Content writing is a creative profession that is used to publish online content such as blogs, guest posts, articles, e-books, digital newsletters, brochures, flyers, and promotional emails, etc, for websites, social media, and other online platforms.

Content writing has now become a digital niche”

As Per (Tech O’clock, 2022)

Content writing has many functions and is specifically applied for Commercial and or Advertising and Marketing use.

Its intention is to sell and or promote different types of products or services and or information and at the same time provide the readers with education and awareness.

However most of the time it is used to market and promote services and or products.

Here are The 7 Best Steps you need to take to Optimize Your Content within the Required Letter Count:

1. Understand the Topic and its Context

It is very important for any writer to make sure that they have a proper grasp of the topic at hand and its context.

The absolute first step is to understand the subject and then carefully start to approach it according to what your strategy is.

Every content writer has his or her own method of approach to a certain type of content.

2. Go Through Your Content Strategy

A very essential step earlier than beginning to create any kind of content material for any platform is to test and examine the existing related content and the outreach it has its shape, and subject.

Target audiences are the readers that could be reading your content at the website online and they are the motive that the complete procedure is executed and if the content material is not developed in line with their and the internet site’s demand then there is no need to write any content for them.

Every internet site and or platform has its very own user interface and structure that it makes use of and it is very crucial that you create content material that is designated to their requirements.

3. Check The Required Character Count

When you are writing any type of content for any site or purpose, it is vital that you know the letter or character count of that type of content that you are writing.

It is possible that you are already provided the letter count if you are writing content for someone or an online site.

This is also a major factor if you are writing for social media sites such as Facebook, Quora, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, etc.

It also can assist whilst making a strategy for any upcoming posts and ensuring that everyone remains inside a selected range of character count.

You can easily count characters online with the help of an online counter tool.

Character Counter

It also helps you test for grammar in addition to what number of pages your content material occupies, what number of sentences it has, count of characters and sentences as well it has plus your word density which is another major part of your content.

Compose like how you would deal with people on a regular basis, so instead of saying “assessment” say “analysis” or “test”.

In any case, composing lengthier content does not at all mean that you would win a role at Google’s 1st SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

4. Make Sure to Have Adequate Research

This is a step that plays a very crucial part in the whole content writing process. Every writer must, before they even start writing the first word, have proper knowledge of the subject beforehand if they do not have it already.

Content writing is not an easy task and the writer must be correct with his or her content as it is vital that content produced must not be inaccurate.

Make sure that you explore all the aspects of the entire topic that you are to write content on.

5. Break Up The Content Into Sections

Manage section headings. Headings assist in “divide” a prolonged post and make it easy for the readers to get through every section with ease. Improving “Large Sections of text”. Make sure that you create content that is easier for the users to read and scan through.

Nowadays people put less effort into reading through big streams of text and they usually tend to skip entire sections or even bounce off from the site.

It is crucial that your content is not a rush and is not confusing for readers to go through.

For this ensure that you break up your content into sections and add proper headlines and highlights that guide the readers to where they may want to go.

6. Be On Point and Brief

This step is another crucial part of your content that actually helps you keep your content in the required letter or character count and also assists you in optimizing it accordingly.

Every writer must make sure that their content is brief and on point. It is so that the reader gets the sense of what the actual intent of the whole content is.

Relevancy is a vital factor that helps maintain your whole content and keep it on a proper route.

It is critical that each paragraph you consist of in your content is precisely in line with the subject on which you are writing.

It is essential that you keep your content tailored to the context and nature of your topic.

Everyone has their personal notion and it isn’t always tough to both confuse humans and lead them to get the incorrect message.

We have understood one aspect from our information and evaluation and it is that Relevance is a big key to keeping your content optimized.

Relevancy is critical, so it is not advisable that you drag the content just simply to meet and or go over the letter or character count requirement.

Search Engines offer the users with maximum relevancy, suitable content on the web according to the search intent of the user, and on the subject of the user’s search and the keywords used.

Thus, we advise that it is critical that you create tailored content for the requirement that is assigned.

7. Revise, Edit and Proofread

It is vital for each content writer to proofread and enhance their content material if required.

It is sort of a standard requirement that is used and additionally the final step at the end of the whole process.

Try to assess every section of your content as if you are the reader that has been given a task to read the entire content.

This way you can refine your content and then resolve any concern at hand.

With that process, it is vital that your content provides the utmost benefit and value to the reader.

Try often to check out first-rate pages at the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) for insight on who they have structured their content.

Base your content on the structure of the first-rate pages on a search engine and see how your own content differs.


When it comes to writing, there are a lot of challenges that writers face.

Whenever you need to write any type of content, do not strain much on your letter or character count.

Rather, pay attention to properly delivering your message and making sure that your content is as efficient as possible.

In this article, we have outlined 7 of the biggest Steps to help you optimize your content within the character count.

By sticking close to these steps you will be writing content that will engage an entire audience.

We hope these tips have been helpful!

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