Unlike other SEO tools, Majestic is a slightly different tool to analyze your website SEO. Yes, this SEO tool is a powerful backlink SEO tool that provides the analytic data of backlinks from your competitor’s site and your website. Since SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Moz Pro are not much stronger for backlink analysis, the Majestic SEO tool favors you with that feature. 

Are you new to the usage of Majestic tools? Or want to know the secrets and advantages of this backlink SEO tool? No worries! You are at the right place to use this powerful SEO tool. 

Are you ready? Let’s get started!

What Is a Majestic SEO Tool?

The majestic tool is one of the best SEO tools to analyze the backlinks of both your competitor’s site and your website. With the backlink tool, build a successful link-building campaign to boost your ranking on search results. Majestic remains the backbone of lots of marketers to analyze their backlink quality that brings betterment to their site performance. 

SEO Backlink Checker & Link Building Toolset | Majestic.com

Though there are plenty of premium SEO tools to monitor your website backlink, the Majestic tool is the best one for tracking the backlinks with great link-building efforts. The Majestic tool also works with Buzzsumo, which is a great content tool including the majestic backlink data in it.

In this article, we are going to see how the Majestic tool remains a great investment for your website development.

Admiring Advantages

The Majestic SEO tool provides some of the unique data that the Moz tool does not provide. Those data are below for your reference:

  • Get your indexing backlink data from 2011.
  • With the Majestic tool, you can also get the fresh data of your indexing backlinks, i.e., within 19 days.
  • Handles huge requests and provides fast information.
  • The Majestic tool builds higher traffic from search engines with the right SEO tactics.
  • Analyze your competitor’s website completely and provide an opportunity to build those quality backlinks for your site. 
  • Get the backlink data including Citation flow (CF) and Trust Flow (TF) that tells you the quality of your backlinks.
  • Use the Majestic extension for firefox and chrome browsers. 
  • Provide a clear ranking factor for your website.

How Does A Majestic SEO Tool Work?

Majestic SEO is a user-friendly SEO tool where there are free and paid versions. Generally, free Majestic SEO is to just see the working of the tool. Create a login and start using the Majestic tool right away. Since the Majestic tool is not an all-in-one SEO tool, the installation process is much easier. 

The first step is to verify your domain and link it to Google Search Console. Why choose a verified domain? Because it has the benefit of allowing many reports. How to verify? There are two simple steps. One is to include a meta tag or add a text file to install the Majestic extension on your chrome and get the data for your site.

Top 7 Features Of Majestic SEO Tool

Majestic SEO tool has the best features that provide you with the tracking of your website success. What makes your website successful with organic traffic? The link-building strategy is the one that leads your site to the top ranks, and Majestic helps to monitor those backlinks to maintain the top ranks in the search results.

Here, we are going to see the unique features of Majestic SEO tools. Now, let us start with the Site Explorer. 

1. Site Explorer

Access the site explorer on the Majestic tool by entering your URL on the search bar of the Majestic’s home page. After hitting search, you will get the overall summary of your website’s backlink data. There are two important metrics that you need to focus on:

  • Trust Flow: It provides the data based on the trustworthiness of your website backlinks from authoritative sites.
  • Citation Flow: Know the authority of your website URL, provided based on the quantity and quality of the linking domains. The other name for CF is link juice.

Both provide the exclusive scores of your website backlink with the perfect information about the site. Gain your website ratio by combining both the Trust Flow and Citation Flow metric.

majestic seo tool Review

2. Bulk Backlink Checker

Have you used tools to extract your website backlinks before? If yes, you can upload all those data into the Majestic tool. While doing so, the Majestic SEO tool analyzes your backlinks and streamlines your link-building campaign with research in a single tool. No matter how many backlinks you built for your website, it provides the bulk backlink data.

With the Backlink checker, you can find and fix the broken links to make your site performance better. Identify your backlink quality and make your site better with the bulk backlink checker in the Majestic tool.

Majestic Bulk Backlink Checker

3. Compare Multiple Domains

Enabling the above feature helps to analyze multiple domains in comparison with your website and get the data on the Majestic tool with the bar graphs. Filter your top competitor’s site and see the difference between your site and the competitors. By the comparison of competitor domains, you will get the backlink history along with the link flow metrics.

While knowing about the backlink of your competitor’s site, you can reach success by attaining backlinks from the sites where your competitor’s site gets linked. 

4. Clique Hunter

When comparing multiple domains with your website, you will get the number of sites that get linked back to them. Clique Hunter is the additional feature in-built on the Majestic tool that provides the number of linking sites from your competitor domain.

So, Clique Hunter is a great feature to gain great link-building opportunities from your competitor site that helps to rank better on the search results. For instance, if one of your competitors got a backlink from the popular website Forbes, find a way to get the link from that site too. Become a contributor to that site by writing guest posts with high-quality websites that improve your website authority faster.

5. Search Explorer

The search explorer of the Majestic tool is equivalent to the search results of Google. When we use the keyword in Google’s searches, it shows the result of multiple websites related to the searches. Majestic also does the same work by using the proprietary algorithm. 

Enter the keyword on the search bar of the Majestic tool. After that, you will see the results of ranking sites in the order of higher to lower scores. The essential factor that provides the search score is the InAnchor metric which shows the top anchor text of a particular website that links to your site.

With that information, you can find the right keywords that create a quality backlink and drive organic traffic with a higher ranking. 

Majestic SEO Tool Search Explorer Review

6. Keyword Checker

Use the keyword checker tool to do research and analyze the keywords for your site. Finding the right keyword helps to optimize your site on the search results. The Keyword checker in the Majestic SEO tool qualifies your keywords with the search volume data on the Majestic search.

Get the data by providing the competitor domain or your website URL with the search volume. The higher the search volume for a keyword makes it difficult to rank your site on the top of the search results. So, it is better to choose the target keyword with a medium search volume.

7. URL Submitter

If you want your recently published content to index on search results within a few hours, then the URL submitter feature on the Majestic tool helps you in achieving it. The URL submitter is similar to Google’s “Suggest A Site” where you can index your page on Google search results. 

Though the URL submitter does not guarantee the crawling in Majestic tool but provides an option to submit your website pages that have not been crawled yet. With the data, search engines automatically crawl the crawled site and indexes search results. 

Who Is Necessary To Use Majestic Tool?

All the SEO professionals, link-building agencies, and site owners spend their most time investing in the SEO efforts. Majestics serves the best when combined with other SEO tools and fulfills the advanced SEO for your site. Majestic SEO tools are essential for businesses, marketers, or bloggers to attain success.

For instance, if you are a website owner and performing link building or guest post outreach, then the Majestic tool is a key to identifying the quality of your backlink. 

Pricing Of Majestic Tool

Just think the usages of SEO tools is an investment and know the performance of your website to make betterments. Compared to other SEO tools, the price of the Majestic tool is more reasonable. The lowest plan starts from $79 per month, which will be perfect for small businesses to gain success in their link-building campaign. 

For SEO specialists, it will be better if they choose the Pro package that starts at $149 per month where they can manage link-building campaigns for multiple sites.

Majestic SEO Pricing And Plans

Final Thoughts

Majestic SEO tool is the heart of backlink analysis that provides powerful link-building efforts to rank your site higher. Track your keywords, backlinks, and other SEO metrics with the Majestic tool and get a great positive change in your website performance. Use the Majestic tool and find the in-depth analytics of your website backlinks. 

If you are new to this Majestic tool, know the top features of the tool from the above article, and top rank your site more than your competitors. Majestic SEO remains a great tool and provides the full profile of your backlink sites.

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