Are you in search of SEO methods that could quickly impact? Are you bored of the constant change in algorithms? Finding out SEO with no experience is similar to going on a fad diet. These diets promise quick results; however, most results never show up. Additionally, you shouldn’t be following the same methods for decades.

Most likely, these methods are obsolete by today. Also, it is a highly likely scenario that a new and trendy technique doesn’t produce results. What if we informed you that there are a variety of fashionable hacks that are effective? Keep studying to learn more about these secret SEO techniques that could bring about a significant change.

Make use of the Google Ads Platform.

Google Ads platform facilitates an auction of relevant keywords in exchange for exposure on the SERPs. However, the best part is that you don’t have to invest the money to purchase those keywords to discover and use their potential. There’s a method to determine which keywords perform exceptionally well in your niche.

Search for your main keyword on Google and browse through the sponsored links. Specific phrases and words will likely be repeated several times in the ads fragments. These are the most important keywords. You can now incorporate them into your content and watch it perform better than before.

Search for Long Tail Keywords from The Unconventional Sources

It is possible to believe that the only method to discover long-tail keywords is by using keyword generators or keyword research tools such as Google Keyword Planner. But, there are other methods to find popular long-tail terms directly through your search engines.

The first step is to enter your primary keyword or search phrase into the search field. There will be a variety of predictions for search results displayed. The predictions are based on standard organic search terms with the main keyword. They can be used in your article to drive traffic.

Another excellent place to search for long-tail keyword phrases is those Related Searches that you will discover at the bottom of SERPs. They also provide information on what people are looking for along similar lines.

Improve the performance of content that is not performing

One of the parameters that can affect the ranking of your organic pages on results of search engines includes your bounce rates and the extent to which it affects the average duration of your session. If users leave your website too soon due to poor quality content, your ranking in SERPs will be impacted.

Thus one of your primary objectives should be to find out the pages on your website that are not performing well. You can use tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console to determine the issues with the site and then optimize the page for organic traffic. Check back regularly to determine whether the changes resulted in success.

Create Backlinks Using Link Roundups and Resource Pages

Backlinks are among the most critical indicators that Google utilizes to determine the authority and trustworthiness of your site and your page. The more backlinks you’ve got more your website will rank. But, it isn’t easy to get backlinks, especially for those just beginning their journey.

The most effective method to get external links is via link roundups and resource pages. Link roundups function as content directories that link sites covering specific topics. They are frequently updated.

However, these pages are similar to record books that list the top content ever created within a specific category. If you can contact the person who runs the pages, it will not be difficult to persuade the person to add your website to their list of resources. Email search is a critical part of effective link building. The right tool can help you swiftly identify email addresses linked to any website. ContactOut is a great tool for this, as it verifies email addresses and helps you track whether the given address is active.

Optimize Your Website for Smartphones

Nowadays, most people use smartphones to browse the web than using laptops or computers. In the end, it’s the phone they carry around. Search engines do not operate similarly on smartphones as it does on a laptop computer. Smartphones have smaller screens and also smaller hardware.

So, smartphone users and users react differently on the same page as a computer would. Optimizing your website to be mobile-friendly is guaranteed to make your website work better. Your site should, at a minimum, be responsive and lightweight enough to load quickly on a smartphone.

Many webmasters develop different mobile versions of their sites to boost performance. Accelerated mobile pages, also known as AMPs, are preferred and more highly ranked on smartphones.

Benefit From Comment Wells

Comment wells can be extremely useful in bringing visibility to your blog content. However, a common mistake is to overlook their potential. They are usually used through two methods. The first one is pretty obvious. By looking through the comments on your blog post to find out what people are looking forward to from you.

If you can provide your viewers with relevant content on these areas, you’ll be able to ensure that they will return to your site.

Another way is to help to keep your content fresh and current for a longer time. When you’re active in the comment wells, you’ll be able to feature information in subtle inbound methods to a broader target audience.

Make use of your footer for SEO Also.

Once, people would include keywords in their footers to attempt to be more prominent in search results. The days of this are over, and Google discourages you from placing keywords like this on your website since it can decrease your search engine rank rather than improve them.

However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use your footer to perform SEO audit services. Don’t overfill the footer anchor text with keywords. Instead, make them more optimized using popular search terms, increasing your ranking in SERPs.

Repair damaged Links

We have already discussed the importance of backlinks for ranking websites higher in search engine results. It isn’t logical to get backlinks but lose them all at once. It is a problem that can be avoided by the basic SEO technique of fixing broken links.

Broken links occur when a user uses an outdated link to your site or page on their site or page. It can be caused by many reasons, such as the fact that you have updated your site’s content or website or page URL.

To prevent this from happening to avoid, make sure you keep checking your backlinks. If you discover broken links, you should contact the creator and ask them to correct the information according to current standards.


SEO is not a fixed-and-forget phenomenon. The web is constantly changing, and so is people’s online behavior. Making SEO successful means keeping up with these changes and ensuring your content is current. There are numerous regular practices of SEO that you’ll be adhering to in your content like everybody else.

However, the hacks mentioned above are among the most secretive secrets of the business. You can significantly profit from writing quality content and boosting your website’s performance, particularly if you plan to do things independently in your SEO.

In the final analysis, Google considers content to be the king. It is impossible to replace high-quality content. Whatever way you are at SEO, if the quality of the content is not good, visitors will not come to your site, and it will fail.

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