorite for everyone doing business online and for SEO experts. Here, you can easily access the rankings plus identify changes enhancing your exposure in the global arena. Through SEMrush you can look for the top-ranked topics and could write healthy contents on it that can severely enhance your traffic.

Talking about its most popular tool which is Domain vs domain analysis. The main use of Domain vs Domain analysis is to compare your website with your competitor’s site. It can also help in analyzing reports without much worrying about your ups and downs in the market. You can better understand your site in a way that could lure a large audience in a better way. It has also got the feature of organic traffic insight through which you can see the leading traffic under one dashboard. 

2. Answer the public

One of the major disadvantages of SEMrush is that it is a paid version. Though you can operate the SEMrush free of cost for certain days overall it is not free. 

But there is another tool that is free of cost on which you can easily work upon without worrying about any price. This tool is mostly used for enthusiast bloggers who want to boom in the market with some SEO-friendly words. Through this tool, you can easily find blogging topics easily. It is also useful in finding snipping opportunities. 

Let us suppose you want to write about cricket. Then through this tool, you can look for important relatable keywords such as googly, yorker, or duck. Even if you hired a freelancer for your job. All you need is to type in the keyword, then a long list of topics will come through which you can choose any and straightaway to give it to your freelancer without worrying about anything else. 

3. Majestic

Another one on my list is the SEO tool that is considered as the best tool in the market. Through Majestic, you can see the ranking of the top million websites. Here you can even check the backlinks with ease on the particular niche. 

4. Google trend

It is highly useful at any stage of business growth. It is one of the most underrated types of SEO tools that is in limelight for a very long time. You can easily search for the keyword over here and relatedly, you can get every information pertaining to every region. 

5. Screaming frog

Like other important SEO tools, this tool has also been considered as the best SEO according to critics. It can help you analyze your website super fast to effectively perform the site audit with ease and perfection. It can also help you get insight into the latest happenings going on your site. Not only this, but it can also help in driving the high traffic to find the number of listings to have what customers have on their site. 

6. Fat Rank

It is the chrome extension that can easily allow you to analyze your site performance. It can help you to know the ranking of your keywords. Here, you can add keywords to your site and find your rank per page. If your ranking is more among the top 100, then it can easily tell you that. With this, it is easy to optimize your website. It is 100% accurate and lives. The best thing about this SEO tool is that it is also absolutely free. 

7. Ahrefs

The largest website crawler after Google, Ahref is leading the party. Through this vital SEO tool, you can easily get information about which part of the website needs improvement. 

Final thoughts

This article is meant for those who want to excel in their field as an SEO expert With the help of these important tools, you can mark the industry bestowing the class of the top SEO expert. 

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