Have you tired of difficult website platforms? Want a faster, easier way to create magnificent websites? AI website builders use artificial intelligence to help with web design and coding. These tools make it easier to create a professional, mobile-optimized site quickly. 

This article explores the best AI website builders based on price, features, and user-friendliness. These website builders offer an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface with tools for content creation. They are suitable for small business owners looking to create a professional-looking website optimized for success.

I tested well-known smart builders to determine if AI technology can create websites effectively. Each builder designed a website, which I then evaluated. The top seven were selected. Continue reading to find the best fit for your project.

What is an AI Website Builder?

An AI website builder is a tool that utilizes AI technology to aid in creating websites. Use an AI website builder to create a custom website design easily. AI website builders automate tasks to simplify website development. It assists in allowing users to concentrate on content and functionality.

The ai seo tools facilitate the website-building process. It aids in making it more convenient for those without web design experience. It allows users to create a functional and visually adorable website with comfort.

How to Choose the Top AI Website Builders?

To choose the best AI website builders, consider your personal needs. Also, you must pay attention to the AI features offered, ease of use, and editing capabilities. No strict criteria exist for selecting a builder.

1. Features: First, consider desired AI features before choosing AI-powered website builders. While many seek an AI website generator, other options include an AI writer, heatmap, and logo maker.

2. Ease of Use: AI builders should be easy to use. But it’s also important to consider the site maintenance process. Look for a provider with a simple and clean editor. It allows you to manage billing and site settings in one place.

3. Design: When choosing AI website builders, it’s important to consider the level of design flexibility you require. Some builders allow for extensive design edits, while others only permit content uploads. Hence, consider your method freedom requirements.

AI website builders should produce personalized layouts that reflect the individuality of their client’s websites. The website must be full-featured and extraordinary to characterize the brand it represents.

Your website is substantial, so I tested intelligent web design platforms based on these traits.

  • Content Assistance: A well-designed website should be quick and reasonable with AI technology. It must provide recommended text or image content to aid with content creation.
  • Easy Edition: AI website permits users to retain control and manually edit if essential. I only listed builders that allow manual editing and are pleased to use.
  • SEO Tool: All AI-powered website builders offer SEO tools that analyze performance. It also provides reports and suggests improvements.
  • Free SSL: All builders on the list offer a free SSL certificate. It helps ensure visitors won’t see a “not secure” warning. AI website generator help to improve search ranking.

Why Is Ai Important in Web Development?

AI can be used in web development and has various benefits.

1. Better UX

AI can customize website content to match user preferences. It helps in enhancing their experience and increases engagement. Social networks also use AI to suggest people or pages for users to follow. It helps in keeping them interested in relevant content.

2. Improved Search Results

Developers employ AI to provide search results on websites based on user data like age, location, and interests. It helps users identify the information they need rapidly and efficiently.

3. Efficient Website Building

AI-based software can help developers optimize websites for different devices. It helps by detecting and dealing with errors in the backend code. This makes the process of designing websites from scratch less tedious.

4. Effective Marketing Strategy

E-commerce websites benefit from big data and AI to analyze customer demand, suggest purchases, increase conversions, boost sales, and improve advertising efforts.

5. Custom Online Store Experience

Implementing AI on e-commerce sites allows for tailored product recommendations based on user preferences, creating a personalized shopping experience.

6. Enhanced Communication

Powered by AI, Chatbots can assist website users with navigation and act as customer support without delay. They continuously improve their communication skills to better serve visitors’ needs.

List of Top Ai website builder in 2024

Here are the best and most effective AI website builders fast.

1. Wix ADI

Wix is a reliable website builder. I believe that it is simple, however it works generously for most website builders. Wix ADI is an AI-powered website builder that produces websites based on user intentions. With above 800 templates, Wix ADI has become one of the most well-known and efficient website builders in demand.

This makes it effortless for non-technical users to develop websites without requiring an independent tool. It creates personalized websites for users by employing their data. These sites contain proficient infrastructure, business tools, SEO, and marketing components.


Core Features

  • Wix ADI is an AI design assistant that assists users build a website by answering simple questions.
  • It delivers customizable outputs to quickly generate AI designs, adding a human touch.
  • Wix ADI can create a website using AI, which can later be transformed to a standard Wix site.
  • Wix ADI simplifies website building for small industries and freelancers. 
  • It delivers a unique way of creating websites that many people enjoy, with customized designs based on user requirements.

What’s Good About Wix:

  • Wix is a user-friendly website builder with eight plans for enterprise, personal, and freelancing use. 
  • Users can add new functionalities to their site with Wix apps like live chat or member registration. 
  • The platform produces high-quality content and provides royalty-free images for users’ websites. 
  • Pages are prefilled with business information found online, so users don’t need to make changes before publishing.

What’s Not So Good About Wix:

  • Wix has limited customization options for its website builder.
  • Wix’s free plan has ads and no custom domains.
  • Wix may not work for intricate websites with advanced capabilities.


Wix’s most basic plan starts at $16 per month.

G2 Score: Wix has a G2 score of 4.6.

2. Hostinger Website Builder

Hostinger Website Builder, previously called Zyro, is a top-notch AI website builder. Users can generate new layout options by clicking the “Generate Again” button if they are not satisfied with the initial choices provided. Hostinger offers a user-friendly grid-based editor for customization, though it lacks an app store.

Hostinger’s affordable all-in-one plan offers full access to AI tools and e-commerce features. It makes it cost-effective for small businesses. The built-in AI Writer and Blog Title Generator can be beneficial for site content. Hostinger also delivers a 30-day money-back guarantee for those who desire to try it risk-free.

Hostinger Website Builder

Core Features

  • Hostinger’s website builder comprises an AI-powered content writer or logo maker and eCommerce characteristics in all plans. 
  • It also offeirs built-in performance analytics and SEO tools, free hosting, domain name, and email account. 
  • The platform boasts excellent protection features.

What’s Good About Hostinger’s Website Builder:

  • Hostinger’s website builder offers reasonable pricing starting at $2.99/month.
  • It delivers a user-friendly interface with built-in AI tools and powerful safety features.

What’s Not So Good About Hostinger Website Builder:

  • Hostinger Website Builder has some imperfections, containing the lack of a free version, limited collaboration capabilities, and no member-only areas.


💰The Hostinger Website Builder offers one plan for $2.99/month.
💰There is a demo version available to try before committing.
💰It also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee.

G2 Score: 4.4/5

3. Shopify

Shopify’s AI text generator is called the Shopify Magic text generator. It uses LLMs to analyze data from various sources and detect patterns between words and sentences. It can generate text summaries, descriptions, and answers to questions.


Core Features

  • Shopify is a website builder for eCommerce that offers customization of modern templates, automatic tax calculations, and over 100 payment gateways. 
  • It also supports selling POD and digital products or drop shipping. 
  • The Shopify app store has around 7000 additional features available.

What’s Good About Shopify:

  • Shopify is a platform with a user-friendly AI text generator.
  • Shopify is a website builder that suits both novice and experienced users due to its drag-and-drop feature.

What’s Not So Good About Shopify:

  • It has limited SEO and content marketing capabilities.


💰Shopify’s pricing begins at $29/month, with a free user trial to examine the website builder. 
💰Additional expenses may be incurred via paid apps from the app store.

G2 Score: 4.5/5

4. Mixo

Mixo is an AI website builder that assists users develop professional-looking websites fast. It uses artificial intelligence to aid with the procedure. It is scheduled for those looking to iterate on recent business ideas.

Mixo’s AI technology creates personalized website layouts based on user intentions. The platform’s AI algorithms automate website-building tasks, saving period and effort.

Mixo ai

Core Features

  • It can build a website or product launch page fast by using prompts.
  • This tool permits for the customization of logos, colors, and text and is a good starting point for new industries. 
  • It has an intuitive interface and delivers a free basic plan.

What’s Good About Mixo:

  • Mixo is a no-code website-building solution that simplifies the procedure of building websites.
  • Mixo is a beneficial tool for testing contemporary industry concepts.

What’s Not So Good About Mixo:

  • Mixo’s customization alternatives are restricted.
  • Its templates may be too basic for some users compared to other website builders.


💰Mixo provides a free plan with limited features, while the Basic plan costs $9/month for one site 💰with a custom domain. 
💰The Pro plan is priced at $39/month and covers up to 15 sites.

G2 Score: 4.5/5

5. 10Web

10Web is a platform that utilizes AI to aid in creating and managing WordPress-based websites. With features like an AI Builder, Assistant, and 1-click Migration, users can quickly design or replicate any website using AI within minutes. The platform also offers an Elementor-based editor with a drag-and-drop interface to customize layouts and page elements easily.

10Web Builder is a website-building platform that offers a pre-designed template and the ability to import existing websites. Users can optimize their website’s back end and enhance performance with the platform’s various tools.

10Web ai

Core Features

  • This website builder provides customization prompts and templates. 
  • It offers SEO optimization features and an intuitive interface. 
  • A free trial is available for testing.

What’s Good About 10Web:

  • The website builder 10 Web stands out for its customization options. 
  • It offers SEO optimization features. 
  • It can help improve search engine rankings.

What’s Not So Good About 10Web:

  • The pricing of 10 Web may be higher compared to other website builders. 
  • Its customization options can be complex for certain users.


💰10Web provides a free trial for their builder.
💰The basic plan of this website builder is $10 per month and Premium plan is $20 monthly.
💰A yearly subscription is offered for $8.33/month for the Basic plan and $16.67/month for the Premium plan.

G2 Score: 4.4/5

6. TeleportHQ

TeleportHQ is a website builder that offers flexibility and customization options by adding custom HTML and CSS code. It also supports collaboration among multiple users.

TeleportHQ is a good choice for making prototypes and generating live code.

TeleportHQ ai

Core Features

  • TeleportHQ is a good choice for making prototypes and generating live code.
  • TeleportHQ provides website design services using AI-generated HTML and CSS through ChatGPT. 
  • They offer a free plan with a domain name and hosting, as well as collaboration tools for multiple users.
  • TeleportHQ has a Vision API that can turn hand-drawn wireframes into digital designs. 
  • But users must have coding skills to use it effectively.

Good About TeleportHQ:

  • TeleportHQ offers high customizability for website designs. 
  • It allows users to follow wireframe plans and use custom HTML and CSS code.
  • ChatGPT and Vision API are AI tools that enable users to create websites by importing custom HTML and CSS code or using design wireframes. 
  • The free version offers unlimited usage with a free domain name and hosting service.
  • TeleportHQ’s website editor allows real-time collaboration for multiple users.
  • Users can plan website designs using wireframes, either by creating their own or utilizing tools such as Figma.

Not Good About TeleportHQ:

  • Users must have coding skills to effectively use all the tool’s features, indicating a steep learning curve.
  • TeleportHQ is a tool for front-end website development.
  • Enabling editing rights in TeleportHQ for project collaborators costs extra.


💰TeleportHQ provides a free, unlimited plan with hosting and a domain name. 
💰This freemium tool allows users to create websites without any financial commitment.
💰Premium plans offer extra features and collaboration tools, but pricing is only available upon request.

G2 Score: 4.3/5

7. Durable 

Durable is one of the most effective free ai website builders that enables entrepreneurs to create professional websites quickly. It offers customizable elements, contact forms, and social media buttons with content generator tools for faster development. Durable also provides analytics, CRM, and invoicing features for businesses and eCommerce sites.

Durable offers a subscription-based tool that delivers access to free AI ad writing and industry name generator tools. The price is $12 per month, and it has developed over 1.66 million websites.

image 7

Core Features

  • This tool quickly develops websites utilizing prompts and pre-filled templates for effortless customization.
  • This user-friendly tool delivers different alternatives for adding sections and characteristics. 
  • The interface is instinctive and easy to use.
  • The builder delivers a free trial for testing.

What’s Good About Durable:

  • The tool delivers a quick website setup process with AI-generated features, comprising a business name generator and image picker, to save time and effort.
  • It contains business tools like invoicing and CRM.
  • It offers a free trial duration for users to try before committing.

Not Good About Durable:

  • The tool has the restriction of creating only business and eCommerce websites.
  • AI-generated features may have lower output quality compared to other website builders.
  • Customer support can be reached through email or live chat, but only during working hours.


💰Durable provides a builder with a free trial for testing.
💰Basic plan: $12/month.  
💰Business plan: $20/month.

G2 Score: 4.4/5

Pro Tips for selecting the best AI website builders?

Choosing the best ai website generator depends on personal needs. Consider AI features, ease of use, and editing capabilities.

A) AI Features 

When searching for an AI builder, it is important to consider the desired features. The most common part sought after is an AI website generator that can create a personalized site. But other options, such as an AI writer, heatmap and logo maker, are also available.

B) Ease of Use 

When selecting the best ai website builders, it’s important to prioritize ease of use for both building and maintaining the site. A simple and clean editor that enables managing billing and site settings from one place is recommended.

C) Design Flexibility 

Consider the design flexibility offered by free ai website builders before choosing one. Some AI-generated templates can be edited extensively, while others only allow content uploads. Determine how much design freedom is necessary for your needs.

Advantages of the latest ai website builders 

  • AI website builders are user-friendly and don’t require coding or technical skills.
  • AI website builders utilize artificial intelligence to design websites that are visually appealing and functional through personalization.
  • An AI website builder allows users to create a website quickly and easily without requiring extensive design or development skills.
  • AI website builders can enhance a website’s SEO by optimizing its structure, meta tags, and content.
  • These website builders fast are cost-effective alternatives to traditional web design services, offering various features and customization options at a lower price.
  • AI website builders automate tasks like color schemes, layouts and typography choices to help designers save time. This allows them to focus on more creative aspects of website design.
  • AI website builders simplify the process of creating a website by automating design and development tasks, making it more accessible for those with little or no experience in web design.  
  • It allows users to focus on content and functionality, resulting in stunning, functional websites without requiring coding knowledge or technical expertise.


AI website builders use artificial intelligence and natural language processing to build websites without coding proficiency. The top 3 AI website builders are Wix, Hostinger, and Shopify. 

AI website builders are becoming increasingly prevalent and popular, but not all are created equal. Wix is the top suggestion for those developers who are seeking a flexible, customizable, and visually attractive choice. Their ADI website generator can develop a responsive site in minutes with diverse customization options.

So information, as mentioned above, explains how these ai tools work and how they can aid users in rapidly creating a website.

Should I utilise an AI website builder?

Yes, Using an AI website builder can make developing a website easier for both novices and experienced users. 

Can AI build me a website?

An AI code generator permits for the quick and accurate creation of websites and website elements with increased complexity.

AI design techniques can improve website user experience by developing an intuitive and personalized interface that adjusts to the user’s necessities. This is becoming increasingly significant as users seek efficient solutions on the internet.

Why does an AI website builder play an indispensable role?

AI website builders create websites based on user input using algorithms and templates. Businesses provide information, and the AI generates a website accordingly.

Can AI take over the role of web developers?

AI website builders are useful for creating basic websites, but they cannot replace the skill of a professional web developer. For complex projects, hiring a web developer is necessary to ensure a high-quality website.

What is the dissimilarity between traditional builders and AI website builders?

An AI website builder automates website creation, while traditional builders require coding and design knowledge.

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