Jungle Scout is an Amazon online research tool that assists sellers in building a successful Amazon company by providing product inquest, market data, brand and listing management skills, and much more.

It demonstrates which product is the most profitable and easiest to progress and grow your business with. Further, the Jungle Scout Deals and Offers are a great catch for anyone.

Greg Mercer established it in 2015 to assist Amazon merchants to become more profitable in less time. It was created as a means of achieving broader product objectives.

Jungle Scout Review: Features & Tools

The tools that are both easy for beginners and easy for experts to use are called “tools.”

When you start something, Jungle Scout has a lot of tools and features that can help you turn your spark into a fire.

Jungle Scout Review

Getting rich isn’t a quick thing, and you have to wait for it. However, in the short term, speed and power win.

All of Jungle Scout’s goal is to save you time in the short term while putting you in a good position for the long term.

Chrome Extension

The Chrome extension is a great little tool that takes a lot of information from the Amazon product page and puts it in a list for you to look at. The Chrome extension gives you a quick look at all of the important things about the product.

When you click on the symbol in your browser, it quickly makes a lot of useful information. It would be very easy to save a lot of time by doing this.

It lets you quickly add products to be tracked, check basic statistics for each product, see prices, predict sales for the month, study and export keywords, and even look at Google Trends data.

Opportunity Finder

Opportunity Finder will help you find the first product that sells on Amazon, or unique products that will help you grow your business and make more money.

With Jungle Scout’s Niche Hunter tool, you can quickly find a lot of different niches to start selling right away. By renewing Amazon trend keywords with a lot of demand and little competition, the Opportunity Finder tool finds valuable product areas.

With this, you can easily avoid doing time-consuming research by hand and improve data that helps you find the newest product trends.

Product tracker

Product Tracker is the most comprehensive tool for tracking the progress of a group of goods across time. It tracks sales to identify potential touchstones and develops an Amazon success plan.

It monitors a product’s or a group of items’ average sales, revenue, and Best Seller Rank. As you track items over time, you’ll acquire valuable market data that will help you to make more educated decisions for your Amazon business.

Supplier Database

The Supplier Database is the first of its kind, and it helps Amazon sellers find worldwide suppliers that work with large brands.

When it comes to selling on the internet, finding a solid source is half the fight, so seek suppliers that seasoned businesses utilize and contact them for your requirements. This capacity may also be utilized to track out a competitor’s source, giving you a leg start on the competition.

The Source Database allows you to search for suppliers by product term, business, or ASIN, giving you the best chance of locating your competitor’s precise supplier.

Rank Tracker

Rank Tracker is a tool for analyzing keyword rankings that keeps track of rankings over time. To see how keywords performed in the past, you can do a reverse search on a group of ASINs and find out which keywords are affecting your listings and those of your competitors.

Sales Analytics

Jungle Scout’s Sales Analytics software has enough functionality to serve as your personal Amazon accountant.

It can inform you where you’re making money and where you’re losing money – all while assisting you in organizing and tracking all of your sales data and costs. Furthermore, all of this occurs in real-time, allowing you to make educated decisions right now.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

There are two different versions of the Chrome extension: Lite and Pro. They each cost $97 and $197, which is a one-time payment. The Lite Chrome extension gives new users the basic tools they need, such as:

• Monthly Sales and Revenue

• Best-in-class Accuracy

• Tracking of Ratings and Reviews

• Category and Seller Rank

• Ongoing Support and Updates

Jungle Scout Free Tools

Profit Calculator for FBA

Beginners in Amazon FBA frequently underestimate the earnings they can produce through sales. This is due to an initial lack of information on additional payments that were disregarded.

You must get this correct throughout the product research stage so that you can account for the higher costs while conducting business on Amazon.

The FBA Profit Calculator may provide a breakdown of fees associated with order processing, storage, and outbound/inbound delivery.

You may enter the item price, shipping cost to Amazon, and product cost to see how much profit you will likely make on a certain item.

This feature is only accessible with the Chrome extension.

Amazon Sales Forecast

This supplementary tool can assist you in determining the average monthly sales figures for various product categories. To compute this, simply input the bestsellers rank number, marketplace, and product category.

The Listing Assessor

Examine how your listing stacks up versus the competition. Enter the product ASIN or URL to get the grade of any Amazon listing.

What makes Jungle Scout so popular?

One of the most difficult markets to enter is Amazon.

Even once you’ve established yourself, you must remain vigilant to develop your product and outperform the competition. To succeed on Amazon, you’ll need a special combination of items with low competition.

This seems like a lot to handle, doesn’t it?

Enter Jungle Scout, an all-in-one app that can help you navigate the Amazon jungle.

The tool may assist you in launching your Amazon business, from directing you to the greatest product options to ensuring a consistent flow of cash and reputation. Jungle Scout will provide the measures you need to take to establish a winning Amazon strategy based on your Amazon knowledge.

Jungle Scout will assist you if you are a beginner:

  • Locate high-demand items to sell
  • Create a prosperous enterprise

Jungle Scout can help you grow your existing business by:

  • bring you more testimonials
  • assist you in inventory management
  • provide financial information
  • design tailored marketing initiatives

Jungle Scout does all of this through a variety of well-designed products, each with its function.

Jungle Scout Pricing

Here is the Jungle Scout Web app pricing:

  • Basic packages are available for $19/month (if paid annually) and $39/month (if paid monthly) and include a single-user license and full access to the Chrome browser extension.
  • Suite plans are available for $49/month (if paid annually) and $69/month (if paid monthly), with each offering the opportunity to add additional members, advanced selling capabilities, and access to the Chrome browser extension.
  • Professional plans are available for $84 per month (if paid annually) and $129 per month (if paid monthly), with each offering 6 users, 2 years of historical keyword data, priority onboarding, and 6 months of historical data.
Jungle Scout  Pricing

Besides this, it also offers enterprise plans and Bootcamp plans for large businesses and enterprises.

How is Jungle Scout Customer Support?

The user resources provided by Jungle Scout are outstanding. They include thorough manuals, tutorials, podcasts, webinars, and other resources to help you navigate each function.

The site also publishes annual studies that provide useful insights into the Amazon industry and how vendors may capitalize on its tendencies.

Furthermore, Jungle Scout has opened an Academy that provides specialized Amazon FBA training. They also provide several items that might assist you in growing your business. Its customer service is also dependable and prompt.

Jungle Scout Alternatives

1. Helium 10

Helium 10 has a Chrome Extension (Xray) as well as a WebApp Database (Black Box). This is pretty similar to the service provided by Jungle Scout.

While surfing Amazon, you may use Chrome Extension to check sales forecasts. Also, use the Black Box database to find new product ideas based on your specifications.

2. AMZScout

AMZScout, a browser extension and web software that helps you identify things to sell on Amazon, is the third option to Jungle Scout.

Here you may uncover things that will make you money if you sell them, as well as detect current trends, evaluate prospective niche alternatives, review what rivals are offering on Amazon, and forecast future competition.

AMZScout’s sales projections are fairly accurate when it comes to determining product profitability. Competitor analysis, a product database, and a keyword tracker are among the features available.


One of the most useful Amazon research tools is Jungle Scout.

Yes, it’s a little pricey, and no, there’s no free trial, but if you’re serious about growing your Amazon business, it’s definitely worth the money.

If you can’t figure it out, just ask for a refund within two weeks and everything will be OK.

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