As the world is moving towards progress. The people and the technology are the fundamental reason behind it. Without Social media, we feel a sense of being left out. Everything in and around us seems to be connected to technology.

We use it for various purposes, from keeping in contact to spending time bored. Virtual media is a blessing to us. Education has gotten much easier with it. With all these advantages, we all know that social media, up to some extent, has a lot of disadvantages.

We have become anti-social in trying to be active on social media. Every person is so dedicated to their phones. Had they been like this to any human, then humanity would have been our religion.

We all have become social media addicts; from the time we wake up to sleep, we scroll. Scroll what? That is unknown. The entire meaning of scrolling is time passing. We are so bored of staying in this colorful world.

To prove how this could be a blessing and a curse. Let’s focus on the discussion in the following way. 

Blessings of Social media

1) Share at ease and fast

It is the best area to share. Anything you do, get a picture of it or a video and share it. The world will know who you are within no time.

Some people use it to post their talents in dance, reading, writing, etc. This is the best.

People out there appreciate your talent. This helps in achieving a lot of success later on in life. Take social media advance level strategies from Incrementors.

2) Updates

Social media is a place to get a lot of information. Something happens, and within no time, it gets spread across and known to people.

Every news we get is via social media. The traditional media still does the needful. Newspapers on television still showcase news, but it takes time for authentication. But here, social media does it at a faster rate.

3) Education

It has made studying very easy. During the pandemic, the full effect of it on education was felt. Social media didn’t allow me to miss out on learning, even if covid was going on.

Every student got their bit of education through it. The online hence proved to be a more straightforward method to take classes.

Work from Working too made everyone feel safe and secure, apart from. School studies and social media provide a lot of extra information as well.

These educate and enlighten a student’s student is like a pot of gold, you get to pick how much ever you want.

4) Staying in touch or connection

The main reason for its origination was connectivity. The other fields didn’t feel the benefit, as did connectivity.

The people found it so easy to get in touch with their near and dear ones. With a text, a phone call, or a video call, people can get in touch quickly. 

These all kept far-off relationships in contact. The term missed you was lost after this system arrived.

Building and keeping up a relationship is much easier these days. And that happened only for social media.

5) Mental health solver

Most of us go through it, but we fear to accept it. These platforms show us ways to get it. The videos or pep talks become a reason for someone to live better.

There are many groups also on social media who come to help you. You can give them a call and talk or go meet them or mail them.

They do everything that could help resolve your issue.

Curses of Social Media

6) Lack of presence

The phone is the main priority. Without it, we get mad. Our emotions rush if we don’t find our phone as we get up.

That’s how we have consumed social media. If we go anywhere, whether that is a relative’s house or a friend’s place. Physically being present is essential so is mental. Mental just physically present ourselves. 

Mentally we are tapping on our phones. This affects relationships too. We are not present. This is a standard view these days. The sad part is there is a solution for this.

7) Addiction

Social media is becoming an addiction. And in the last few years where nothing mattered except our phones. We have gotten more attached to it. It rules our entire system.

Tonight, we are surrounded by it. Continuously we keep opening our phones. Whether that is for a purpose or not, we do it. It is so common.

And we don’t even understand we are doing it sometimes. When we blink our eyes, we least count how many times we did.

Social media addiction is like that. For better understanding, we know Incrementors is a freelance SEO specialist

8) Missing out on family

Without them, we are nothing. They help us grow. In the earlier days, the family was given more importance than anything.

The system is still relevant but in a few cases. Family time has now turned to dull income. We can talk to a friend for two hours, but we don’t talk to our parents. We feel a sense of boredom.

Their advice is old school and cannot be applied in this present scenario. This way, we miss out on our family time. We hardly connect or try to know them. We miss the critical moments.


The advantages and disadvantages of social media move at an equal pace. We get benefits, and we have to deal with consequences.

For instance, we connect on social media, but in reality, we become anti-social. Before, people used to go to each other’s houses. A house sitting up, visiting, and enjoying were very crucial earlier.

Every month they used to do that. But now that physical meetup has decreased. Now, if people want to meet up, the video call.

Talk for hours and feel content. Physical meetings are not necessary now. Virtual does most of the work. The cost of coming and going has been reduced.

Hence people feel it convenient to meet up on social media. And once in a while, we meet up in person. Social media works this way. We connect in patches Nowadays.

Shiv Gupta
Shiv Gupta

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Shiv Gupta is the Founder and Head of Growth at Incrementors. Incrementors is an Award-Winning Digital Marketing Agency that helps clients to grow their business online by generating more traffic, leads, and sales. Incrementors specializes in providing customized, tailored online marketing solutions highly specific to the needs of the clients.

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