Nowadays, Video Animation software plays a crucial role in a kid’s life. Children are very smart and have impressive imaginations. So, it is the responsibility of parents to encourage and develop this talent. One way to do so is by introducing animation software designed for kids. It offers a variety of options specifically tailored to their needs.

Animation software with user-friendly interfaces has made it easy for kids. It develops their drawing and storytelling skills while having fun. These apps can also help children learn discipline, hard work, and perseverance.

Are you Looking for free video animation software for kids? We’ve got you covered! This article presents a list of the top-rated animation software for children. It explores their creativity in animation and will help unleash their inner animator.

List of Top 10 Free Animation Software for Kids in 2024

This list has 2D and 3D free animation software for kids that is interactive and easy to use.

1. Synfig Studio

Synfig is the free and best animation software for kids that kids can use to learn 2D animation. It has advanced controls for creating high-quality animations quickly. There are both versions available such as free or paid. 

The free version of this software includes experimental features.

Synfig Studio Features

  • Kids can utilize multiple layers in animations.
  • You can use bone systems to cut out animations for bitmap images.
  • You can enhance animation videos by adding voiceover or music. There is also a Vector tweening feature, which allows one to transform vector shapes into another. 
  • It offers over 50 layers and filters to produce intricate animations.
  • The animation software has an automatic friction effect to enhance output. 
  • It is available on different operating systems like Windows or Mac.
  • It offers advanced controls for layer parameters.

Synfig Studio Benefits: 

  • This Mac animation software for kids is free and open-source, which provides advanced animation tools.
  • It is suitable for beginners and specialized animators. 
  • Free video tutorials are also available for a deeper understanding of the software.

Synfig Studio Pricing: Free to use.

2. Powtoon

Powtoon is a 3d animation software for kids that is easier to utilize. It is an outstanding choice for learners to create projects. This software also supplies premade scenes and numerous effects. 

It is the best free animation software for beginners that allows users to make the most attractive videos. It is ideal for making video productions and animations.

Powtoon Features

  • The software’s knowledge base makes it more comfortable to learn. 
  • You can operate a webcam and screen recording to show videos.
  • Powtoon has a user-friendly interface.
  • It includes templates.
  • It has several animated textures and graphics.
  • It has the capacity to import or export data. 
  • It is appropriate for kids to utilize.

Powtoon Benefits

  • It is an easy-to-use graphic design tool.
  • It is advantageous for novices and kids. 
  • It comes with diverse built-in graphics. It also permits up-to-date character customization.

Pricing: The cost of software initiates at $20 monthly, and it charges per annum.

3. Blender

Blender is a free and open-source 3D animation software for kids. It is excellent for both novices and specialists. It is great for kids who are curious about 3D animation. It can utilize by both children and specialists due to its advanced features.


  • This software includes 3D modeling, rendering, and texture tools.
  • Blender has HDR lighting and VR rendering capabilities.
  • This software is cross-platform and is frequently updated with advanced features.
  • Online support and tutorials are available to aid beginners. 

Blender Benefits

Blender is a free software with the latest animation and characteristics. It is ideal for both professionals and newbies.

Pricing: It is a free animation software that is great for children.

4. Autodesk Maya

It’s a powerful 3D animation software that’s easy to use for modeling and simulation. Users can create realistic and natural characters, and its comprehensive package and models make it an outstanding choice.

Autodesk Maya Features:

  • This software helps to simulate specific scenarios and creates 3D models utilizing geometric curves.
  • It also permits for visual editing of animation curves.
  • It can utilize native tools.
  • Utilise Arnold renderer to update scenes.

Autodesk Maya Benefits:

This tool offers professional-grade 3D animation, which includes visual effects characteristics with a user-friendly interface. It can handle complex words, characters, and workflows. It has the capacity for more rapid iteration.

Pricing: Its subscription plan begins at $225 monthly, while its Flex plan begins at a minimum of $300 and a maximum of $1500. So it depends on the chosen option.

5. Animatron

Animatron is 3D animation software for kids that teaches them various forms of animation easily. It’s also free and easy to utilize. Animatron offers a user-friendly and effective drag-and-drop interface. The tool also has a light mode.

This software is user-friendly for adults and children. It permits them to animate objects and tell stories.

Animatron Features:

  • This tool is ideal for all types of ages.
  • Kids who are 8 to 9 years old can utilize this tool.
  • The software is accessible from any platform.
  • The software is intended for children and is available for free.
  • The tool delivers real-time cooperation.

Animatron Benefits:

  • It has advanced customization options available for pre-animated objects. Users can download their designs in numerous formats easily.

Pricing: Animatron offers a free “Lite Mode” with basic features. Its paid plans begin at $30 per month and are billed annually.

6. Pencil 2D

Pencil 2D is an open-source animation software that is appropriate for children. It is free and user-friendly to produce their own animations effectively.

Pencil 2D Features:

  • The animation software has a straightforward design. Users can switch between raster and vector animation easily.
  • This 2d animation software for kids is cross-platform software. It offers multiple export formats such as GIF, AVI, and WEBM.

Pencil 2D Benefits

  • The software is free and can be utilized on any operating system. 
  • Pencil 2D has a simple editor for creating hand-drawn animations.

Pricing: It is free of charge.

7. Opentoonz

Opentoonz is free and customizable software. It is ideal for introducing kids to 2D animation. It can be utilized by both youngsters and children. It is a versatile option for any age group.

This animation software free and is used for various animation projects. For example, amateur and professional production, commercial use, and school education.

Opentoonz Features:

  • The software includes a GTS scanning tool.
  • It produces light distortion effects.
  • It is compatible with four image scanning types coloured, white, black, without and with binarization.
  • The software tool is compatible with both Windows and macOS.
  • It offers the user the capability to modify picture styles.
  • You can use lighting effects.

Opentoonz Benefits:

  • The tool is open-source and free for all types of projects.

Pricing: This software is free.

8. Adobe Character Animator

It is animation software for kids that allows users to create live animations of 2D characters using motion capture. For instance, You can create and animate a character in Character Animator by importing it from Photoshop.

Adobe Character Animator Features:

  • It can capture motion in real-time. Also, It can track facial movements automatically.
  • Characters can be downloaded from Creative Cloud Market.
  • It is possible to integrate with Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • Move the character’s limbs with the mouse.
  • The timeline panel is designed to record and edit scenes. 

Adobe Character Animator Benefits: 

  • The software also offers a variety of import and export options for convenience.
  • Facial tracking simplifies replicating real-life movements and expressions.

Price: $52.99/month in Creative Cloud All-Apps Plan.

9. Visme

Visme is an online design tool that allows users to create various types of visuals. The platform offers interactivity features to help users make eye-catching designs.

Visme Features

  • Visme has a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor.
  • It contains thousands of animated templates and customizable assets.

Visme Benefits

  • The design tool is praised for its animation and interactivity features. It is suitable for both non-designers and designers. 

Price: Free plan available. Paid plans start at $12.25/month per user (billed annually).

10. Moho Animation Software

Moho Pro is a high-end software for 2D vector animation. It is suitable for both novice and experienced animators. 

Moho Animation Software Features

  • The software offers language support for six languages.
  • It has a large content library of characters and backgrounds.
  • It contains vector drawing tools and a rigging system for easy 2D puppet animation creation.

Moho Animation Software Benefits

  • Moho is a versatile software with many features and resources available to help users. 
  • It supports file import and can be integrated with Adobe Photoshop.

Price: Moho Debut costs $59.99, while Moho Pro is priced at $399.99.

Choose the Best Animation Software for Kids

Choosing the right animation software can be difficult, especially for beginners. Above mentioned, information provides guidance on selecting an affordable option that can meet your needs.

Visme is recommended for beginners who want to create animated content for marketing. It offers a range of animation options.  

The drag-and-drop editor is user-friendly and accessible through a web browser. Visme is a beginner-friendly platform for creating professional animations. So why wait? Try it today!


We understand that finding the right animation software for kids can be a daunting task. However, we have compiled a comprehensive list above to assist you in making the best selection. With any of the aforementioned software, your children will be able to dive into the captivating world of animation. So Using animation tools can improve kids’ technical skills and problem-solving abilities.

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