The world of blogging was gracefully taken over by vlogging simply due to the more visual presence of video content. Good visual content has the ability to drive your brand’s success to newer heights. However, the keyword here is ‘good’ visual content i.e. captivating and well-defined videos- which is possible through the best video editing software, which we’re here to familiarize you with.  And if you’re thinking of the best video editing software, hold up before we tell you, you don’t have to sell a single penny. This article brings to you the best free video editing software.

Keeping in view different user needs and requirements, the article unfurls various qualities of each of the best free video editing software, enabling you to determine what to expect from each of these programs and how to extract the best out of them. This software range from serving the requirements of all a beginner, pro, or learner.

Let’s get started, shall we?


1. Blender

This savior software knows amazingly well how to blend in all your 3D creation needs, ranging from modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, in one app. It also allows users to access rendering, composting, modeling, and motion tracking, along with editing and 2D animation features.

One of the most distinguishing features of Blender is the fact that you can find a network of individual artists, studio artists, professionals, animators, illustrators, VFX experts, and a lot more. So you choose your forte, grow your network and develop along with a large variety of people.

There’s no way you don’t want to get this one, is there?

Pros:  The advanced features are perfect for those who have knowledge of video editing.

Cons: Tutorials to help the users are very limited.

2. Openshot

Openshot is supported in Windows, Mac, and Linux. This inspirationally powerful video editing software credit its award-winning success to its amazing video effects and audio waveforms.

Their animation and keyframes allow users to fade, slide, bounce, and anything parts of their video and can access as many layers as needed by the user of watermarks, backgrounds videos, audio tracks and so much more.

Availability in multiple languages and a simple user interface are some of its add-on impressive features. So, if you were still considering adding to your wish list, get it done.

Pros:  It is open-source with unlimited layers.

Cons: Not many tutorials are available.

3. Doodlemaker

This animation video editing software does complete justice to its very fun name because working on this app is nothing but fun. Doodlemaker is accessible on Windows, Mac, and Android- and lets you work without even downloading and installing the app.

Doodlemaker prides itself in serving the users with futuristic artificial technology that allows to automatically translate any form of text or content. The video editing software has some really fun colorful doodle videos and the number of options available ranges to serve the needs of both beginners and professionals.

Doodlemaker’s ability to provide effortless video creation can be credited to its technologies like unlimited text-to-speech translation, the enriched asset library, and the very helpful language translation- making it every video maker’s go-to app.

Easier, faster, versatile? It has all you need.

Pros: Doodle videos can be made in minutes without much difficulty.

Cons: You can make videos only in 720p and 1080p quality.

4. Explaindio

Say hello to one of the most impressive videos creating, customizing, and editing software that claims to be the best-proven converter from visitors to buyers.

One of the most interesting features of Explainido is its accessibility and ease of creation, in the sense that the amazing features it has taken only minutes to get your hands on. It allows users to create both 2D and 3D videos, including animation and next-gen design.

The software is accessible on both Windows and Mac and doesn’t require any prior software/coding knowledge. The pre-made text and scene animations work wonders whenever you need to get your work done quickly and efficiently.

AS Explainido claims, if you want to attract and engage, this platform should be in your must-haves.

Pros: Allows the user to combine 2D and 3D animations.

Cons: The interface is crowded and important tools are hidden behind others.

5. Sqribble

One thing that you need to credit this software for is its super fun and equally credible names. Sqribble prides itself in being the world’s No.1 EBook creator studio and we’re here to tell you why it’s actually true.

It enables you to create ravishing and informative content without any prerequisite of design, technical or writing skills. Just some determination to begin and this one can make your way much easier.

Some of the most promising features offered by Sqribble include its ease of use, amazing templates, unique selling proposition, commercial license, and more than 15 niche categories. It also assists you in creating reports and whitepapers without having to type, at all.

Pros: Comes with built-in professional themes and eCovers.

Cons: Most of the features are not available in the basic version and to avail of them one has to buy the commercial version.

6. Video DASHBoard

One thing that keeps us going is shortcuts- one easy way to serve all our purposes. Well, that’s exactly why you need to have Video DashBoard in your go-to list. It is the only dashboard that assists you to research, create and publish, all in one app, to near about 11 best social media platforms in the market. This one is a real catch, undoubtedly.

Video DashBoard promises to provide exactly what you need to be a part of the next huge marketing wave, all by showing up. With its commercial license, you can generate leads for yourself or sell to your clients, whatever suits your palette. This is a real-time saver when it comes to publishing because it enables syndicating all your videos from only one app, the Video DashBoard.

And even after all this, if there’s a still shred of doubt left as to why you should have this one, Video DashBoard’s amazingly impressive first-to-market technologies help your business grow without paid apps. Pretty amazing, right? Go get one.

Pros:  The interface is user-friendly and easy to use.

Cons: The app does not have advanced features for editing videos.

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7. Lightworks

Being accessible to both Windows and Mac, this software prides itself in its 25 glorious years of being used in some amazing films and cinematic acts. It promises to give your videos a movie-like finish, which is pretty evident from its track record.

Its super simple user templates and easy interface makes it a go-to editor app. It also has wide file format support that includes variable frames rate media and custom definable sequence output formats that’ll your editing experience go from zero to a whopping hundred.

When aesthetic is the new cool, video editing apps like Lightworks can be your big-time savior.

Pros: It has a lot of advanced features.

Cons: 4k video support is available in paid version only.


This ultimate beginner editing app has accessibility on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It has the simplest user interface that allows beginners to open wide the opportunity for the creation of creative and to-the date edited videos.

Even though the features are limited, they are more than enough to set a beginner’s part. So, if you’re looking for a place to begin your video editing journey, Avidemux is your go-to.

Pros: Best for beginners as it is very simple to use.

Cons: It has limited features as compared to other software.

9. Invideo

Presenting to you the widest range of design templates and stock footage library to serve every purpose, every mood. Being accessible on Windows and Mac, InVideo has one of the largest user interfaces you’ll come across.

Some of its features like Automated text-to-speech and readymade video templates are bound to stand out from its other competitors, that too for free.

It has been a user’s must-have for the longest time owing to it to its ease of conduction and amazing features, along with timely updates.

Pros: Very easy to make quick presentation videos.

Cons: You cannot add more than one audio file.

10. Vsdc free video software

The only limitation of this amazing free video software suite is that it functions only on Windows.

VSDC free video software brings along a number of impressive features like tools to improve voiceovers, recording audio, and voiceovers, capturing desktop screens,s and many more.

With a network as large as 3 million people, VSDC Free video software prides itself in being able to produce professional-level videos where multi-level footage can be layered into one single compilation- a handy task for every video editor. It allows you to apply picture-to-picture effect, split-screen effect, and many more incredible features.

Pros: Helps in learning many advanced features.

Cons: It cannot be operated on Mac.

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11. Videopad

This movie-making program is available again only on Windows. It lands more on the beginner’s video editing software toolkit owing to its availability of basic features and easy user interface that makes the process an enjoyable one.

The basic functions of color correction, light balance, previews, and text snippets constitute the list of most sought-after necessities for a beginner and thus, make it a good video editing software.

Pros: It has the feature to directly export videos to social media platforms.

Cons: It is too simple and does not have the features for advanced users.

12. Freemake video converter

The ability of free editing software to easily fit in the word ‘free’ in their names is very impressive, isn’t it? This app is also available only on Windows.

The converter allows users to access features like modification and conversion of video clips, along with extraction of audio clips from videos. It also permits conversion between more than 500 video formats in 4K resolution support, without any technical knowledge.

It might, however, pop in a few ads while running so it gets a little annoying, but is an overall amazing app.

Pros: Does not require high knowledge.

Cons: Some features of the software are locked for the first three days of installing.

Best Free video editing softwares for Mobile

13. QUik

Available on both IOS and Android, Quik promises to help you do your editing work quicker and more fun than ever before.  

This app from GoPro achieves so by its automatic trim and editing features to fasten and ease the process. However, manual changes can be made anytime and anywhere required.

For individual video edits and quick access to some of the best video editing features, hold tight to this impressive software.

Pros: It has the feature of auto-editing.

Cons: Not good for those wanting more editing control.

14. Adobe premiere Rush

This free mobile and desktop video creation, editing, and sharing app would become a part of your must-haves list sooner than you know it.

Its amazing features for audio, edits, motion graphics, and others stand out from the rest of its competitors, giving it and you an edge in the market. Adobe Premiere Rush offers an exclusive range of user templates and tailor transitions to assist in easier video editing.

Its speed control features are one of the most professional out there and irs friendly interface would make it your ultimate video editing app.

Pros: It is very simple and easy to use.

Cons: It does not have a few of the basic functions like video rotation.

15. Horizon

The name Horizon roots from the word Horizontal, indicating the app’s ability to capture videos and moments horizontally, irrespective of your phone’s tilt position.

This means that even if in haste you forget to tilt your phone horizontally to capture a moment, the app would automatically shoot in the horizontal scheme.

The app is accessible both on Android and iOS, but it should be noted that some features are not as advanced in Android as they are in iOS and require in-app purchases.

Pros: It is very simple to use.

Cons: The android version is not as advanced as IOS version.


With Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Shutterstock as its marketing partners, this award-winning video maker claims to give you everything you need to make high-performing videos to boost your business.

It has availability of more than 2500 top-performing video templates and their amazing customer support lets you feel like a part of the family. Accessible both on desktop and mobile, this is your go-to platform if you’re a business or agency.

Pros: It has great automation.

Cons: It can be hard to position text and images in the mobile version.

17. Magisto

Magisto is a smart free video editor that helps users enjoy exclusive editing styles and provides them full access to iStock media. It automatically edits and creates videos from your pictures, videos, music, and clips once you add them.

Be it quick Instagram posts or classy professional video requirements, Magisto can save you a lot of time with automation and can give you that touch of control with your ability to manually handle them.

With its incredible AI results, Magisto is sure to make a place in your app list.

Pros: The AI results are truly amazing.

Cons: You sacrifice some editing control for speed.

18. Hyperlapse

This one is available only on iOS. It is your go-to app for Instagram since, it is created by Instagram only and thus, has its purpose at its heart. This app is amazing for creating time-lapse videos, with some amazing stabilization technology.

It creates amazing time-lapse videos with speeds ranging up to about 12x. The stabilization technology eliminates the need for a tripod stand so it comes in as cost-effective too.

Pros: The Stabilization feature allows the user to make videos even without a tripod.

Cons: It is not available on android.

19. PicPlaypost

This fun name is proof of the equally fun nature of the app that allows you to display work collages, share travel videos all in some seconds.

Functioning both on Android and iOS, PicPlayPost would be your immediate need to cut through the extra drama and use only the features that are actually necessary.

It saves a lot of time, effort and makes your work a lot easier.  

Pros: It is very simple to use.

Cons: Stitching multiple colleges require an upgrade.

We hope you enjoyed our article about the best free video editing software for beginners. Video editing is a great skill to learn, and with the software included in this post, you can experiment with making your own videos.

We hope you have found this information useful and will be able to make use of it in the future. Thank you for reading.

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