You will know the benefit of infographics to your business and the free infographic tools that you can use to make your infographics stand out in the crowd. In this article, you will learn about the different use of infographics.

Ever wonder why people scroll so fast on their social media, then suddenly stop and look at a graphic, read it, and start scrolling again?

They start scrolling again because it is boring and doesn’t have enough visuals to hook the readers into reading the content further.

That is why Visual marketing is essential as a marketing strategy, according to 49% of marketers said in Venngage. The more people see your business through infographics, and the more people will visit your store.

In this digital era, people have a fast-paced life—the person’s attention span is short.

So marketers changed their strategies to adapt to the new era. Adding moving graphics and illustrations helps people understand a business and develop trust.

Infographic is a group of elements in a graphic that describes your business on one page. Infographics may be in the form of illustrations, graphs, and icons. Making people understand complex information, they quickly decide to buy a product from your store.

There are hundreds of infographic design tools that you can use for your business depending on your needs and which graphic design you can use.

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5 Benefits of Infographics for Your Business

When you start a business, you make a plan for how to earn. There are different ways how you can earn and market your business. One of those is infographics.

Most users have a short attention span. The most attention that a person can stay for in a given task is 90 minutes in this digital era, based on the Netflix documentary title “The Mind Explained.”

Infographics are another way for you to reach out to your valuable assets, your users, or your customers.

There are five benefits of infographics for your business.

1. Infographics increase your content’s exposure.

Infographics are used at 67% by the B2B marketers, higher than the previous year. Visuals can help you make decisions and help your target users understand your business. How do you make decisions? You can make it faster when you see it visually.

Infographics design tools are essential in making your infographics eye-catching. It is best to use top-notch graphics when you plan to add minimal text to your infographics.

It is easier to tell your target users about your company and your market product. Make it simple, like you use icons, lines, and shapes. You can play with colors too and images. Make sure you use the best remove bg tool to make your photos stand out.

Here are valuable points that you can do to improve your content’s exposure:

Relevance: In infographic marketing, it is best to choose the content aligned to your target audience.

Appealing: Marketing is all about emotion. Grab your target audience’s attention with visuals. There are more graphic design tools that you can use to help you with your graphic design.

Brand guidelines: Follow your brand values down to the colors and text you will use. These values can help your users see you.

Information: The data you share is best when it is easy to understand. Help your audience know more about your business by making challenging contexts easier. If you have hundreds of data you want to share, put it in one presentation using icons and illustrations. You will be surprised when your audience starts to engage with your data presentation.

Compelling Story: Storytelling is way beyond your imagination. A story of truth is more going to attract your readers. Use stories about life, health, purpose, and success aligned to your brand guidelines.

2. Infographics can help improve decision-making.

Infographics for marketing influence this digital era. Did you know that it takes 60,000x faster for a person to process visual information in the brain than through text?

That is true in psychology. The term used is the picture superiority effect coined in 1971. That means our ancestors knew that graphics are more easily understandable than text.

When your brain process a piece of information at this rate, it makes decision-making quicker. That leads marketers to optimize their marketing and make visual strategy in their marketing beneficial.

3. Make your content shareable.

You can reach out to more users when using a strategy to make your infographics shareable. When you send a newsletter and add a link to your company, you can do so.

Marketers can share through these options:

Newsletter sends: send out a weekly newsletter to your users, don’t forget the link of the product you market. Add infographics to your sends.

Socials: add buttons that they can click to share it to their social media account easily

Infographic sites: Go to infographic sites and share yours as well.

Snapshots: Share a section from your infographics to social media posts, press releases, and blog posts.

Influencers: Get your infographics up by sharing them with influencers that are related to your brand and their social media accounts

Mileage: Keep sharing and be intentional in sharing your infographics. One infographic for a marketing strategy is sharing your visuals more than once.

4. Infographics can complement your branding strategy.

Branding strategy is more like brand awareness. It comes in a bundle of text and visuals, such as color groups that you use.

Align your infographics graphic design with your brand. Use the same font and color.

In doing so, you nurture your audience, and they will trust you with the professionalism you add to your brand. It all comes down to your strategy to get your brand known.

Once again, your strategy is best when you apply visuals to your marketing strategy. You want people to notice you and know more about your brand.

The more clicks on your infographic, the better. So don’t be shy if you share this a couple of times.

5. It helps build up your SEO

I will tell you a secret. How do you build your SEO traffic? Simple.

Make the best infographic. The more clicks you get from your infographics, the more significant traffic you will gain for your SEO target.

The formula for getting a higher SEO rank for your brand is more traffic to your website plus inbound links equal to a high SEO rank.

Start making your infographic for marketing in the right way to get better results.

You can hire a design expert or do it on your own. There are hundreds of free infographics tools that you can use when you want to set up your infographics for your business.

Here are the best ten infographic design tools that you can choose from for your business

infographic design tools

10 Infographic Design Tools for Your Business

1. BeFunky

If you are looking for a graphic design tool, you may want to look into this tool. You don’t need to sign up to access the free features.

Yet, when you sign up for a basic account, it is still free. You can access at most 100 graphic ideas and can store your project.

If you decide to move forward and get their BeFunky Plus account, you can access more than 200 graphic designs and ideas, giving you more options.

If you want to try different online photo editor tools, you can cancel your subscription from them and retain your plus account before your billing date.

2. Canva

Canva is one of the infographic design tools that you can use. You can either get a free account or pay for a subscription.

If you subscribe, you will get more options when you avail of their services, like hundreds of fonts that you can choose from, and more elements that you can get like borders, frames, and texts.

If you are a designer and want to explore different design elements, you can do so.

One more thing, there are different templates that you can choose. Not only that, they come in a mobile app. You can edit your project anywhere you go.

3. Snappa

You can start for free at Snappa. This graphic design tool software allows you to edit your design anywhere you go as it can come as a mobile app.

4. Removal.AI

Your photo needed a twist. You may want to change the background and put something new and fresh to it. Fret no more because you have one of the best infographic design tools you can get your hands on. Removal.AI is the best when removing the eyesore background from an image with a few simple steps.

  • Upload Photo
Removal.AI tool
  • Press remove background
Removal.AI Press remove background
  • Then Download a new image
Removal.AI Download a new image

Voila! Life is fantastic with this easy-to-use tool.

5. DrawKit

I get that you are an illustration kind of designer, so here is one of the best infographic design tools. DrawKit is a place of illustrations and icons that you can use to make your infographics stand out from the crowd.

You can choose from free features like landscapes, educational, or quirky characters.

Also, a great find when you are using the Mac OS X framework.

6. DesignStripe

Cheers to a new level of illustrations! You don’t have to be an expert to use an infographic design tool.

Designstripe is not a free infographic design tool, but it has one illustration-style package for free. The access is limited.

If you think that DesignSripe illustrations align with your business brand, you are in luck! There is an option where you can subscribe to their package. You can choose your payment option, may it be monthly or annually.

You will get a 25% discount if you subscribe annually, though.

7. PiktoChart

Okay! You have dived into most of the infographic design tools that you know, but you can’t make up your mind.

Look into PiktoChart! Yey!

They made infographics templates. All you need to do is choose from the template, and the good thing is, you can start for FREE!

You have different templates that you can choose from workflow integration and visually catchy data. One more thing, you can edit your video easily like you are editing text.

Isn’t that mind-blowing? Your infographics are at a new level. Make it count.

8. Pixelied

If you are looking for free infographic design tools that will suit your brand, this is it. It has curated hundreds of designs that you can choose from on its website.

Pixelated is best for startup businesses. This infographic design tool is just for beginners with no graphic design skills.

Here’s the catch, if you decide to choose Pixelied, you will be paying ONCE for lifetime use. So cool!

9. Venngage

Would you want to share your business, but all you can give is data? Worry no more. Venngage has your back. They have ready-made templates for any data you need to share through their infographic design tools.

You can get a free, premium, and business version of the software.

You get mind blown by how fast you can make your infographics.

10. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is one of the best graphic design tools to use when you like to experiment with your style. It allows you to make your font, blend your color and create mind-blowing designs.

If you can’t decide yet, they have free trials for you so you can test the waters.

There are free infographic design tools that you can check out on the website. Start and discover!

11. Colorcinch


With Colorcinch, you can give your blog and social media graphics a unique look and feel as you can blend and overlay images with a variety of tools and creative assets. You can compress your images, crop and resize them, and remove and change their backgrounds with just a few clicks. You can add texts and drawings to your photos, apply filters and effects, and make their colors pop.

Colorcinch is free but you can go all-in with its premium plan. It is available online and works offline, too. 


Infographics did it again! It allows simple people to do great stuff.

What if you can make your business known worldwide and make a name for yourself? Believe it!

The tips and tools that you have learned will help you if you try them out and practice. Tick some illustrations that you think align with your brand and see where it goes. Test each tool that you know how to know which ones are best for you. Infographic design tools are more accessible for you to increase your content exposure and business awareness. Be the best version of yourself and also your brand. It is only tricky when you start, but you can undoubtedly win with your game plan and strategy.

What are your favorite tools for creating infographics?

Canva is one of my favorite tools for creating infographics! It’s a great way to quickly and easily create professional-looking graphics without needing any design experience. Plus, there’s a huge library of templates and illustrations to choose from, so you can really customize your infographic to fit your needs.

What tips do you have for someone who is just starting out in infographic design?

If you’re just getting started in infographic design, here are a few tips to help you get started:

1. Find inspiration online:- There are tons of great examples of infographics out there. Check out sites like Pinterest and Dribbble to find some inspiration for your own work.

2. Use simple shapes and icons:- When you’re first starting out, it’s best to keep things simple. Use basic shapes and icons to create your designs. As you become more confident, you can start experimenting with more complex forms.

3. Stick to a limited color palette:- Too many colors can be overwhelming, so it’s best to stick to a limited palette when you’re first starting out.

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