Nowadays, In a content-driven world, originality is essential. However, with millions of pieces of content generated each day, how can you guarantee that your work is genuinely unique? Don’t worry! The Ai Content detectors are the best solution. AI content detectors use artificial intelligence to analyze text and identify possible plagiarism.

AI writing tools are becoming more widespread day by day. It is hard to differentiate between AI- generated and human content. AI Detector can assist in identifying whether a blog post or article was written by a human or generated by an AI tool.

In this article, we are going to discuss the Best AI Content Detection Tools. So that you can utilize it to ensure that your work is free from any artificially generated text. Our list includes both free and paid tools suitable for all kinds of text-based content creators. If you create text for articles or blog posts, this article is a must-read. Let’s dive in and discover the top-rated AI content detection tools!

What is AI content detection?

AI Content Detectors are becoming more important as AI writing tools become prevalent. These SEO content writing tools determine if the content was written by a human or not. AI is used to detect patterns in content indicating the use of AI.

Similarly, ai tool can prevent Google penalties by ensuring that content is clear. AI writers often use fluffy language that doesn’t provide precise answers, which goes against what Google wants. AI-generated blog posts are less likely to rank on Google compared to those written by humans. 

Using an AI content detector may not be completely accurate. This can result in different results when using various AI detection tools.

AI Detector Software Features

When searching for AI detector software, it’s important to identify the key features. Not all tools have every feature, so prioritize what is essential for your case.

1. Highlights AI text

AI detector software can help users identify parts of their content that need to be rewritten to sound more human. The highlighted text may also indicate where adjustments or modifications are needed, even if the text was 100% human-written and flagged as AI-generated.

2. Detect Plagiarism

AI detectors with plagiarism checkers can help educators, content marketers, and SEO experts. It saves time by evaluating content for grammar, plagiarism, readability, and more all in one tool. This allows editors and managers to easily check copy originality and quality without the need for multiple tools.

3. API integration

API integrations allow AI content detector software to integrate with various tools and platforms. It automates the content moderation process and reduces manual review.

4. Price

Consider your budget when choosing AI content detector software, as different tools have varying pricing models. Look for a tool that offers both quality service and affordability.

5. Accuracy

AI content detector software must accurately identify inappropriate or harmful content, spam, and copyrighted material to be effective. False positives and negatives can have serious consequences, making high accuracy rates crucial when selecting a solution.

Top 10 free and paid ai content detector Tool

Here are different kinds of free and paid ai content detectors, such as below.


Originality ai is an AI content detection tool to identify content generated by various GPT models. It was created by Jon Gillham in 2022. It efficiently detects GPT 2, GPT-3, GPT 3.5, GPT Neo, GPT-J, and ChatGPT technologies.

The editor window displays the number of credits needed to run a query after inserting text. The user can select to detect AI content, plagiarism, or both. However, the content analysis is not very detailed. 

The tool offers the option to detect AI content, plagiarism, or both. However, the content analysis could be more detailed. It rates content using a heatmap from green (100% human) to red (100% AI). Features

  • A modern and easy-to-use interface.
  • It has affordable charges of $0.01 per 100 words.
  • It can detect plagiarism and highlights AI-generated content. 
  • There is also a handy Chrome extension available in this tool.


In my view, AI has good content detection but needs to fix some bugs and glitches. 

💰 requires a minimum of $20 credit to use, providing access to 2000 credits. 

💰Each credit checks 100 words, allowing users to check up to 200k words with their account.

2. Copyleaks


It is an AI Detector that utilizes AI to identify content created by bots, AI tools, and ChatGPT. It was established in 2015 by Alon Yamin and Yehonatan Bitton. Copyleaks is an advanced tool that permits users to add content by uploading files, entering a URL, or pasting plain text. Users can specify parameters before analyzing the content and begin with a free account.

Copyleaks is also a free ai content detector tool that permits users to choose sources, match types, and detect cheating. The most interesting feature of this ai tool is its AI-powered text analysis. 

It also offers a cross-language search feature with more than thirty languages. The tool is efficient for detecting plagiarized content and identifying the sources utilized. This tool is good for detecting AI content, and it has a fast speed.

Copyleaks Features

  • It offers a free trial account and can check 10 pages for free. 
  • The tool highlights AI-generated content, mentions sources, and supports multiple languages.
  • Additionally, it has an intuitive user interface and a Chrome extension.


💰It offers a free plan that permits users to check 10 pages for plagiarism

💰Copyleaks has the option of upgrading to its premium version via an annual plan. 

💰The service permits users to check 1200 pages for $9.16 monthly. You get a plagiarism scan, similarity report, and source code scanning.

3. AI Detector Pro

image 4

AI Detector Pro detects AI-generated written content. The platform offers a free registration process. It generates detailed analysis reports of content. 

Also, It highlights the text that may be generated by AI. AI Detector Pro offers a free plan that allows users to check three reports per month. Additional checks are available through paid plans.

AI Detector Pro Features

  • There is no limit on the number of words for free and paid plans.
  • The tool allows users to input text manually or retrieve it from a URL. AI-generated content highlighted.
  • It shows detection through a modern interface with good analysis capabilities.


💰AI Detector Pro offers premium plans starting at $27.98/month

💰It also provides access to 50 monthly reports, content tools, and the ability to export data.

4. Writer AI Content Detector

image 6

The Writer is an AI writing platform with a Content Detection tool that requires no sign-up. This ai writing detector allows users to paste content or specify a URL to fetch text. It displays the percentage of human-generated content on the right panel. 

I liked the tool’s modern and elegant interface. This ai generated text detector allows free checking of up to 250 words.

Writer AI Content Detector Features

  • The tool checks 1500 characters and can take text or URL inputs. 
  • It has a modern interface and good AI content detection.


💰 The Team plan costs $18 per user per month

💰 The tool can detect 500k words per month and has additional AI writing features. 


sapling ai

Ziang Xie founded an ai writing detector tool in 2018 that quickly became successful. It’s a great messaging assistant for customer-focused companies. Features

  • It offers good grammar and spell-checking.
  • It has Google Chrome and Docs add-ons.
  • It uses NLP to create quality content.
  • It provides fast messaging support.
  • It integrates with over 40 websites and applications.


💰 offers three pricing plans: Free, Pro for $25/month, and Enterprise, which requires contacting the vendor for details.

6. OpenAI Text Classifier

OpenAI Text Classifier

The OpenAI text classifier uses advanced technology to analyze content produced by ChatGPT and other ai text detector tools. The tool can categorize text based on content and has a general-purpose use. 

The Text Classifier is a tool trained on labeled examples. This open ai detector can be used for content moderation, sentiment analysis, spam detection, and customer feedback analysis.

To access the Text Classifier, a free account must be created on OpenAI’s website. The tool analyzes text and provides probability scores for predefined categories. It offers an overall score for each label.

The OpenAI Text Classifier is a useful tool for text classification tasks and providing probabilities for categorizing content. The ChatGPT AI content detector can analyze AI-generated text quickly.

For example 1

I mixed content generated by humans and AI, but when I presented it, the response was “Very unlikely AI-generated.” This suggests that the content is considered to be human-generated.

AI content detector

For example 2

I provided AI-generated content, but the tool inquired if it was produced by an AI.

image 10

So this open ai detector is a good tool, but its accuracy is questionable.

OpenAI Text Classifier Features 

  • This ai text detector tool is rapid and easy to use.
  • It has an easy user interface.
  • It shows results in minutes.


💰It is free.

7. GPT Zero 

GPT Zero 

GPT Zero is a new ai essay detector created by student Edward Tian in January 2023. GPT Zero does not require users to create an account, unlike other similar tools. 

The tool allows users to determine if a text is human-written or AI-generated. It can detect by pasting the content into the editor or uploading files in PDF, DOCX, or TXT formats. It highlights any AI-generated sentences and provides a conclusion.

Chat gpt ai detector can distinguish between text generated by humans and AI. It is also providing statistical data such as perplexity and burstiness scores. The perplexity score is used to evaluate a model’s ability to predict word probability based on context. A lower score indicates better performance. 

GPT Zero offers burstiness scores to measure the frequency of specific phrases or words. It can indicate plagiarism or duplication. This helps users assess their content’s quality and originality.

GPT Zero Features

  • Identify plagiarism.
  • Simple Interface. 
  • No Login is Needed.
  • Analyze 5000 characters.
  • Support Files like PDF, DOCX, and TXT.


💰 GPTZero is an ai essay detector-free tool for analyzing text. But users are limited to analyzing 5000 characters at once.

8. Kazan SEO

Kazan SEO

Kazan SEO is a free AI detector tool that optimizes content and detects real or fake content using AI. Users can sign up for free and paste their content into the editor window. The analysis returns the percentage of real or fake content found. Kazan SEO is a tool that can detect content and help with search engine optimization. It generates optimized content and organizes keywords automatically.  

AI content detection is a process that utilizes machine learning and linguistic analysis to analyze content. The techniques can distinguish between human and AI language models with accuracy. The feature is useful for content creators to verify their content’s authenticity.

Kazan SEO is a free AI detector tool with helpful features, including AI content detection. It can be useful for website owners and content creators who want to avoid having their content generated by AI language models. The Kazan SEO tool accurately detects and optimizes content and keywords for improved search engine optimization. Its effectiveness is impressive.

Kazan SEO Features

  • It has an intuitive user interface.
  • It has the ability to import bulk URLs.
  • It has easy access to other SEO tools.
  • It helps to improve accuracy.


💰 It is free.

9. Crossplag 


Crossplag is an AI plagiarism checker that can identify AI-generated text in student assignments. It uses a content detection algorithm trained on a Roberta model with the Open AI dataset. 

It can handle up to 1,000 words at once. A new tool is being developed that can effectively detect copied text. It is fast at identifying plagiarism, even though it’s still in the testing phase.

Crossplag is working on expanding its language support beyond English before making its plagiarism detection tool available to institutions. It is expanding its language capabilities to offer AI plagiarism detection to a wider audience.

Crossplag Features

  • It permits users to sign in with LinkedIn, email, or Google. 
  • It has an easy-to-use and simple interface.
  • It can detect up to 1000 words at once.


💰 Crossplag offers three pricing plans for their AI plagiarism detector.

💰 A pay-as-you-go option for $9.99/month with 50k words.

💰 A bundle plan for $149.99/month with 100k words and a custom plan.

10. GPTRadar


GPTRadar can determine if a text was written by a human or generated by AI using GPT-3 technology. GPTRadar is an AI writer detector that can identify AI-generated content. The AI GPT3 detector tool is easily accessible on a website. It offers users diverse information.

The tool offers a perplexity score for word prediction. It categorizes text chunks by human or AI generation. The tool offers token probability and distribution data. It operates on a token basis, with free users given 2,000 tokens to use.

GPTRadar Features

  • It uses AI GPT3 to accurately detect and analyze text. 
  • The tool has a simple user interface.
  • It offers free limits to use.


💰Users can buy additional credits for as little as $0.02, which gives them 100 tokens. 

💰The pricing plan for GPTRadar AI Content Detector is $0.02 per credit. It has 100 tokens or approximately 125 words.

11. Hugging Face Ai Detector  

Hugging Face Ai Detector  

Hugging Face is an AI community that democratizes artificial intelligence through open source and open science. This useful AI content detection tool can be found in repositories with enough digging.

Hugging Face Ai Features

  • It has an easy-to-use interface that allows users to input their own text. 
  • The tool was created by a specialized machine-learning community.
  • This hugging face ai detector is capable of detecting content generated by AI language models like GPT-3 and chatGPT. 


💰The hugging face ai detector is free to use.

12. SciSpace Academic AI Detector

Academic AI Detector

With SciSpace AI Detector, confidently submit AI-free papers, uphold credibility, and avoid potential issues. Save time with quick and accurate AI content detection, including PDF support for thorough analysis.

SciSpace Academic AI Detector Features

  • AI Content Detection: Identify AI-generated text with 98% accuracy for both scientific and non-scientific text.
  • Academic Integrity: Maintain credibility and avoid issues with AI-generated content.
  • Time-saving: Swift and accurate detection, saving you valuable time.
  • PDF Support: Analyze AI content in entire PDF documents as well as text-based content.
  • Seamless Integration: Easily incorporate SciSpace AI Detector into your workflow.


💰The Academic AI Detector is free to use.

How does aI content detector work?

Artificial intelligence can be confusing for many people. People are collectively trying to understand this new technology in real time. People wonder how these tools are so smart and how they know if artificial intelligence has created a piece of content.

AI content detection tools use machine learning and natural language processing to identify human-created content. Machine learning improves with each search. In contrast, natural language processing helps computers understand human languages. 

Artificial intelligence can quickly analyze all relevant information on the internet for a given topic. It can determine the authenticity of the content.

1. Reading Basics

AI writing detection involves training a program to read. It comprehends text using natural language processing. The AI analyzes large amounts of text to learn human language patterns, structures, and nuances.

2. Patterns Recognition

AI technology recognizes patterns in human language. It distinguishes between human-written text and computer-generated content. It identifies the distinct characteristics of each, such as humans’ varied sentence structures and vocabulary compared to more repetitive AI-generated text.

3. Predictions

An ai detector can determine if a piece of content was written by a human or machine. The text is analyzed for patterns and clues to identify its content.

4. Scoring Text

An AI can analyze text and assign a score indicating whether it was written by a human or a machine. A higher score means the content is more likely to be human-written. Whereas a lower score indicates, it was generated by an AI.

5. Constant Learning

AI writing detection is an ever-changing field that requires constant learning. It helps in improvement to keep up with the advancements in AI-generated content. The AI is regularly updated with new text examples from humans and AI.

Various Applications of AI Content Detection 

AI content detection is useful in various fields.

  • Originality and integrity detection: AI algorithms can detect original content by comparing it to a database of existing sources. It helps in ensuring authenticity and originality across platforms. 
  • Content Moderation: AI algorithms are used for content moderation on social media and websites to monitor and filter user-generated content.
  • Sentiment Detection: AI technology can detect the sentiment or emotion behind the content. It also provides useful information for market research, brand monitoring, and public opinion analysis.

Pros and cons of AI detector tools


1. Efficient and scalable writing

Using writer ai content detector tools for content creation generates content faster than human writers. AI can write a two-page article in minutes. But it may take a human writer 30 minutes to an hour. It improves work scalability by increasing writing efficiency for producing multiple articles at any given time.

Other advantages
  • Fast delivery of trending topics.
  • Language localization for products/services in different regions.
  • Creating personalized social media content for each platform.

2. Cost-effectiveness

Hiring a good human writer for content projects can be expensive. Its costs ranging from a few hundred dollars depending on various factors.

  • Article count.
  • Article length.
  • Technical knowledge is needed.
  • It’s worth the cost for high-ranking, well-researched content.

AI writing tools typically utilize a monthly subscription pricing model. It restricts the number of words, keywords, and articles produced during that time. 

The cost is often around $100 monthly for tens of thousands of words and multiple articles. AI writing tools are cheaper for simple content.

3. Spark ideas

Creating authoritative content on unfamiliar subjects can be a challenge for writers. It requires significant research and idea development to effectively convey expertise in the subject matter.

AI tools can create outlines and identify key points to help overcome the challenge of generating content. AI tools can assist in overcoming writer’s block and inspire content development, improving writing efficiency.

Cons of AI Writing Tools

1. Quality Concern

The AI industry is rapidly expanding, but it still depends on data analysis and algorithms to produce written content. AI writing tools can have quality concerns such as tone inconsistency and misuse of statistics.

AI tools that scrape and reword website content violate Google’s guidelines on adding value to combined content.

2. Google algorithm risk for content devaluation

Google aims to show more original, helpful content written by people in search results. The search engine favors human-written content that is both satisfying and SEO-friendly and plans to increase rewards for such pages.

AI-writing tools prioritize search engine results over understanding user intent.

3. No E-A-T

Google’s quality rater guidelines evaluate the expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness of the content. It is closely related to the risk of Google algorithms devaluing it.

AI-writing tools may not meet Google’s E-A-T criteria for evaluating good content, which could be a disadvantage.

Online readers are wary of misinformation, but highlighting a writer’s certifications and experience can build trust. The trustworthiness of AI-generated content is questioned by quality raters and users due to the absence of credentials.

4. Missing Originality

Creating engaging and shareable content is crucial for success. But AI lacks emotional intelligence and the ability to understand nuances in language. Therefore, human-created content is expected to outperform AI-generated content.

AI uses existing content and data to create new content but lacks creativity and the ability to understand search query intent. This hinders its capability for evergreen content strategy.

Can Google detect AI-generated content?

Google is at the forefront of detecting AI-generated content, with its evolving tools being quick and accurate enough to identify it. This raises questions about whether they are bluffing or have built a holistic search engine that can detect such content effectively.

Google can detect AI-generated content and is cautioning against its use. Google’s search quality team member, Duy Nguyen, has stated that scraping content from other sites is against their spam policy. Google has algorithms in place to detect and demote websites engaging in such behavior.

Google uses tools like SpamBrain to combat spam on its search engine. The company differentiates between AI-generated content and spam, favoring useful content for searchers. Google may penalize content that is scraped or AI-generated in a spammy manner.

Can AI Detection be Evaded?

Despite the efficiency of bots and crawlers with advanced technology, we can still detect AI in a couple of ways.

1. Avoid creating content all at once

To avoid AI flagging, don’t create content all at once. Using the same pattern repeatedly can be detected and marked as suspicious. It may result in a lack of creativity or an inability to handle complex tasks. To improve content creation, break the process into smaller stages. View the first draft as a starting point that can be edited for better results.

2. Use mindful language

To create effective content, avoid using technical language and stick to natural language. Also, Make your content more authentic and engaging to readers.

3. Be careful with your words

To avoid detection by AI programs, it’s important to use natural-sounding language. To avoid repetitive language, vary your methods and approaches when creating content. It will prevent the appearance of utilising identical words or phrases repeatedly.

4. Update your content each day

To avoid being flagged as duplicate content, it’s vital to maintain your website’s content original and fresh. AI detection algorithms are in place to identify repeated material. 

To create unique and engaging content, it’s significant to avoid the repetition of phrases and ideas. This will help make your Content Writer Career bright and content stand out from competitors, and better resonate with your audience.

5. Input Text 

Manually inputting text helps ensure accuracy. It prevents errors that could hinder AI detection. To ensure about manually inputted text, it is crucial to maintain consistency in formatting and style. Using Markdown formatting allows for greater control over the appearance and wording of text on a page. It also improves the accuracy of AI detection.

6. Provide AI with appropriate context

Creating a post that resonates with your audience requires a precise context. Crafting a standout post requires careful consideration of the intended message. Using context is crucial when using AI tools for content creation to ensure accurate results. Creating a clear strategy can improve the writing capabilities of an AI tool, leading to better results.

7. Personalize Your Content

For AI-generated content, keep the human touch to connect deeply. To make AI-generated content effective, add a personal touch by focusing on tone, style, and overall feel.

AI can be utilised to analyze user behavior and preferences for better engagement.

8. Proofread thoroughly

AI-generated content has transformed content creation, saving cost and time. However, it is necessary to proofread for quality and accuracy. AI-generated content requires human review to make sure it meets readers’ expectations. 

Even though AI algorithms can produce quality content, humans must make necessary modifications for accuracy and detail. AI-generated content can produce great outcomes.  However proofreading is crucial to ensure accuracy and quality.

AI Detectors: Methodology Review

We selected the top ten AI detector tools from hundreds. We gained firsthand experience with various tools and collected primary data from providers’ websites, including pricing details and support. 

We chose software based on 5 factors: affordability, ease of use, AI accuracy (>90%), quality service, and user satisfaction.


We all know AI content detection is crucial in the era of generative AI to verify the quality of content. It verified the relevance and authenticity of content on different platforms

AI detector can utilise techniques such as Natural Language Processing, machine learning, and deep learning algorithms to analyze text data. It identifies patterns for better content detection and moderation.

According to my experience, Artificial intelligence is advancing, and AI content detection will become more efficient in the future.


How accurate are AI detection tools?

AI-generated content detection tools vary in accuracy based on the tool, complexity of the AI-generated content, and type of text analyzed.

AI content detectors are not yet perfect and require equal or greater training than generative AI models. While some tools have higher accuracy rates, none are completely accurate.

How To Select The Most Useful Content AI Detector?

To choose the best AI software for your business, research multiple solutions. To choose an AI tool for analyzing written content, consider necessary features and compare the accuracy rates of at least 5-10 AI generated articles and human-written copy.  Select the most accurate tool within budget and keep backup analysis tools to eliminate doubts.

Is It Good To Use An AI Detector?

AI content detectors are useful for SEO. They can check the credibility, quality, and transparency of your content.

Can AI Text Be Detected?

GPTZero is an AI tool created by computer science graduate Edward Tian to detect plagiarism. It analyzes text for perplexity and burstiness to determine whether it was generated artificially or written by a human.

What Is The Process Of Identifying Objects By AI?

Object recognition is a process that enables robots and AI programs to identify objects from visual inputs such as images or videos. 

Various methods are used for object identification, including 3D models, edge detection, component identification, and analysis of appearances from different angles.

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