AI video generator tools are the future of video creation. It is saving creators time and effort by automating the process. AI video generators simplify the video creation process. It allows for testing multiple ideas quickly. It’s significant to select the best one that fits your requirements. But with so many options available, it can be overwhelming.

I have tips for choosing the best ai video creator in 2024. Creating videos from home has become even easier with the use of AI writing software tools. It can generate a video in minutes. This practical solution eliminates the need to leave one’s home and only requires a few clicks to complete.

In this guide, I will introduce the best AI video generator tools and explain their benefits. It will soon be available to easily create engaging videos for personal or business use with just a few clicks.

What is an AI video generator?

AI video generators use artificial intelligence to create videos without human involvement. There are tools available to create both simple and professional videos. With the help of artificial intelligence, users can easily compile video clips and receive recommendations for music, effects, and transitions.    

AI video generators use artificial intelligence to create videos without the need for equipment or editing software. It allows users to produce professional-looking videos for free. AI-powered video creation tools make it easy to generate videos quickly and inexpensively.

By providing input, users can turn blog posts into videos in just a few minutes.  AI-powered video makers use artificial intelligence to produce and edit high-quality videos in the professional video industry.

Tools are available that can quickly and easily analyze data, detect keywords, transform the text into videos, and add effects and music, resulting in impressive videos created within minutes.

There are various tools available to create animation video in different formats and resolutions, including animated, demo, and product videos.

Things to know before selecting the best ai video generators

The popularity of ai video creator tools has increased due to the benefits of Artificial Intelligence. But choosing the right tool can be challenging. Below are the common features to consider when selecting a tool.

  • Use AI: AI video generator tools utilize Artificial Intelligence to create their content. These tools rely on AI technology to function effectively.
  • Create High-quality video: These tools create professional-looking videos with high-quality output ranging from 720p to 4,000p.
  • High Customisation: AI video generator tools are highly customizable and support various features such as text-to-video, whiteboard animation, text-to-audio, and speech-to-video. Users can create their own avatars or generate a faceless video based on preferences.
  • Easy to use: AI video creation tools are the latest trend in tech, offering intuitive interfaces and superior customer support for users looking to maximize their output.
  • Boost Productivity: AI video creation tools are becoming popular among early adopters. As they improve productivity and are cost-effective. These tools represent the future of video marketing and content production.
  • Reasonable Price: The AI video generator should be reasonably priced and affordable in relation to its features and benefits.
  • Customer Support: The AI video generator should have good customer support to assist users with their concerns or questions.
  • Performance: The free ai video generator must have good performance and reliability, with few technical problems or downtime.

Workings of an AI video generator

  1. AI video editors are trained by showing them examples and providing feedback on what is good or bad. As the machine learns, it improves itself based on the feedback given to become better than a human editor.
  2. An ai video creator tool can enhance videos with AR effects such as masks and filters using neural networks and computer vision to analyze the content.
  3. An AI subtitle generator can transcribe and analyze interviews for video editors, allowing them to search by word or sentence. The technology also provides keyword extraction, image recognition and speech-to-text conversion.
  4. It offers sentiment analysis, and emotion detection capabilities.
  5. AI-video editors can automatically pull sections of a video clip from any source. It detects emotions to create warm, appealing videos.

List of 5 best AI video generators

1. Invideo

InVideo is an ai generated video tool that simplifies video creation for marketing and explanations. It divides scripts into parts and selects suitable visuals, without requiring any video-editing experience from the user. 

Invideo ai

Core Features 

  • InVideo offers a variety of templates, and assets to create professional-quality videos.
  • InVideo offers a free trial with watermarked videos. But users can subscribe to a paid plan to remove the watermark if they like the quality of the videos.
  • It offers Themes, workflows, and templates with affordable pricing.

My experience with InVideo

I’m impressed with InVideo’s AI-powered video visuals that automatically chose relevant images related to my topic of AI and human evolution.

Let me share my experience with InVideo.

  • InVideo offers a free trial that requires signing up and taking a quick quiz before creating the first video. The sign-up process takes about one minute.
  • InVideo is a video editing platform that offers various workflows to meet user demands, including templates, text-to-video, tested the Text-to-Video option after signing up for the service.
  • To examine this ai video generator from text, I selected Text-to-Video.
  • Input the script into the tool to convert it to a video. I wrote a script for my video on AI-generated videos and their impact on the industry.
  • A tool can split text input into different scenes, resolving issues with long paragraphs by dividing them into multiple sections. 
  • You can modify the automated edits made by InVideo if you are not satisfied with them.
  • AI technology can create professional-looking videos through automated decision-making.
  • You can try a free trial, but your videos will have watermarks.
  • Easily share your video on social media and through links.


  • InVideo offers three plans: Free, Business ($15/month), and Unlimited ($30/month). 
  • The free plan comes with watermarks on videos, while the other two have no watermarks. 
  • Business allows for 60 video exports and Unlimited has unlimited exports.


  • It offers over 5000 templates to assist in creating videos with various styles.
  • It improves the quality of videos by adding a touch of professionalism.
  • This tool can quickly turn various types of text into impressive videos in just a few minutes.
  • The aspect ratio of content can be automatically adjusted to better fit different platforms, such as social media or YouTube.
  • It simplifies the process of creating and editing videos on Android and iPhone devices.


  • It lacks the ability to add avatars, and users find the abundance of templates overwhelming.
  • Looking for templates can be overwhelming.
  • Rendering a preview can be time-consuming.
  • It requires time to learn how to navigate.

2. Synthesia

Synthesia is an ai generated video tool that utilizes advanced AI algorithms to create authentic and distinctive videos. This tool is useful for creating and editing videos. It can improve the quality of generated videos during post-production.

You can choose from various video styles, such as Synthesia. This tool creates videos for product demos, marketing, greetings and more. Synthesia supports over 60 languages, making it a versatile tool for creating videos in various countries and not limited to English content.

Synthesia is an AI-powered tool that can create videos for businesses without requiring any video editing or speaking skills. Creating a video is easy with this tool. Simply input the text to be spoken, choose a style and AI speaker, and you’re done.

Synthesia ai

My experience with Synthesia

Creating a video with Synthesia for free is easy and quick. Simply, I had entered a text prompt. Then I chose the type of video to generate, and it only takes 30 seconds to complete.

  • To get a free video from Synthesia, enter your request and email address. 
  • Wait a minute or two minutes for the video to generate. It will be sent to your email when it’s completed. 
  • Synthesia will only generate appropriate video content for professional use.
  • Synthesia permits users to easily share their ai generated videos on social media and blog posts. 
  • The platform sends a video through email that can be watched and shared with others.

I believe that Synthesia is a user-friendly software with incredible results that were once impossible, and the free trial is worth trying.

Core Features 

Below are some of Synthesia’s noteworthy features such as below.

  • This free ai video generator permits you to play around with the product before committing to a paid plan. The interface is user-friendly.
  • This tool provides natural video and voice options, offering a variety of styles and voices to choose from.
  • It has the availability of many video templates.
  • It has the ability to upload brand assets to videos for consistent branding.
  • Synthesia offers a free trial that can be accessed by entering an email address. 
  • Additionally, there are two paid plans available.


The pricing of the tool is $30 per month for personal use, while corporate users need to contact sales for more information.


  • Synthesia offers 85+ avatars to make videos look professional and realistic. 
  • It has a video editor to enhance videos and make them more polished.
  • Custom avatars for branding or building one’s own avatar are also available.
  • It offers voiceovers in 120 languages for targeting diverse audiences. 
  • It also provides 55 templates and allows customization with brand identity.
  • Users can gain access to a vast collection of media from Shutterstock and Unsplash.


Synthesia has a few disadvantages such as voice syncing issues with avatars, occasional lagging, and mispronunciations in non-English voiceovers.

3. Lumen5

Lumen5 is an easy-to-use video creation tool powered by AI. It can create impressive videos without the requirement for any prior experience in ai video editing or production.

Lumen5 utilises AI to create professional videos for brands and businesses, enabling them to create engaging social media content.

Lumen5 offers an easy method to create videos rapidly, even for beginners. Users can choose from Lumen’s library or use their own footage. Lumen5 is a tool that makes creating videos easy, fast and affordable.

Lumen5 ai

My experience with Lumen5

Lumen5 offers three options to create videos: on-brand videos for your brand, project-specific videos, and fun singular videos.

  • After selecting the video, I chose the template in the top right corner. Choose a template, write or paste your blog post URL to make the video. 
  • Lumen5’s AI automatically chooses image assets that match your video script content, which I find impressive. If you don’t like the AI-selected images, choose your own.
  • If you’re lazy like me, use the auto-generated video and publish it from the top-right corner. Share a link to it on your social channels. 
  • The videos generated for free will have watermarks, which can be removed by subscribing to a paid plan.

Core Features

  1. It is a tool that permits users to convert written content into video format quickly and easily. 
  2. The platform also involves an AI-based workflow that assists with every step of the video creation procedure.
  3. You can easily create engaging videos in minutes by utilising a vast library of video templates available.
  4. It can handle numerous video formats such as 480p, 720p, and 1080p. 
  5. It also supports diverse aspect ratios for different platforms like Instagram and Youtube.
  6. The video editing software provides a large library of music, images, and themes to make engaging videos. 
  7. It also has a branding kit feature that permits adding brand logo, fonts, and colors for customized videos.


  • Lumen5 offers various ai generated videos  plans to choose from.
  • The community plan for a video hosting platform is free and allows unlimited uploads, but all videos will have watermarks.
  • The basic plan of the tool costs $19 monthly.
  • For $59 monthly, users can gain access to a vast collection of stock photos and videos.
  • For $149 a month, users can gain access to Professional, which provides hundreds of millions of stock pictures and videos as well as custom watermarks and templates.


  • Lumen5 simplifies video creation with drag and drop and point-and-click features.
  • The tool can create videos and embed images from a blog post’s links.
  • An ai video editing can perform final edits, adjust the aspect ratio, add a watermark and other functions.
  • It offers a variety of learning resources to optimize its usage.
  • The tool can add captions to videos and has a text-based editing feature that makes video editing easier.


  • The resource library can be overwhelming to search through.
  • The user interface is unclear, and the video design looks outdated.
  • Switching templates can remove any text formatting applied to a document.
  • Rendering videos can be a time-consuming process.

4. Pictory

Pictory is an AI video generator that simplifies the method of creating and editing high-quality videos. It needs no prior experience in video editing or design, permitting users to let the tool do most of the work.

Pictory offers a service to produce videos from either scripts or blog posts. Users can provide the link to their desired blog post, and Pictory will convert it into an engaging video suitable for social media or websites.

pictory ai

My experience with Pictory 

The tool offers two options, Script or Article, for generating a video and asks the user to choose one. In my case, I chose to use a script because it allowed me to easily create a video from my simple text input. After adding the script, I selected a high-quality video template.

The editing window opens after selecting a template, allowing for simple and speedy video edits. The process of exporting a video is quick and easy, taking only about 30 seconds for a video that’s 20+ seconds long.

Core Features 

  1. It uses AI algorithms to create video content from scratch or convert blog posts into videos. 
  2. It offers an auto-caption feature for the generated videos.
  3. User-friendly interface with templates and stock assets.


  • There are three paid plans available for potential customers: Standard, Premium and Enterprise. 
  • The prices range from $19 per user/month to $39 per user/month, with the latter requiring sales contact.


  • Easy video editing with text suggestions – no need to learn complex software.
  • Automatically extract relevant content to create shorter, crisper videos.


  • Limited customization and low-quality output with unclear input.
  • AI voiceovers are monotonous, and UI could be smoother.

5. DeepBrain

DeepBrain AI is a versatile video-generating tool that can create various types of videos for different purposes, such as advertisements, greetings and sales pitches. It caters to both business and individual needs.

deepbrain ai

My experience with DeepBrain

DeepBrain offers a variety of presets for presentations, sales pitches, and greetings. The numerous options provide flexibility for different use cases.

The UI is smooth but has some lagging when changing scenes. Inserting the script was initially unclear but became easy once I figured it out. 

DeepBrain AI’s presentation feature converts text to speech in a professional-looking video format. This ai video generator from text has the best feature that creates scripts for you. Insert the AI-generated text into the script after completing this step.

Core Features

  1. A tool with AI capabilities can understand and speak about 200 languages. 
  2. It allows the creation of an AI chatbot for websites to engage with audiences.
  3. There is an availability of different video templates that can be used for creating videos.


It charges $30 per month for 10 minutes of video.


  • DeepBrain offers over 50 pre-made avatars and can create custom ones for users. 
  • This tool allows for the creation of duplicate versions of a brand’s speaker, increasing content creation capabilities.
  • DeepBrain offers a free AI video creation tool without requiring an account. Users can simply click the “Create a Free AI Video” button on their website to use the service.
  • Add video subtitles with one click.
  • Create interview questions from resumes.


  • The tool is pricey, and the audio quality of its videos may not be as advertised.
  • The Starter plan costs $29/month but has limitations that may be deal breakers for some, such as restricted access to avatars, no full HD export, and a 20-minute monthly video limit.
  • UI can be improved.

Why choose an AI Video Generator in today’s time?

AI video generators have various applications in marketing, education, and entertainment.

  1. AI video generators are a cost-effective option compared to human video production crews. It is making them a great choice for individuals and small businesses with limited budgets.
  2. AI video generators save time by producing videos quickly.
  3. AI video generators are ideal for high-volume content production due to their ability to quickly generate a large number of videos.
  4. An animation software ensures consistent, high-quality videos without human errors and meets required standards.


Videos are becoming the preferred way to communicate brand values, market products, and educate. AI video generators can create impressive videos quickly. 

The tools mentioned above can save time and resources for creating professional and engaging videos, benefiting both businesses and individuals. They are seen as a significant development in the content creation industry.
In my opinion, InVideo is the best ai video editing tool for generating and editing text-to-video. You can choose the one that fits your needs perfectly. As AI technology develops, we can anticipate creative uses in the media field.


Is there a possibility of AI replacing video editors?

Artificial intelligence can speed up video editing, making it more engaging and less expensive than employing an editor. AI can also help locate appropriate video clips and pictures for the film.

What AI tool creates videos from the text?

Synthesia AI is a video generator that uses artificial intelligence to create videos with human-like avatars based on text input from users.

Which AI video maker is the best?

InVideo is my top choice for video editing software. It has an easy-to-use interface, text-to-speech voiceovers, a large stock footage library, and affordable cost!

How AI analyzes Videos?

AI-powered video analytics tools analyze streaming or recorded videos frame-by-frame to detect, track, and classify objects in a scene. This granular approach is helpful in identifying security threats and suspicious behavior.

What is AI’s purpose in Video Games?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been used in video games since the 1950s to create intelligent behaviors in non-player characters (NPCs). This technology is essential for generating human-like responses and adaptability.

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