AI is becoming increasingly significant in SEO. Teams need to learn how it fits into their workflows. Optimizing content for search engines can be time-consuming. But ai SEO tools are available to streamline the process and improve rankings.

SEO used to be a time-consuming process involving keyword research and content creation. However, artificial intelligence (AI) can now automate some of these steps, making it easier to get your content noticed.

This article discusses the use of AI in marketing and defines AI SEO. It also explores various AI tools. I will discuss 10 AI SEO tools and their features in a brief summary.

What is an AI SEO Tool?

An AI SEO tool can automate tasks like monitoring and analyzing a site, providing insights for improvement. It suggests relevant keywords and highlights areas optimize. It performs comprehensive site analysis using machine learning algorithms at lightning-fast speeds surpassing human capabilities.

Using an AI SEO tool can simplify website management. It improves results for both single and multiple sites, saving time in the process.

How SEO Experts Use AI?

Over 1,350 marketers were surveyed to understand their use of AI. So here are the following statistics.

  • Almost half of the marketers surveyed utilize generative AI for research purposes.
  • Almost half of marketers are utilizing generative AI for creating content, according to a recent study.
  • A survey found that 22% of marketers use artificial intelligence to generate ideas for their marketing content.
  • According to a survey, 70% of marketers consider generative AI crucial for their content marketing strategy.
  • The statistics show that AI is important in the workflow of many marketers.

To remain competitive amidst the changing marketing landscape of SEO, brands should explore how AI can aid them.

Experienced SEO Specialists have observed that AI updates do not harm SEO. As user intent evolves, AI algorithms adapt to search engine results. To stay ahead of competitors, SEO Specialists should keep up with current AI tools and practices without fear that AI will replace them in the field.

AI can assist with SEO tasks, but its results may not always be accurate according to specific SEO needs. It should be viewed as a tool to help specialists improve their results in the field of SEO.

Top  Ai SEO tools in 2024

Here are the following ai tools in 2024 such as below.

1. Semrush

Semrush is a popular SEO tool that offers various features. For example, keyword research, on-page optimization, competitor analysis, local SEO configuration, link building, and keyword tracking. 


Semrush Features

Semrush is a comprehensive SEO tool that offers features such as below.

  • Competitor keyword analysis
  • Link building strategies
  • On-page optimization and 76 AI SEO tools.

Additionally, Semrush offers other AI tools such as the text-to-image generator, meta description creator, and FAQ answer generator. However, generating helpful content ideas may require several attempts during testing.

Why is it Best?

Semrush provides 76 Ai SEO Tools, including a writing assistant and rephrasing tool, for optimizing content across various platforms. It can generate blog ideas and rewrite existing content for SEO optimization. 


💰Semrush is considered the best SEO tool on the market, with pricing starting at $99.95 per month for premium plans.

Semrush Pricing

2. AlliAi

Alli AI is a platform designed for SEO agencies to automate content management and SEO changes for clients. But it can also be used by small business owners.

image 21

AlliAi Features

  • It uses automated sitewide page titles with real-time focus keyword A/B testing to improve traffic profitability. 
  • This approach permits for automated testing of site changes, with the best version of the page being retained for higher Google rankings.

Why is it Best?

The tool is compatible with prominent platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Shopify. It allows for instant deployment of code and content changes on any page without technical limitations.


💰Alli AI provides SEO services starting at $249 monthly, with pricing based on usage.

Alli AI Pricing

3. Jasper

Jasper is an AI writing Plagiarism free tool that offers copy generation for SEO-driven articles, social media posts, headlines, and more. It prioritizes AI writing as its primary service and delivers good results.

image 26

Jasper Features

  • Jasper is an AI writing tool designed specifically for generating content like web copy, blogs, and social media posts.
  • It was developed with input from SEO and copywriting experts to ensure quality output. 
  • Jasper’s focus on one task has resulted in surprisingly effective automated writing software.

Why is it best?

Jasper produces web copy, blogs, and social media posts. Its AI writer was developed with input from SEO and copywriting experts to create automated writing software that excels at its one task. 


💰Jasper offers a free trial for five days and starts at $49/month for 50k words.

Jasper Pricing

4. SurferSEO

Surfer SEO is an AI tool that uses natural language processing to optimize on-page SEO and integrates well with WordPress and other CMS platforms. It analyzes competitor keywords and content, suggesting keyword usage frequency for optimization.

image 20

SurferSEO Features

Surfer SEO is a tool that offers various features such as blog content generation, Grow Flow, SEO content editor, plagiarism checker, and integration with other platforms like WordPress and Jasper. It also has an AI outline generator.

Why is it Best?

Surfer SEO offers guidance on the optimal length and format for website content, including word count, headings, paragraphs, and images. They claim that following their suggestions will improve search engine rankings.


💰Surfer SEO is a tool worth considering for those with SEO experience who want to simplify the process. It costs $29 per month.

Surfer SEO  Pricing

5. Frase

Frase is one of the best SEO tools ai for content optimization that offers features such as writing, research, outlines, and optimization. It is ideal for high-volume content creation or using AI-generated outlines. 

image 17

Frase Features

  • Frase is an AI content writing tool that helps users create high-quality content quickly. It identifies keywords, optimizes existing content, and improves search engine ranking.
  • Additionally, Frase provides insights into website performance compared to competitors in terms of SEO.

Why is it Best?

Frase is an affordable AI SEO tool that helps improve content and measure site performance. Its topic planner provides access to long-tail keywords for better search rankings.

Frase is an AI content writer that offers features like creating outlines and briefs, keyword research tools, and suggestions for internal and external links.


💰The starting price of Frase is $14.99, with a 5-day trial available for $1.

image 27

6. NitroPack

Nitro Pack is a tool that optimizes page loading speed, which is crucial for passing Google PageSpeed Insights. It offers various features such as caching, image optimization, and CDN to ensure a fast website in one place.


NitroPack Features

A. Picture Optimization

  • There are various techniques for optimizing images on websites, including lossy and lossless compression, lazy loading, preemptive sizing, and WebP conversion. 
  • The goal is to improve website performance by reducing image file sizes without sacrificing quality.
  • Adaptive image sizing is also mentioned as a way to ensure that images display correctly across different devices and screen sizes.

B. Code Optimization

  • There are various code optimization techniques, such as minification, compression, critical CSS, DNS prefetching, and preloading. 
  • It also mentions the use of GZIP and Brotli Compression to improve website performance.

C. Loading Optimization

There are several features of loading optimization, such as a built-in global CDN, smart cache invalidation, automatic cache warmup, device and cookie-aware caching, browser and session-aware caching.


💰Free plan + 14-day money-back guarantee included. $13.65/Month

image 29

7. SE Ranking

SE Ranking is an ai seo tool with features that can increase organic traffic. Its rank tracker monitors keyword performance and compares it to competitors, while the site audit tool provides a comprehensive website overview. The on-page SEO checker optimizes content, and the white-label tool creates custom reports for clients to stay informed about their site’s performance.


sE ranking Features

  • SE Ranking offers a range of features, including a keyword tracker, an on-page SEO checker, and custom white-label reporting. 
  • Their Content Idea Finder tool analyzes industry-related keywords to generate comprehensive reports with content clusters, search volume, and keyword difficulty. 
  • This is useful for creating content strategies, starting blogs, or setting up calendars. 
  • The AI content creator assists in writing posts related to chosen keywords making the process seamless for generating new ideas.

Why is it Best?

SE Ranking is an all-in-one solution for content generation and SEO performance tracking. Users can try the platform for free during a 14-day trial period without providing credit card information.


💰The pricing starts at $31.20/mo per month.

SE Ranking subscription

8. Diib

image 18

Diib is one of the best ai seo tools that offer features to improve search engine rankings, including page speed insights, social analytics, and alerts for urgent issues. It also includes keyword research and data on website speed.

Diib Features

  • Diib is an affordable AI SEO tool that provides insights into website health, including mobile speed, core web vitals, domain authority, keyword rankings, and more. 
  • It offers a weekly health score that uses AI to forecast website performance and objectives to boost search engine rankings. 

Why is it Best?

Diib is suggested for budget-conscious persons who want to improve their SEO game with easy-to-use features and guided steps.


💰The pricing for the Diib is $7.99 per month, but it renews at a higher rate of $44.99 per month.

Diib Plans

9. INK

INK is one of the beneficial ai based SEO tools that combine AI-powered content writing, outlining, clustering, and keyword research for SEO purposes into one platform.


INK Features

  • It provides protection from AI content detection.
  • It serves as a general alternative to Jasper for full content writing and AI image generation. 

Why is it Best?

INK is an AI content platform that offers various features such as keyword research, clustering, content writing, and editing. While it requires some effort to learn its workflows and prompting like any other AI tool, it has comparable workflows with similar tools except for ChatGPT, which has a unique chat/prompt function.

These types of free ai seo tools offer unlimited AI-generated images on their paid plans, which sets them apart from other options. They prioritize safety in using AI content. It addresses concerns about detectable AI content and potential algorithm changes by search engines like Google.


💰The starting price is $49/month.

💰Free Trial
There’s a free trial available for 5 days with 10k AI words.

INK Pricing

10. is an AI writing and content ideation tool that offers a lower price point than Jasper and a usable free plan but with fewer features overall.

It is best for an AI content writing and ChatGPT alternative tool with web browsing capabilities. 

image 16 Features

  • is an AI-powered tool for generating short form content such as sales emails and ads. 
  • It offers over 130 templates and tools for specific use cases, including blogs, social media posts, case studies, web copy, product descriptions, and digital ad copy. 
  • This ai tools for seo aims to help users overcome writer’s block by providing easy-to-customize first drafts for final versions.
  • has introduced a beta ChatGPT alternative called “Chat” that offers more capabilities than ChatGPT, such as visiting URLs and obtaining up-to-date data.

Why is it Best? is a free ai seo tools cheaper alternative to Jasper, with no word count limits. While Jasper’s Chrome extensions are useful, offers better integrations with other tools, such as SurferSEO and DeepL. 


💰Pricing plans for range from free (with a limit of 2,000 words) to $49 per month for unlimited usage. Enterprise pricing is also available upon request.

💰The starting price is $36/month (annual) or $49/month (monthly), and there is a free trial available with a free plan option.

image 34

Importance of AI Seo Tools

To rank well on Google and outdo the competition, businesses need to use SEO Content Writing Tools, which involves using artificial intelligence technology to aid search engine optimization efforts. This approach can help save time and be more effective than manual methods.

Using SEO Ai tools for your website can improve productivity and help achieve SEO goals faster. These tools can assist in creating an effective strategy to rank higher on search engines.

Ai tools for seo can assist in improving various aspects of a website, such as technical SEO, off-page strategy, and content gaps. This can lead to increased traffic to the site.

You can analyze your competitors’ rankings, keywords, and content using various tools. Some tools can even provide additional information, such as their outlines and website traffic.

What Are The Significant Ai Seo Tools Features?

SEO Ai tools is a website that offers user-friendly tools to provide detailed information about your website.

Rankings: It shows the rankings of a website on Google’s first, second, and third pages.

Keywords: The keywords that are performing well for your business in relation to your products or services.

SEO audits: It identifies optimization problems and provides solutions to fix them.

Rank Tracker: It is a tool that shows the duration it takes for a website to rank for specific keywords or phrases. The information provided by this tool can be utilized to track changes in rankings over time.


To effectively use ai seo tools, it’s important to create a list of desired outcomes beforehand. It could include specifying the amount of time you want to dedicate to keyword research or other tasks related to your niche.
We suggest you to select the appropriate free ai seo tools for your business, make a list of important features and compare prices from diverse vendors to find one that suits your needs and budget.

1. How effective is AI in SEO?

Search engines can now better understand user queries through AI-powered natural language processing, leading to more relevant search results. This has implications for SEO, as websites must prioritize high-quality content that provides value and answers user questions.

2. Is AI copywriting good for SEO?

AI copywriting is just as effective as human copywriting for SEO purposes. The benefit of using AI lies in its ability to generate more content, which increases the chances of ranking higher in search engines.

3. Can AI replace SEO?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is unlikely to replace search engine optimization (SEO) or SEO specialists. Although AI can assist with tasks and increase efficiency, human input is still necessary for strategy and editorial work in the field of SEO.

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