You may be thinking about what role plagiarism plays in content writing. What can be ways through which one can avoid plagiarism? How does it affect your website’s SEO and rankings?

In this article, we will be going through them that what should be done for having unique content on your websites.

Don’t miss any part and read until the end if you want to know solutions to all your queries. Let’s get into it without further ado.

What is Plagiarism?

First of all, you should understand what plagiarism is. You can find many different explanations for it online.

According to my knowledge, we can say that Plagiarism is stealing someone’s content and pretending that you own it. It can be thoughts, ideas, images, writings, content, and anything that is not your authority.

  • It violates the academic integrity of people very badly. 
  • You need to give credit to the original writer/author. 
  • There are a lot of different steps that you can take to avoid plagiarism in your writing.

By using free plagiarism checker tool like these you can know how much plagiarized content is there within a few minutes. Including the sources of the website from where it has been copied.

What is Plagiarism

How Can Plagiarism Affect SEO?

Plagiarism work like a disease to your website’s credibility. It can weaken your website ranking if your website contains plagiarized content. It is easy to copy-paste content but you can get no benefit out of it instead it will destruct your whole website.

One not only compromises the quality but tends to lose the reader’s engagement. As users within a few seconds move onto the next page if they don’t feel like reading it or getting any certain information about what they want to know.

Search Engine Optimization is a vital step to creating a website’s reliability. Your website should rank on the first page to get maximum engagement. This can never happen if your website contains duplicated content. 

Your website should have quality content so that the Google algorithm help grow your website authentically. Nobody would want to stay at the bottom of the SERP listing. 

How Can We Avoid Plagiarism In Our Content?

You must be wondering what can be techniques should be followed or what is the procedure to keep in mind while writing. So it is very simple and unique you don’t have to panic much. 

  • Try to create a unique writing style that is different from all the other people out there. Believe me, you’ll get the highest amount of traffic by doing that.
  • As we discussed above, you need to improve your SEO to have unique content on your website.

Here are some important rules that you can follow to avoid plagiarism;

1) Make sure to conduct proper research on your topic before writing: 

So Research is the most important factor in writing anything. You can never write an authentic topic or do justice to the topic if you haven’t performed in-depth research. 

It is necessary to use all the sources while researching;

  1. You can use past published papers for having accurate information about any particular topic.
  2. You must use books and read them so that you can have sufficient knowledge about anything.
  3. Besides the website, you should always go through Google scholar for better ideas and strategies.

Be sure to stick to a proper structure or format whenever you want to write on a topic. By improving your research skills, you can get a higher engagement and will attract more audiences. The more reliable and authentic the content is, the more reader-friendly it will be.

2) Do proper paraphrasing instead copy-pasting:

proper paraphrasing

In other words, it helps to make your content unique.. Your content has to be original and unique in order to benefit your site’s ranking.

You can paraphrase your content by using any rephrase tool. It works as an essay writer, plagiarism remover, and sentence changer.

  • You can use active and passive sentences to improve sentence structure.
  • Never copy anything from unknown sources.
  • Try to build your impressive writing style. Take points and write them in your style.

In this way, you can improve your website SEO by improving your paraphrasing techniques.

3) Use necessary citations and references:

You can master the content writing if you accurately add citations and references to your content. It is necessary to use citations in our content so that copywriting strikes can be avoided.

Master all of the referencing techniques and adopt one of the citation styles while writing any content. You can use APA, MLA, Chicago, etc. citation styles to make your content authentic can reach the maximum engagement. There are different sites and software available that can help you improve your referencing techniques.

4) Always remember to check plagiarism before publishing your content:

Here is the most useful technique which can help you avoid plagiarism in your content. You can use unlimited Plagiarism detector tools that can help you identify the plagiarized content very effectively. 

In this way, you can have authentic, original, and plagiarism-free content.

5) Always use best SEO practices in your content:

If you’ll use best SEO practices you will automatically generate the highest engagement and genuine traffic to your websites. The moment you know how you can make an algorithm work in your favor, you can get the best-optimized content on the Search engines.

These SEO Practices can help you do wonders for your content;

  • Detailed keyword research that is relevant to your topic with accurate placement.
  • Proper use of all the Headings (H1, H2, H3, H4, and so on) to have the best SEO rankings.
  • Add relevant infographics, audio, videos, and tables to your content.
  • Keep meta-description in mind to make it work best in your favor.
  • Frequently use internal and external links in your content.


You can lose your website’s loyal users if you keep using other people’s content on your website. Nobody likes to read similar content repeatedly.

Plagiarism is known to be as harmful as any disease that can harm the human body. It is unethical and illegal, and it is severely punishable.

You should provide good quality content to your readers. That can help them keep their faith in the information you provide them. You have to provide readers with plagiarism-free content. 

You can also achieve a higher ranking on Google Algorithm if you follow best SEO practices and avoid as much plagiarism as you can. You must write everything unique on your website. Publish fewer posts but authentic ones instead of posting plagiarized content. Keep all the rules in mind while writing so that you can never go the wrong way.

Key Points: 

  1. Always make sure to proofread your content before publishing. This can help you decrease the amount of plagiarism in your content. 
  2. Don’t copy anything to your website it can harm your website SEO and will spoil all your efforts.
  3. Plagiarism can create extreme chaos in your SEO which can directly cause the least engagement.

I hope we succeeded to cover all the aspects and points to make you understand everything about plagiarism. I believe you can now efficiently avoid plagiarism in your content as well as it will help you rank higher on page rankings.

Thank you!

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