The world is moving at a pace faster than we can imagine and well, it has become really difficult to catch up. Especially when it comes to making money, we can say goodbye to our traditional, hard-working ways because the internet is here to make us earn smart and better. There’s a lot in store for you and it is equal parts easy to learn how to make money online, through the article that follows.

But before we begin, it is imperative to state what you’re already thinking- ‘there are so many articles suggesting ways to make money online and they’re all more or less same, what’s the point of reading another one?’ Well, the point to read this one is that almost all articles suggesting ways to make money online are stuck on the old, boring tactics that everyone’s already using. Here, we bring to you, the future ways to earn money online, that are new, different, and very fruitful.

So let’s get started, shall we?

1. Remote Freelancing:

The two words- Remote and freelance, have become the two most famous words in recent times and for all the right reasons. Wherever you are, whatever it is that you like, you can freelance in it in your remote locations using Flexjob. They promise to bring top-notch work from home freelancing jobs in more than 50+ categories, so it should be a definite go-to for everybody. And in this big complicated world of online jobs- Flexjob also offers an opportunity for you to mitigate risks and screen what’s best for you.

But is it only about getting employed and working for somebody? Not really. You can offer employment, build a board of virtual employees and recruit clients. Or maybe you might need somebody you can partner with to run your business. Well, again, a one-stop destination for it all Cofounderslab– a proclaimed largest start-up network in the world.

And even if you’re working on something and need to earn some pass-time money, you can get your hands on managing micro tasks for companies all over the world through Amazon Mechanical Turc– a crowdsourcing place to earn just the right amount of side money.

2. Podcasts:

If there’s one thing that this pandemic has taught us about youth- it is the fact that we love listening to and be inspired by successful, motivating people. And that’s what podcasts are all about. Connecting people with each other through stories and words.  And as vague as this may sound- you CAN start your own podcast and earn good money through it. You can start your podcast series, create an audience, build a loyal network and monetize your podcasts.

However, this road of podcasts goes through the tunnel of podcast hosting companies to store your files and share them with the big companies like Spotify, iTunes, Google podcasts, etc.

Of all the good things in the world, Buzzsprout has to top your list because it is one for it all. It offers you a platform to make your podcast series reach millions of potential listeners by listing your podcast on almost all the big platforms. You can start with their free plan or paid plans that range from about $12 to $24, as per your liking. Buzzsprout provides you with unlimited storage space and holds your files forever, along with about 250 GB bandwidth per month. Wait, there’s more. They offer a $20 amazon gift card for signing up, free!

3. Blogging, the efficient way:

If you’re hoping this section to be the boring ‘how to blog’ section that almost every platform encounters, it’s time you change your expectations. The coming section encounters tons of ideas to make money online- that can fetch you an incredibly good amount of money. However, the condition to work hard and be smart still remains constant.

The usually mentioned tactics of online surveys, banners ads, virtual assistance, etc.. are all outdated methods of blogging because they bring in very minimal money at a lot of effort. It is time we change that and make an impact through blogging that stays for a longer time. The journey isn’t as hard as they make it sound, you only need to know the right steps.

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Try to increase your price offering early in your blogging journey. This can be achieved by focusing on high-end consulting i.e. businesses in place of people. This is referred to as B2B consulting funnel. The basic steps to walk on the said funnel include-

  1. Find the right demand. Make sure you figure out what the market demand is about, what your potential target audience’s budget allows and what is the professional leverage before you decide your blogging niche.
  1. Divide the extra work. Outsource tasks that can be done from outside and focus more on getting faster digital backlogs, domain authority, and backlink acquisition.
  1. Use the right high-end blog monetisation strategies and seal about e-4 high-end clients, in place of converting 100s of affiliate links. This allows you to earn way better even with less traffic on your site.

4. Social Investment Network:

Real-time trading rules the world and we know it. Joining a social investment network allows you a platform to collaborate with traders, make informed stock decisions, and use versed tools to track your investments.

Some of the best social investment networks include-

Personal Capital

This app aims at transforming people’s financial lives through technology and people. With its amazing data-driven approach and giving attitude, it serves to provide a way to invest and manage money much better. It is better known to offer-

  1. Real-time view of the financial lifetime.
  2. Credible insights and smart financial predictions.
  3. Financial planning.


A proclaimed source for honest comparing of rates, they provide instant and accurate results, for free! Its key features include-

  1. Finding the right option for loans through easy comparing and optimised network.
  1. Getting better deals and availability of credible refinancing options.

5. Affiliate Marketing and Digital Products:

If you’re a blogger, I’m sure suggestions like growing your traffic and adding Google AdSense ads must have poured in your way. These strategies are definitely effective but not very efficient when it comes to earning money for a multitude of reasons, which you’re already aware of. This is exactly where Affiliate marketing comes into the picture.

Keep in consideration the niche you’re passionate about and what your network follows you for, find the right affiliate programs and promote them to your audience. The only trick is to know the right affiliate programs, which you can find here. Not just that, after you get versed with it, you can start your own brand and make other affiliates promote it.

With a number of affiliate programs and their equally incredible rewards, you can lead your way to a much more efficient source of Income through your blog posts.

6. Selling Products Online:

Selling products and selling products online are two very different fortes to master. One way to effectively sell your products online is through omnichannel marketing. How many platforms are too many platforms, you ask? The answer is there’s no answer. Sell your product online across EVERY platform. Every platform you’re aware of and every platform where your customers are should be your place of selling your product.

You can launch your own e-commerce store, sell via Amazon FBA and showcase your products to millions of customers and businesses. You can also sell using social media platforms. Along with that, there are many industry-specific platforms that might fall under your niche, use them to their fullest extent to sell your products.

Again, the trick is knowing your target audience and being able to understand their functioning and needs. Once you know what targets are worth targeting, your focus should be to create a regular presence on all of them.

7. Online course:

If you think your knowledge can be of help to others, use it to help you financially through online courses. Irrespective of the area of expertise, these courses are a way to earn in almost all areas.

You can build yourself a stream of income by publishing online courses using Thinkific that claims to power your education empire or by launching paid courses that teach people a variety of everyday tasks. You can also hand over online coaching and consulting services. 

You can also share your knowledge one-on-one with a large group of people using platforms like Facebook and Zoom.

This knowledge could be in fields varying from college to languages to fitness to everyday life, anything that makes you unique and can be of help to others.

8. Dropshipping:

If you’re new to this world, it’s time we revolutionize e-commerce for you. Dropshipping is one easy, efficient and sustainable way of doing business and you can be sure it’s worth knowing how the process works-

  • Unlike the traditional e-commerce store where you’re required to start with a good amount of capital to finance inventories and employees, you can start by simply creating a website and upload pictures of products with their prices.
  • As the customer buys the product and makes the payment, you forward the order to the dropshipping supplier. You get to keep a margin to yourself for your service as the mediator between the customer and the supplier.
  • The manufactures makes the delivery and the process is completed.

Sounds fairly amazing, right? And dropshipping definitely has its share of advantages. Top platforms like spocket choose the best products to sell from thousands of dropshipping suppliers all over the world.

9. Webinars:

It would be weird to explain webinars and their importance because this global pandemic has made us be a part of numerous webinars and for all the right reasons. However, let’s talk about hosting a webinar here because it is an amazing way to help you increase your sales and drive the audience to your website.

And even if you don’t have your own products, you can host webinars to earn money through affiliate links. All you’d need is the correct product for your target audience and its promotion with full enthusiasm. You can also interact one-on-one with your audience through live Q&A sessions that can create a huge difference in terms of demand and sales.

There is a lot of available webinar hosting platforms that can be used, one of which includes Webinarjam, which rightly claims to be user-friendly, super fast and offers features like reminder emails, signups, integrations, and business-oriented approaches.  You might also send minutes of the meeting to the registered users on their mentioned emails to keep intact the space and intrigue those who couldn’t attend.

10. Investing:

Gone are times when investment decisions used to be a genius’s business because the world of investing is now at everyone’s fingertip, quite literally. With some amazing apps like Robinhood App that enables you to commission-free investing and familiarises you with tools that are needed to keep your money in motion.

Along with sharing, you can purchase slices of some big companies or involve in global trading opportunities with tools like Forex. The key to reducing risk is to invest everywhere, diversifying your income sources. You can learn various ways of the trade like portfolio rebalancing and tax loss harvesting.

Speaking of taxes, any sort of investing you do throughout the past year is subject to taxation. Generally speaking, investments usually end with a capital gain or a capital loss, both of which carry their own tax implications. For the most part, you can arm yourself with an income tax calculator and tackle the tax filing process yourself—just make sure you have all of the tax forms from your brokerage account(s). Of course, you can always have a tax professional do the heavy lifting for you also. 

12. Writing and Self-publishing:

This extraordinary talent of writing and keeping people hooked can fetch you more money than you can imagine. There are endless opportunities knocking your way, not just in terms of writing but also publishing and transcribing.

If your interest lies in the area of writing novels and books, you can self-publish them using recognized apps like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing that claims to publish your book worldwide within a limited number of hours and lets you earn about 70% royalty on sales to customers throughout the world.

If your interest lies solely in writing, irrespective of category or genre, you can use your valuable skills as a freelance writer for companies. Websites like Problogger have been homes to bloggers that want to create and maintain blogs and earn money by blogging. Platforms like Fiverr have made writing as freelancers much easier than before.

13. Coding:

Coding is the new cool and we know it. You have the world at your fingertips if you have the skills of coding mastered. Markets for artificial intelligence, coding language, and conversational marketing are growing at a pace never witnessed before, bringing along a huge demand for people that have the ability to create, maintain and sell chatbots.

You can code new skills for Alexa through the skills for Amazon Alexa feature. You can also list your coding and creative skills on a personal portfolio website and create a profile on platforms like Fiverr.

14. Videos, VR and Drones:

Videos are one effective way of communication and promotion, bringing in about 80% of the internet traffic. Companies and brands have initiated strategies that involve video creation and promotion.

In this very intriguing field, you can make money by selling stock photos or video content online on platforms like Shutterstock. You can also stream while playing the in-trend video games and earn money through platforms like Youtube and Twitch, which involves earning both through viewers/advertisements as well as stream donations.

If you wish to make money with videos and have a passion for photography, one crucial step would be to invest in some good quality hardware, be it VR technology, drones or a high-resolution camera.

15. Membership Site:

Membership sites are for people that have a fairly famous name in their industry and are constantly getting known for what they do, either through panel events or their loyal audience base. Membership sites are undoubtedly a value exchange, which you’ll get to see in the coming paras.

A membership website has exclusive content only for members opting for paid subscriptions. You can keep your subscriber’s content by providing them with quality content including online courses, infographics, webinars, action plans, and much more.

A membership site is worth the effort it takes. It is because it offers a recurring income if you continue to create quality content for your subscribed members. Not just that, you can build a loyal member base and let you enjoy authority in your respective industry.

16. Real Estate Crowdfunding:

Real estate crowdfunding is a new and better way to access a hassle-free retirement because having shares in real estate crowdfunding lets you invest in two different types of projects- Equity and debt crowdfunding. Let’s go about them one by one.

Equity Crowdfunding-

With equity crowdfunding, you raise money in the form of dividends and capital gains by investing in a company trying to raise money.

Debt Crowdfunding-

With this type of crowdfunding, you provide a loan to the company you’re investing in, in order to receive a fixed amount of interest on the principal amount for a fixed period of time.

Top real estate crowdfunding that deserves your attention includes Fundrise that allows you to invest in a low-cost, diversified portfolio of institutional-quality real estate or Realty Mogul that helps diversify with thoroughly vetted commercial real estate, potentially generating income and growing value.

17. Peer to Peer lending:

This financial system allows you to lend money directly to borrowers, removing all intermediaries from the middle. It arranges for an online platform or peer-to-peer company through which borrowers and lenders meet directly. It can be done by following the given steps:

  • Select an apt peer to peer lending platform.
  • Open an account
  • Deposit your funds
  • Scrutinise through the list of borrowers, in terms of-
    • Interest rate
    • Reason for loan
    • Term of the loan
    • Risk assessment of the loan.

Best peer to peer lending platforms include Prosper, Lending Club, and Funding circle

18. Data Mining:

Leveraging data is one big requirement of the corporate world these days and the good thing is- you don’t even have to invest a lot of money or start a giant enterprise. You can initiate by a data mining and AI firm of your own. All you need is the right skill set and the offers would start coming in.

You can mine the data such that it becomes clutter-free and can be used to figure out trends. Data mining and Artificial intelligence can also be used to pinpoint bottlenecks in the production process.

 With your data mining and artificial intelligence firm, you can assist people and companies in-

  • Data mining consultancy services.
  • Marketing and advertising for companies
  • Merchandise planning

19 Ad space and sponsored content:

It’s not a new concept of earning through advertisements on your blog posts or website. However, the idea of the advertisements not being annoying might be new to many ears. Ads don’t necessarily have to be annoying and one way to make that happen is by making them worth to your audience. It means knowing your niche audience in a way that the ads directed to them can be fruitful to them as well. This way both parties remain happy.

However, when it comes to involving ad space and sponsored content, you can use third-party services to sell ad space in your place. This eases the heard part and saves a lot of time.

Some of the premium ad services that can be of use include Buysellads and Blogads.


Youtube is everyone’s source of entertainment and can be a source of easy income once you gain popularity and create a loyal fan base. We have numerous examples of YouTubers that earned instant fame and a lot of money in a relatively short period of time.

However, earning fame with Youtube comes with its own set of uncertainties. However, some factors like consistent effort, intriguing title, and quality videos can be your gateway to earning success on youtube.


We hope you enjoyed reading our article about how to make money online. The digital age provides many opportunities to make money online and we hope that you can find a way to make money online that works for you. If you have any questions or need more information on how to make money online, contact us anytime. Thanks for reading, we are always excited when one of our posts is able to provide useful information on a topic like this!

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