In today’s transformational business environment, it is very essential to acquire and retain customers. Out of numerous business strategy tools being introduced in the technological world, the CRM (customer relationship management) system has become a critical element for your business.

Are you searching for a good CRM solution for your business? We are going to walk you through the best CRM software in the market that grows your business in an impeccable way.

Apptivo is one of the top picks among the CRM software available. Don’t settle for just good to go software, when Apptivo has the best to offer.  

What is Apptivo CRM Software?

Apptivo is a cloud-based suite of integrated applications that is designed to cater to the needs of small, mid and large organizational needs. Apptivo is a user friendly, feature-packed and the world’s first-ever affordable CRM available in the market today.

Who can use Apptivo CRM?

Apptivo CRM is an outstanding solution for budget-conscious but ambitious small and medium business owners. The free version plan helps people to get started with CRM. But if you are going to fuel up your business growth, you need to sign up for a paid plan, and there are various affordable pricing options available to choose from apptivo. Apptivo CRM will suggest features and apps that will suit your business perfectly. Apptivo CRM helps optimize your business and will scale as your business grows.

Businesses of any industry type irrespective of their size can use ApptivoCRM to effectively manage their business operations. Apptivo CRM lets you leverage the data to tackle the day-to-day activities seamlessly and helps maximize the ROI of the firm.

Apptivo CRM Software Review

 What are the Core features of Apptivo CRM Software?

Apptivo features 65+ integrated apps tailored to meet the organizational goals and objectives, regardless of size and type. 

MARKETING & SALES: Apptivo helps create a list of targeted contacts, builds & delivers email marketing campaigns and monitors analytical data. Apptivo CRM is the complete CRM software capability that assists in sales operations with robust automation, contact management data, sales funnel & pipeline and generates effective reports.

LEADS, CONTACTS & CUSTOMERS: Apptivo lets you manage the contacts and customer data, everything in one centralized platform.

TASKS & APPOINTMENTS: With apptivo, you can create schedules & appointments, events, reminders and meetings that will reflect in your collaborative dashboard.

DATA MIGRATION: Apptivo lets you migrate data from your excel or from other CRMs. You can easily import leads, contacts and other information from CSV files.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Apptivo assists in creating a collaborative workspace to track, plan and deliver the projects just in time. You can easily monitor the project performance easily with Gantt charts and milestones.

CASES: Apptivo lets you manage, assign and resolve cases according to the Service level agreements. You can monitor and follow up with the open and closed tickets of customers.

SALES PIPELINE: Apptivo sales pipeline lets you identify the opportunities in the sales funnel stages. You can monitor the sales pipeline and close deals with minimal time and effort.

MARKETING CAMPAIGN: You can now launch targeted campaigns. Also, track and measure the effectiveness of the campaign performance. This will help the marketers to strategise the campaigns that work best with the customers.

EMAIL: With apptivo in place, you can easily send and receive emails, various options available to send bulk emails and you create your own custom email templates.

HELP DESK: Apptivo offers an excellent ticketing system that collects interactions from different platforms.

QUOTES and BILLING: You can build professional quotes and send them across to your customer via email with integrated billing and recurring invoice applications.

ORDER MANAGEMENT: Apptivo can turn quotes into orders, track inventory and shipments and send the bills to the customers.

PROCUREMENT and SUPPLY CHAIN: Apptivo lets you manage your vendors, track the purchase orders & invoicing and manage inventory.

Integrations of Apptivo Software

Integrations are vital for any CRM system. Businesses might use different standalone software and programs to get their job done. Apptivo extends a suite of products that are integrated to give you a collaborative work experience. Meanwhile, Apptivo has third party integrations such as G Suite, ring central, asterisk, slack, fuze, PayPal, Quickbooks, office 365 and much more to improve your productivity and functionality.

Apptivo CRM Customer Support Review:

No CRM vendor can match the customer support offered by apptivo. Apptivo CRM has a 24/7 helpline for all the customers and everyone can use phone calls, chatbots and email support to get their queries resolved. The platform also has a lot of posts and blogs explaining in detail about every single feature’s functionality.

Apptivo Pricing Review:

Apptivo CRM Software offers a featured-packed free trial version for 30 days, which is probably a good starting point for beginners. It includes almost all the must-have features, you can probably play around to see which apps work the best for your business needs and requirements. Apptivo undoubtedly is the most affordable CRM you will ever get with the right number of features which will do the right things for your business.

In general, Apptivo CRM offers 4 pricing plans which include lite, premium, ultimate and enterprise. Delve into the comparison table below to view more information on each plan.

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Pros and Cons of Apptivo Software


  • Simple, user-friendly and intuitive interface.
  • Assisted implementation and maintenance.
  • Affordable pricing plans.
  • Highly customizable options.
  • A ton of integrations to choose from.
  • Strong automation capabilities.
  • Superior customer support.
  • Solid email marketing features in bulk.
  • Reliable data security and data encryption.


  • You have innumerable customizing features and options which might be confusing sometimes.
  • Page loading is occasionally a bit slow.

Final Thoughts:

Apptivo CRM Software is a simple yet powerful CRM solution that is made for start-ups, small and midsize businesses, and large organizations. If you are new to CRM, you can easily customize the software based on your needs and preferences, Or if you’re already a CRMer, you will not be tired of the feature-packed software that enhances your business growth.

We hope that our Apptivo CRM review has made your choices clear. Apt for the right CRM software that will reduce your workload by half. Hop into for more details.

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