Makeup and beauty have become the new normal for the market at present. Everyone is looking for home remedies, and makeup hacks to keep their skin glowing and natural. As a result, the popularity of beauty content creators has increased among the audience. 

From beauty-loving mamas to cruelty-free activists, everyone is coming up with some hacks and tips. Here is a list of some top beauty content creators to watch out for. 

#1 Tanya Singh – @talkcheeky

With the girl next door vibes, Tanya explores hidden gems in France. She is well-known for her museum exploration and Parisian café. She is not scared to try something new, making her a role model to work on some new hacks and tricks for makeup. 

#2 Karen Sarahi Gonzalez – @iluvsarahii

The Mexicana beauty has created a sensation in the market as the top vlogger with over six million followers. She is also active on the YouTube channel, helping audiences understand new makeup techniques and the latest products. She also lists affordable products that one can try out without affecting their skin. 

#3 Caroline Mwandawiro – @afyaglow

As a skincare enthusiast, Caroline shares some of the best tips and tricks to offer glowing skin. She shares beauty tips for brown skin and dry skin to benefit everyone. She also shares reviews of skincare products to keep skin healthy and fresh, putting a shine on everyone’s personality. 

#4 Desiree Redding – @themotleygirl

As a founder of the event planning company, jewelry maker, artist, and beauty content creator, the proud black beauty is ruling everyone’s heart. She resided in the Bronx and was born/raised in Brooklyn. Desire has created a whole new image of flawless eyeshadow, motivating people to experiment with new shades. She is ruling on TikTok and Instagram, giving a good laugh to people around with her tutorials, products, and beauty tips. Also, if you want to know about her hacks, you must follow her on both platforms, as she doesn’t share the same views. 

#5 Sribeauty Shine – @sribeautyshine

The beauty content creator of North Carolina has put up many videos showcasing her talent and skills about the products. She has put up several beauty products, tutorials, tips, reviews, and tricks on her Instagram page. Her flawless beauty tips have helped everyone deliver quality content

#6 Iram Mehr – @mehrshares

The UK-based blogger Iram has a solid online presence and is a nine-month-old daughter. She expresses her opinions and thoughts on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, to name a few. She also posts travel recommendations, beauty reviews, and fashion posts to help people understand the latest trends and products. 

#7 Rosanna Harrison-Pope – @lifeofroblog

Rosanna is famous for her shopping independence and sustainability and lives in Liverpool. She is an animal lover and talks about the local independent-based shopping experience. She showcases beauty products and skincare with her dog Wyre. She authentically promotes the products to focus on cruelty-free as her motto. Her goal is to live in the moment and be mindful without being into fancy stuff. She enjoys the quality of life with homemade products and fresh styles. Rosanna is also a fan of vintage clothes and slow fashion. 


So here are the top beauty content creators you should follow to get the latest tips and tricks. The aim is to get charming skin (with or without makeup) and an amazing personality to shine.

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