One of the most famous (and fun) types of explainer films for organizations is whiteboard animation.

This software simplifies video editing and produces high-quality explainer movies that can be used on your website, an online course, or wherever else you need them.

So without wasting any more time, let’s discuss the best whiteboard animation software. These are the best whiteboard animation software for mac as well as the best whiteboard animation software for windows. The list also consists of whiteboard animation software free as well as paid.

What is a Whiteboard Animation Software?

The most common way of drawing a work of art on a whiteboard is known as whiteboard animation. In most situations, the hues are just black and white. Viewers may observe the sketching process in a whiteboard video, making it more immersive and interesting. To clarify the stages of drawing, whiteboard films typically include musical narration and background music.

Animators either employ a time-lapse film or a motion style that exhibits any hand type demonstrating the animation. Furthermore, whiteboard animation movies outperform plain text for marketing, training, and teaching.

Why Whiteboard Animation videos?

Whiteboard animated films are among the most well-known and connect with types of corporate explainer recordings. A Whiteboard movement video enjoys a greater number of benefits than a standard video. Here are a few of the reasons why whiteboard animation films are so popular.

  • It is eye-catching and ideal for capturing the attention of the audience.
  • It is simple to remember.
  • It is better to provide a lot of information clearly and quickly.
  • It’s adaptable and mobile-friendly.
  • It has a higher conversion rate.

Making a whiteboard video may be the best way ahead. To begin, you needn’t bother with any costly gear or gifts; all you want is a PC and whiteboard liveliness programming.

The program improves on video altering and creates excellent explainer motion pictures that you can use on your site, a web-based course, or elsewhere you want.

A few people accept that planning whiteboard characters and utilizing liveliness instruments requests progressed specialized mastery. To some extent, this is true if very complex movies are required. However, those degrees of expertise are not always required.

How to choose the best whiteboard animation software?

When considering purchasing whiteboard animation software, keep the following points in mind:

  • Pricing
  • Voice over assist
  • Drawing made to order
  • Trial period


One of the most important decisions you must make is whether you want premium or free whiteboard animation software.

The features you receive are typically determined by the amount you pay. The commercial ones will surely allow you to produce faultless animations, whilst cheap software will severely limit your options.

If you are on a tight budget and require free software, keep the limits in mind. Watermarks, recording duration limits, and low-quality export choices are among them.

Voice over assist

Most whiteboard animations have a voice-over that accompanies the graphics.

Some software supports voice-over recording, whereas others just accept audio files. If you’re going to employ a voice-over, seek ones with this option to make your life a little simpler.

Drawing made to order

Most whiteboard animation software includes a collection of ready-to-use doodle graphics. Because the doodles have a draw path associated, they will be created in a natural manner.

Because some of these collections are fairly restricted, you may wish to add your own photos. Bespoke image imports with custom drawing paths are only supported by particular applications.

You may control how the graphics are rendered by using custom draw paths. In this manner, the doodle animation appears more natural than a generic hand movement to unveil the image.

Trial period

When you are wanting a paid whiteboard animation program, then ideally you will want to sample before you buy. Look for companies who have a free trial or a free subscription so you can get a sense of the functionality and doodle collection on offer.

If there is no free trial available, the next best option is to check for a money-back guarantee.

List of 21 Best Open Source & Free Trail Whiteboard Animation Software

1. VideoScribe.

Sparkol VideoScribe is a fabulous whiteboard liveliness and video creation program for making basic, fast, and minimal expense whiteboard films. Its drag-and-drop functionality makes producing appealing whiteboard animation films a breeze.

It provides a downloaded app that is quicker and safer than the website. Basically, import photographs, and it will change them over completely to SVG records for you. Besides, it gives an assortment of thousands of photos to pick from. You may also upload your own photos.

Key Features:

  • You may immediately add voiceover to the video. You may also blend it with background music and text.
  • VideoScribe gives prefabricated layouts in various classes, including business, training, local area, educational, and activity. These layouts permit you to create a video in practically no time.
  • It allows you to add animation and stickers from its extensive collection. You may also import your own files.


  • It’s quick and easy to use! You may use your own vector images and PNGs or use their vast bank of materials, which includes graphics, icons, and music.
  • You don’t need a background in animation or graphics (though it helps) to use the application, which greatly expands who in your firm may benefit from it.
  • The help and resource documentation is fantastic. With various series of videos, and text-based guidance.


  • Some of the vector renderings for imported parts might still require improvement; I’ve found a workaround for adding a stroke to photos to help smooth the edge, but this can be time-consuming.
  • PNG rendering frequently appears to be under extreme compression and can pixelate even higher-resolution pictures that are brought in.
  • It would be wonderful if the application had a simple audio editor, even if it only allowed you to change the beginning and conclusion of clips.


For single users, VideoScribe has three price plans:

  • Monthly subscription: $17.50
  • Quarterly subscription: $35 per month.
  • Annual subscription: $8 per month

For a team of more than ten members, team licenses begin at $150 per person.

2. Vyond

Vyond produces proficient whiteboard-energized films for enterprises like showcasing, preparing, eLearning, and HR. It enables you to produce superior visual communication through dynamic storytelling, reuse, and content customization.

MP4 records might be effortlessly brought into your LMS (learning the board framework) to give a more vivid growth opportunity. Discourse, lip-sync, and exact development upgrade the commitment of your material.

Vyond also boasts rigorous security requirements, including ISO/IEC 27001 certification, GDPR compliance, third-party vendor control, and other precautions.

Key Features:

  • The automated character lip-syncs tool turns uninteresting characters into genuine people, increasing engagement.
  • Through the Quick Edits feature, you can update your videos quickly with a fresh message or promotion without incurring expensive production expenses.
  • Industry-standard Templates allow you to search for the best templates depending on employment position, style, and category. You can also enter a term in the search field and it will provide a selection of suitable video templates.


  • Create animated films quickly and easily without requiring much training.
  • Using pre-recorded voices, synchronize voices to characters.
  • Provide a range of video characters and objects.


  • Since it is facilitated on a cloud server, the program could get cumbersome/slow on occasion.
  • If you have numerous characters speaking in one audio recording and want them to match their mouths with their proper lines, there may be more labor needed.
  • Characters with different actions/expressions require multiple scenes, which can be difficult to manage.


It offers four pricing plans:

  • Essential Subscription: $299 annually
  • Premium Subscription: $649 annually
  • Professional Subscription: $999 annually
  • Enterprise Subscription: Custom pricing

With yearly plans, you may save up to 50%. All plans include 2D characters, conventional whiteboard figures, color-adjustable props, and other features.

3. RawShorts

Raw Shorts is yet another web-based filmmaker that can create whiteboard animations. Raw Shorts, like Renderforest, is entirely browser-based.

To begin, choose from dozens of professionally designed templates. Then, add your own material, text, transitions, effects, and audio to personalize your animation.

Key Features:

  • You can make introduction recordings for YouTube channels.
  • You can look over an assortment of text layouts as per your requirements.
  • You can utilize energized logos layouts made for the clients.
  • You can utilize the video formats utilized by experts and specialists in your industry.
  • You can transfer your video clasps and, surprisingly, trim these video cuts effortlessly.


  • Classic templates are available in the app.
  • When compared to other items on the market, Raw Shorts have the greatest potential.
  • This tool is really pretty effective at collecting text and converting it into a video. It is ideal for creating short films.
  • Excellent transitions and effects; also simple to use and comprehend.
  • Raw Shorts can create high-resolution videos. 


  • A manual video build-up is required.
  • It is not suggested to alter templated videos.
  • Raw Shorts does not offer customer service to its users.
  • Because it does not save itself automatically, one must continually save their work.
  • While rendering the video, an error may occur.
  • The trial version of the software has less functionality.


The free plan allows you to make 5 short movies (2 minutes long) every month on YouTube. These videos will also include a watermark and be 480p in quality.

When you subscribe to their premium plans, which start at $39 per month (annual billing), these restrictions begin to be lifted.

4. Animatron Studio

Animatron studio, founded in the United States in 2011, is a very versatile and powerful online animated film creator that will allow you to easily produce amazing animations. It has various outstanding elements, for example, portable screen similarity, social sharing, brand overlay, shut inscribing, protection decisions, video circling, and more.

Then again, a few buyers have communicated disappointment with the free stock movies and have proposed that Animatron’s speed could have been gotten to the next level. Generally speaking, we can express that the stage gives a large number of administrations at a sensible cost.


  • Free templates with the possibility to customize
  • Without the assistance of a professional, anyone can produce these films or animations.
  • The layout is simpler and you can upload in bulk


  • Without having to read too many lessons, the workflow is quite simple to grasp. I support my preferred browser, “Firefox,” and I have nearly complete control over every clip.
  • The quality is acceptable, and you can even add speech sounds. It also includes the ability to add interesting subtitles.
  • It is notable for producing cartoons and animated videos. The library of pre-made characters (many of which are animated) is astounding.


  • The skeleton function (controlling every joint in a cartoon character) was removed, which was a huge disappointment.
  • The motions for the characters are insufficient; some characters have more than one posture, while others have none.


Animatron studio provides its consumers with two alternative plans.

Pro Subscription: $30 Monthly

Business Subscription: $60 Monthly

5. DoodleMaker

DoodleMaker is an AI-powered doodle-making tool that allows you to quickly create animated films. Customers benefit from the application’s 300+ ready-made templates, limitless HD video creation, multilingual text-to-speech, and vice versa functionality, Whiteboard, and many other features.

Key Features:

  • More than 300 ready-made templates
  • Video Translation Using AI
  • Doodle pictures and icons of high quality
  • Convert an image to a sketch.


  • DoodleMaker utilizes man-made consciousness (Artificial Intelligence).
  • With only one program or software, you can create whiteboard, slate, and glass board doodle films in minutes.
  • Utilizing cutting-edge software, you can rapidly change any current video of yours into doodle animation films.
  • It flaunts the world’s most noteworthy text-to-discourse motor. You can make excellent recordings in anything that language you want without recording your voice.
  • You might astonish the whole globe with no expert ability by making proficient animation films utilizing 300+ instant layouts.


  • Everything is kept on a cloud server; a functioning web association is expected to recover pre-introduced media documents and add extra (auto-saves).
  • You should now make sure to use it. Be that as it may, this isn’t the issue of the program.
  • Everything seems good with Doodle, save for some Android software disappointments and login issues.


DoodleMaker provides its consumers with 4 alternative plans.

  • White Label Subscription: $497 (one-time payment)
  • Deluxe Upgrade Subscription: $49 (one-time payment)
  • Toon Video Maker Subscription: $39 (one-time payment)
  • Client Engine Subscription: $29 (one-time payment)

6. Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the world’s largest online freelance marketplaces. You might use it to recruit an expert who will fulfill your assumptions and convey the film when practical.  Simply go to and look for their Whiteboard & Animated Explainers jobs. Hundreds of gigs placed by video artists will be shown on the freelance site.

You can pick an illustrator subsequent to looking into their surveys, tests, and long periods of involvement. Assuming you are ready to put away more cash, you may likewise contact ‘Master Services.’ These experts are selected and confirmed by Fiverr for their great quality and service.

The voice-over is generally given by the illustrator, however, you can give your own. You may even provide a thorough description so that they can align it exactly how you desire. Overall, it’s a really straightforward, safe, and secure approach to doing your task.

Key Features:

  • You may finalize the gig on various metrics like based on the location, the amount they charge, and their experience. Most essential, you may examine their portfolio in order to make an informed conclusion.
  • You may also request that the video producer make changes or improve the video after it has been delivered in order to achieve the desired quality. This makes the video-making process much simpler.
  • Fiverr gets the expense sum in an escrow record to safeguard its clients’ advantages. The assets are moved to the specialist co-op just whenever you are satisfied with the undertaking.


  • You may enjoy access to hundreds of competent specialists with Fiverr.
  • Its transparent system only allows verified professionals, so there is little to no risk of fraud.
  • You might utilize geniuses from any place on the planet.
  • Fiverr gives perceived endorsements of specialists to help you in recruiting a really gifted person.
  • You can pay for the venture.
  • On the off chance that the occupation doesn’t meet your particulars, you have the choice to deny the installment.


  • Searching for specialists on Fiverr is time-consuming and perplexing.
  • You must pay in advance.
  • On the stage, there is a gamble of cheating or bad quality work.
  • There are a set number of upgrades or alters.


A typical gig starts at $5 per project. However, Pro Services begin at $500.

7. Renderforest.

Renderforest assists you in telling your narrative by providing easy pre-made whiteboard animation films for a variety of circumstances. It is also a free whiteboard animation tool with a trial version. It provides a large inventory of animated objects and toolkits for creating films on a variety of concepts and topics.

You gain access to 50,000 distinct scenes to help you get started with video editing quickly. You may customize your films with a wide choice of unique logos, text, pictures, and color palettes. It also has a big music collection that you can use as background sounds.

Renderforest also generates short movies for intro or logos, such as YouTube intro, 3D-logo, and basic logos.

Key Features:

  • The free version generates films of up to one minute in length and includes all of the necessary capabilities.
  • Make an explainer of liveliness in three simple tasks.
  • Create a scene, load presets, and enter your material. Renderforest will handle the rest. It will create a great explanation video for you automatically.
  • Renderforest has many layouts to assist you with making a video logo for your business. Simply choose a template and insert your company’s name and tagline. Voila! A new logo has been created. In addition, you may personalize your logo.


  • The GUI is quite simple and self-explanatory.
  • A wide range of templates and toolkits are available.
  • Pricing and storage alternatives that are competitive
  • Commercial music is available for usage.


  • “Pay per Product” pricing for a single video is incredibly costly, thereby favoring subscription only, which isn’t a smart approach to drive growth.
  • A better method of visualizing the finished work on various devices and sizes might be developed.


Renderforest gives four paid plans:

  • Amateur Subscription: $59 monthly
  • Pro Subscription: $89 per monthly
  • Business Subscription: $119 monthly
  • Enterprise Subscription: $299 monthly

There is one freeware option that allows you to produce films of up to 3 minutes in length.

8. Animaker.

With a couple of snaps, Animaker permits you to deliver lovely whiteboard movement films. Live Action videos may be readily created in a matter of minutes. Broad looks for recordings, auto lip-sync, angle settings, and substantially more are among its most remarkable video creation abilities.

Animaker also has a vast stock image and video collection with over 100 million images and films. Besides, you have the choice of choosing from north of 1000 layouts. There is a layout for each event and need.

Key Features:

  • It empowers you to alter and transfer recordings in 4K video quality.
  • You may consequently resize the video for various person-to-person communication organizations like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.
  • You can likewise make GIFs and sort recordings right away by adding custom text, foundation, video, text dimension, and tones.


  • The live video altering choice permits you to see each of the progressions as they occur progressively.
  • With over 15 face traits, 20 facial emotions, and 10 accessory slots, you may create fascinating and intriguing characters.
  • With auto lip-sync, you might hear your characters talking in your voice.
  • With a solitary snap, the ‘Brilliant Move’ capability performs the convoluted movement.
  • Connect different animations and quickly modify the emotions.
  • Make the video look more expert by utilizing screen impacts, camera impacts, soundtracks, and top-notch changes.


  • Unless one pays up for the more costly subscriptions, the video quality is subpar.
  • The program is built on FLASH technology, which is rapidly becoming outdated. By default, all new web browsers start with FLASH disabled.
  • Animaker uses a flash player, which makes it extremely sluggish and inconvenient to use.


Animaker offers three options.

  • Free Subscription: $0
  • Starter Subscription: $19 per month billed yearly
  • Pro Subscription: $39 per month billed yearly

The free arrangement just allows you to download recordings with watermarks. In this way, paid plans are better for proficient use.

9. FilmoraPro.

FilmoraPro is a great video editor for creating whiteboard animation films. IIt has an instinctive UI and proficient abilities like variety rectification and a sound blender. It also supports 4k/HD, 2D/3D animations, and keyframes for smooth animation.

You may rapidly delete the video’s experience clamor and supplant it with your top-notch sound document. Its acoustic abilities don’t stop there. You may likewise utilize Audio Compression, Noise Reduction, and Audio Transitions to deal with the sound effects.

You may quickly attach text or images to moving locations in a movie using Filmora Pro. You may also create your own animations or utilize pre-made motion templates. In the event that you’re not content with the movements, take a stab at changing the term and speed of the liveliness to get faultless sync. You may also include realistic zoom or camera motions in your movie.

Key Features:

  • It has an auto-correction feature, which assists you in achieving ideal color settings for any image or video clip.
  • Review Changes feature enables you to validate changes and give your film a more uniform and appealing appearance.
  • The masking feature enables you to conceal sections or features of your video clip using custom shapes or defaults.


  • Text may be easily edited or animated.
  • To alter your video in different ways, utilize the ‘Contort’ and ‘Twist’ capabilities.
  • Effectively change shadows, features, and mid tones to further develop picture and video quality.
  • It has pre-programmed transitions.
  • The automated stabilization function produces extremely stable movies.
  • The underlying screen recorder permits you to catch video straightforwardly from your PC.


  • The cancellation policy is atrocious.
  • Without further subscriptions, prominent features are absent.
  • Simple screen capture features that free products currently outperform.


The annual fee is $90. A lifetime license is also available for $150.

10. Explaindio.

Explaindio is a drag-and-drop movie maker that makes it simple to produce whiteboard animation films. It also makes full-motion films, explanation videos, doodles, and other animations. It also includes desktop applications for Mac and Windows, allowing you to produce films offline. It also allows you to produce, process, and export an endless amount of videos.

Explaindio offers numerous animations and over 180 pre-made text animations to let you build unique animations. To make more interesting videos, you also receive 300 typeface selections and over 200 animated scenes.

Key Features:

  • Integrating with Pixabay gives you access to thousands of free stock pictures. These photos may be edited and mixed into your video.
  • It includes six animated characters to let you simply tell stories.
  • With comprehensive multi-timeline editing, you may edit your films at a quicker


  • It includes transitions and keyframe animations.
  • There is no requirement for coding or specialized information.
  • North of 140 pre-made films and photographs, as well as more than 800 doodle liveliness and photos.
  • Model modification and 3D animation may help you produce more compelling films.
  • Animate many objects at the same time.
  • With over 100 full HD backdrop films, you may make richer videos.


  • Few tutorials and FAQ resources are available only for paid users. These assets are simply accessible to the individuals who have bought the product.
  • Just a 14-day time for testing rather than a 30 days time for testing.
  • The instructional exercises are all unlisted and, in this manner, unsearchable on YouTube.
  • Every one of the instructional exercise recordings is recorded on a solitary page which requires everlastingly looking over and there is no file.
  • On top of it, the ads for different projects make the generally extended page particularly jumbled.
  • Its point of interaction is packed and layered, with significant instruments taking cover behind others.
  • Programming doesn’t offer similar cost adaptability as other programming of a similar kind.


It offers three priced programs based on payment frequency:

  • Monthly Subscription: $37 per month
  • Annual Subscription: $67 per year
  • One-time Subscription: $497

There is also a 2-week money-back guarantee.

11. MySimpleShow.

Another good whiteboard animation program for creating quick and easy whiteboard films is MySimpleShow. In a few simple steps, it can produce a high-quality video. All you must do is:

  • Pick a format
  • Create the ideal script.
  • Create a storyboard to represent the video.
  • Finish the video by adding speed and narration.
  • Finally, import and distribute the video as desired.
  • You may save the finished film to your PC or directly to your YouTube channel.

Based on the template you select, it suggests the best storyline and illustrates it with relevant images. And if you are not pleased with the output, its Explorer Engine proposes other possibilities to assist you to make a flawless video.

Key Features:

  • If you don’t have a voiceover, MySimpleShow can help. Its text-to-speech motor creates a great voiceover from your text in no time.
  • Preview generates a video preview at any point in the timeline. Examine your video after each action; you may always return to editing if the result does not meet your expectations.
  • MySimpleShow provides hundreds of free illustrations. Even if you can’t locate what you’re looking for, you may import files and quickly use them in your films.


  • Start using its 16 video templates for personal, business, and instructional applications right away.
  • It provides relevant examples and suggestions for writing a good video script.
  • Transfer your logo or expression to add further personalization.
  • It provides a specialized collection of pictures, sounds, and visuals for the creation of compelling whiteboard animation films.
  • As a feature of its preliminary pack, it likewise permits you to deliver a video for nothing.
  • A guided procedure is provided, which is useful for novices.


  • Because the service is still in its early stages, the quantity of narratives is restricted.
  • mysimpleshow does not have as many animated characters as other presentation platforms on the market.
  • Many critical elements of the program are disabled if you are not utilizing a professional package, resulting in an output that is not always as excellent as intended.


MySimpleShow offers three paid options:

  • Business Subscription: $129 per month
  • Pro Subscription: $499 per month
  • Enterprise Subscription: Custom-based pricing

It also offers a freeware plan with restricted functionality.

12. Camtasia.

Camtasia is a popular screen recording program that includes pre-made animation templates. Pick a layout or record your work area screen, then add an impact and you’re all set. It is best suited to people who wish to share instructional and “how-to” videos.

You might make the superior grade, proficient movies by just relocating these highlights. You may also select music and background effects from its enormous royalty-free music collection. Furthermore, it allows you to effortlessly record and modify your own sound clips.

Key Features:

  • Camera Effects feature adds camera effects to your screen recordings easily, such as zooming in and out and pan motion.
  • Make tests to encourage your students to give extra consideration to your recordings to make your recordings really captivating.
  • Different Effects permits you to alter your film by moving text, impacts, changes, and liveliness.


  • Download an MP4 document, or transfer your video directly to YouTube, Screencast, Vimeo, or your own site.
  • Changes among slides and scenes ought to be incorporated.
  • You can rapidly record and adjust your voiceover.
  • Before exporting the final file, use preview playback to keep track of all the changes.
  • It has excellent audio effects and annotations.


  • When compared to competing apps, Camtasia has far more crashes and glitches.
  • Camtasia is designed for novices, therefore complex adjustments are not possible.
  • Moving and animating objects in Camtasia is a tricky process. This is because of Camtasia’s absence of keyframe following abilities.
  • This hasn’t occurred in all renditions, yet a few clients disapprove of Camtasia video encoding and sending out.


Camtasia costs $249 for a perpetual license. Each upgrade to the most recent Camtasia version is $99.50. It also offers a free 30-day trial.

13. Easy Sketch Pro.

Easy Drawing Pro is a doodle creation application that allows you to quickly produce outstanding sketch films. Just transfer a video, and the program will naturally make a sketch of the initial scene. It improves on the change from sketch to completed video.

 You may also specify how long the sketch video should play before transitioning into the video you provide. You can make whiteboard drawing films in three easy steps:

  • Create the sketch video using its drag-and-drop builder.
  • Import your own movie or utilize the hundreds of thousands of pictures provided by Easy Sketch Pro to create your film.
  • Click “Build” to add it to your system.
  • Over 50 pens, brushes, chalk, and crayons allow you to make the film you desire.

Aside from that, ‘Easy Sketch’ allows you to add your own voice-over or soundtrack to the animated or published video. You will also get access to a large collection of already recorded songs. You may even add dynamic text using the drag-and-drop functionality for even more customization.

Key Features:

  • If you don’t want to start from scratch, it provides the professional canvas for live sketch films.
  • Sketch Customization highlight incorporates more than 50 brushes, pens, colored pencils, and chalks to match the requests of your advertising effort.
  • It provides hundreds of royalty-free photos to obtain the desired personalization and creative flair.


  • You can easily export your video to MP4 format.
  • The program can be installed on an endless number of systems.
  • It is a cost-effective choice due to the one-time payment mechanism.
  • Import and easily add your own logo, photos, video, or audio.
  • It is viable with both Mac and Windows PCs.


  • It’s difficult to understand how this program works without purchasing it. There is no trial version, nor is there any method for a user to try it.
  • There is no cloud-based version.
  • This whiteboard animation program has no customer support. Even with the most recent version, the only option is to email.


 Easy Sketch Pro has three paid options:

  • Starter Subscription: $37 (one-time)
  • Business Subscription: $67 (one-time)
  • Business Pro Subscription: $97 (one-time)

The Easy Sketch Pro logo is included with the Starter package. As a result, if you want to utilize films professionally, you should consider purchasing either the Business or Business Pro subscription. In addition, the Business Pro package includes over 12,000 quality photos and soundtracks ($360 value).

14. Adobe Animate CC.

Adobe Animate CC enables animators to create whiteboard animation using a variety of animation techniques. You can simply bring banner advertising and animated characters to life using Adobe Animate CC. It likewise permits you to distribute the film on an assortment of web stages, like HTML5 Canvas, Flash/Adobe AIR, WebGL, and custom stages like SVG.

Your animated movies may now be shared as augmented reality (AR) experiences. Adobe Fresco live brushes may be used to create animated figures that move, talk, and blink. What’s more, immediately post them via web-based entertainment with a solitary snap.

Key Features:

  • Compose animation with pre-made components from a simple asset panel. This would aid in the creation of videos at a faster rate.
  •  With a much simpler Layer Parenting tool, you can easily edit and customize animated figures.
  • Automatically add keyframes. It also makes it simple to transition to video scene production.


  • You may effortlessly share your movements on Twitter, Facebook, and other virtual entertainment stages.
  • Create a step-by-step lesson video with easy instructions.
  • Create a 2D vector character animation, adjust its movement, and distribute it in a variety of formats.
  • Adobe Stock photographs and recordings can be imported.
  • ‘Resource Warp’ might be utilized to alter crude vector shapes and characters
  • Video should be optimized for different resolutions and sizes.


  • Apple devices, which have a large customer base, also do not work with Adobe Animate videos.
  • Its battery utilization for cell phones is terrible, and it is probably not going to be tended to on the grounds that HTML5 will supplant it in a year.
  • The number of Flash updates we need to provide is crazy.
  • The application’s security appears to be questionable.


Adobe Animate CC has two price levels based on payment frequency:

  • Annual Subscription: $19.99 per month
  • Monthly Subscription: $29.99 per month

15. Doodly.

Doodly is a drag-and-drop doodle movie maker that can produce whiteboard films in under a minute. It makes videos for social media marketing, sales, and other events. Simply drag a picture of your choice to the canvas, and Doodly will generate a doodle of that image for you.

Furthermore, the ‘SmartDraw’ technology generates bespoke draw pathways using point-and-click. That is, you may draw and submit whatever image you desire. You may also select from a wide variety of hand kinds, including male and female possibilities in a variety of sizes, races, and colors.

You might try to record a custom voiceover progressively and sync it with your doodle film with a straightforward snap. On the off chance that you don’t find it appropriate for your necessities, you might get your cash back in 30 days or less. Doodly is fitting for:

  • YouTube advertisers
  • Instructing and preparing
  • Facebook publicizing
  • Deals recordings (VSLs)
  • And more

Key Features:

  • It has a large library of hand-drawn doodle graphics. There are additional 20 background scenes and 200 characters.
  • Doodly functions admirably on both Mac and Windows. You may likewise introduce it however many gadgets you like.
  • Doodly permits you to trade your video cut in various goals going from 480p to 1080p. It likewise permits you to pick your own goals.


  • Before downloading the final file, you may choose the file size (24-60 fps) and video quality.
  • It provides free software updates indefinitely.
  • If you don’t like the software, you may get your money back within 30 days.
  • It provides royalty-free audio tracks that you can quickly incorporate into a film using the drag-and-drop feature.
  • Each of the 200 characters comes with 20 different stances.
  • Simply input appropriate photographs to create professional doodles.


  • For this price and for all Doodly allows you to do with doodle videos, I can’t think of anything I dislike.
  • The most significant drawback of this program needs to be complete customization. There are several components of the existing imagery/stencils that you cannot change.
  • When it comes to learning how to make films, there is a bit of a learning curve in terms of how all of the pieces work together.
  • There is no option for 3D drawings to enhance video.


 You have two price options:

  • Standard Annual Subscription: $240
  • Enterprise Annual Subscription: $480

16. PowToon.

PowToon is a visual specialized device that permits you to rapidly and basically make proficient whiteboard liveliness films. It has a big video template portfolio for a variety of genres such as marketing, training, sales, HR, and education.

Furthermore, it works with the renowned picture editor Adobe Photoshop CC to immediately convert your static PSDs into animated films. All of the Artboards may also be exported to PowToon. Not only that but PowToon graphics can be edited in Photoshop.

You may either export the movie in MP4 format or instantly publish it on Facebook, YouTube, or Vimeo. Besides, add aspects to your creation by utilizing customized photographs, eminence-free music, HD films, and portrayal.

Key Features:

  • PowToon Labs has a huge collection of learning resources, such as eBooks, infographics, tutorials, webinars, podcasts, and blogs.
  • Team Cooperation can be used for a simple collaboration, using shared media libraries while adhering to branding and creative requirements.
  • CMS Integration – PowToon integrates with your CMS to allow you to publish, embed, attach, and save your creatives or movies.


  • It provides 24/7 customer service with a response time of less than one hour from any location.
  • It offers 100 GB of distributed storage per client.
  • Permanently delete any data, video, or file.
  • You will have complete third-party selling rights.
  • Directly upload mobile and social media-optimized videos to Facebook Ads Manager, HubSpot, Instagram, and YouTube accounts.
  • Reuse movies and formats effectively to make new recordings at a faster rate.


  • There is just one timeline to modify, which makes it difficult to pick things at times.
  • Animations are limited to 12 seconds. More exact time measurements are sometimes required.
  • Although there are several actions that may be assigned to a character, it is nearly hard to build a unique action within the application.
  • The price difference between packages may be fairly substantial; the pro version is far too restrictive in comparison to the pro+ version.
  • When you post a video, it enters revision mode, and your modifying choices are severely limited.


PowToon has three price options:

  • Pro Subscription: $19 per month
  • Pro Plus Subscription: $39 per month
  • Agency Subscription: $99 per month

The Pro plan allows you to export only 5 videos each month, but the other paid plans allow you to export an unlimited number of professional films.

17. TruScribe

TruScribe’s software incorporates neuroscience theory to increase viewer attention, retention, and comprehension. It employs the symbology approach, a traditional way of generating a whiteboard explanation film. With this program, you have the choice of making a hand-drawn customized film.

Key Features:

  • Allows you to tweak films even after the design is finished.
  • Provide clear voiceovers for your videos.
  • You can choose a different background picture and texture.
  • Options for flawless and clear voice recording
  • Select one of the five high-contrast color schemes.
  • There are special themes available for many sectors.


  • Calligraphy effect animation on a whiteboard
  • A collection of customizable props for use in visual storytelling.
  • Simple and quick
  • Consistent participation


  • The template library could be more comprehensive, and it should be updated on a regular basis.
  • Customer assistance should be more responsive.
  • When images are imported from a third-party program, they frequently get pixelated.

18. VideoMakerFX

VideoMakerFX is another program that may help you make visually beautiful whiteboard animation films with little time and effort. This utility has 250 animated slides on 35 different themes. For example, if you want to make a sales video for your landing page, you should definitely include VideoMakerFX on your list. You may use this program to generate small-sized videos that will not use your memory.

This program enables you to animate any element using bespoke animations with minimal time and effort. It gives complete help to guarantee that clients benefit from the item. This program costs roughly $37 and is luckily a one-time purchase. So, if you want to go for smooth animation, VideomakerFX is a choice.

Key Features:

  • Camera movements are dynamic and cinematic.
  • Custom animations and motion presets
  • Timeline editor with drag and drop


  • Creator of doodle sketches
  • 28+ 2D and 3D animated characters
  • Video exports are unlimited.
  • Creator of text-to-speech in many languages
  • Green screen technology is used to edit footage.


  • Longer videos require more time to render.
  • Not suitable for complex video editing
  • Customer service replies are limited.


In addition to a free plan for both Windows and Mac, VideoMakerFX offers a yearly Commercial License for $67.

19. TTS Sketch Maker

TTS Sketch Maker is another excellent whiteboard animation software program that is well-known for text-to-speech and visually beautiful films. For example, if you are a digital marketer with no expertise in generating animated explainer films, you may simply generate excellent animated movies with this program. This program is not just for digital marketers; anybody can use it to express their talent through animated films.

This tool’s capability is available on both MAC and Windows platforms. The finest thing is that you can acquire top-tier functions with this program that are lacking in others. If you utilize this program, you won’t have to spend as much money on hiring pros for voice over because it supports both male and female voice-overs.

Thus, if you don’t want any limitations when generating animated films, you may utilize this tool and choose a monthly or yearly membership plan.

Key Features:

  • 25 male and female text-to-speech voices
  • Realistic GUI that is easy to use
  • Several languages


  • It is compatible with both Mac and PC.
  • There are no limits on generated videos.
  • Ample training materials
  • Fill in the blanks with your own moving or static SVG pictures.
  • Transfer your music


  • Imaginative elements are restricted (textual styles, foundation pictures, and character styles)
  • The permit is just substantial for one client on one machine.


TTS Sketch Maker has a single-price plan.

It is a one-time installment of $97 and accompanies a 30-day, 100 percent unconditional promise. Discounts are handled rapidly and without risk.

20. Toonly

Toonly is a whiteboard animation software that is cloud-based and enables for collaborative and creative advertising videos. It’s perfect for large groups who need to collaborate to produce polished, professional-looking animations.

Key Features:

  • 100+ voice-over actors
  • 1.3 million pieces of free media
  • Various video styles
  • Direct video conveyance to major facilitating destinations


  • Programmed captions and shut subtitling are accessible in various significant dialects.
  • Videos may be made in square, vertical, or horizontal formats.
  • Record screen or webcam movies and incorporate them into animations.


  • Plans that are free Only two-minute videos are permitted.
  • Upload timings are slow.
  • Limited pre-made video templates and visuals


Toonly’s free plan includes several features as well as the option to try out premium ones. There are two paying options available that provide access to lengthier films and more comprehensive features.

Pro Subscription: $49 monthly

Max Subscription: $99 monthly

21. Biteable

The final piece of software on the list is Biteable. It boasts an easy-to-use user interface and takes minimal training to use its strong capabilities to make movies for training, social media, business, or personal usage.

You might start by choosing from its formats and music, and afterward add your customized messages, photographs, and symbols on a case-by-case basis while quickening your whiteboard film.

Key Features:

  • Select a video style from the templates.
  • Fill up the blanks with your own text, photos, and colors.
  • Simple drag-and-drop interface
  • Select a soundtrack for your video.
  • You may distribute the completed work in any way you desire.


  • Collection of templates, sceneries, and animation. The scenery and layouts are simple to change.
  • When you begin a project, you are asked to select a few options to provide suggestions based on your profession, purpose, and video genre.
  • There is no need to download apk or other files because the program is safe and secure. The only sync required is for media file import and export.
  • An excellent option for quickly acquiring video editing abilities, especially for novices and inexperienced marketers looking for rapid video production.
  • Marketers and graphic designers have confirmed that Biteable is a good buy. It is less expensive and more reasonable for enterprises on a tight budget.


  • The website is really sluggish. The website’s speed and seamless operation might be improved. A long video clip takes more than 30 minutes to export.
  • Editing or changing elements in a niche-focused pre-designed template is limited.
  • The exported videos are provided by the email link, with no download option.


Biteable offers its users two options: free and paid. Your free trial time is indefinite but has limits. You may use Biteable without providing any credit card information by completing a brief sign-up process. The free version includes watermarked video outputs.

There are two paid choices.

Plus Subscription: 19$ Monthly and 228$ Annually

Team Subscription: 49$ Monthly and 558$ Annually 

How to Make Whiteboard Animation Videos

There are explicit strategies that ought to be taken in the video-creating process, whether it is a whiteboard video or one more kind of liveliness.

Begin with a screenplay.

Each story, whether it’s a whiteboard movement or a common live video, ought to start with content. There are numerous magnificent distributions that deal encourage the most proficient method to compose an incredible video screenplay, however, every content ought to follow these means:

  • Create an issue outline.
  • Provide a solution.
  • Insert a call to action.

Prepare a sketch.

Draw a progression of critical scenes utilizing the content you laid out in the past step. Consider the storyboard to be a visual coordinator for your whiteboard movement. Many businesses and video makers appear to avoid utilizing storyboards, especially when employing ready-to-use content.

Making a storyboard, then again, ought to be important for your video creation process since it assists you with keeping coordinated, offers you an ability to stay on beat, and interfaces pictures and voices. It ought not to be intricate or extended. A harsh framework of how the plot will unfurl will get the job done.

Tell your tale.

Since whiteboards are more expressive than normal life or 2D/3D enlivened recordings, portrayal and music are basic to the video’s prosperity. Therefore, think about putting resources into proficient recording gear.

Animate using a Software

Pick a product of your decision, that will be utilized to make your whiteboard life. On the off chance that you’re getting everything rolling with liveliness, use something straightforward like Animatron. You can relocate pre-enlivened figures onto the material, add impacts and music, and you’re finished.

You may find lessons and useful guidelines on YouTube for a more complex approach.

Wrapping Up

Today’s market wants high-quality movies in a short amount of time. We cannot meet that demand by producing an explanatory film in a typical manner. Best whiteboard animation software assists you in meeting market demands by providing you with all of the essential tools and templates to produce whiteboard films in no time.

You may not locate the ideal program for your needs on the first try. That being said, after experimenting with some of the applications described above, you will find the perfect tool for your project.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding

Ans: Explainer videos and animation are popular and successful ways to interact with audiences. Whiteboard animation is a procedure in which you may make tales using graphics to convey a message. It will provide the impression that the viewers are looking at moving graphics on a whiteboard.

The actual price may vary depending on a variety of factors, such as the length of the video, the reputation of the animation business, the quality of the movie and voice-over, and so on. A one-minute whiteboard animation film from a professional animation business in the United States may cost between $800 and $1400.

Ans: For a 2-minute video, the complete procedure from start to finish might take 14-20 days.

To make the video, any respectable whiteboard animation business will go through the following steps:

  • Make up the narrative.
  • Illustrations toward the end
  • Background music and
  • Voice over Animation and export

Regardless of your industry or company size, you will require the power of Whiteboard animation to increase brand recognition.

Ans: According to me, there are four best software for whiteboard animation options accessible right now. These choices provide you with the means to create stunning whiteboard animations.

  • DoodleMaker
  • Doodly
  • VideoScribe
  • Animatron Studio
  • MySimpleShow

Ans: RenderForest is the best free whiteboard animation software, according to me. If you want to make a whiteboard animation but don’t want to spend a lot of money, check out the software listed below. While most free software is severely limited, such as the addition of watermarks and recording duration restrictions, it is sufficient to get you started.

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