Travel blogging is freelance writing in which an individual or group travels around the world and shares their personal experiences and feedback. They publish their writing usually on a platform which we call blogs, websites, or simply the internet.

In this blog, you can go through the world’s top 10 travel bloggers who earn money from their travel blogs. Before stepping into it I want you to know how we can make money from travel blogs.

How Does Blogging Create Money for Travel Bloggers?

There are numerous ways to earn money online as a travel blogger. Here are a few most widely used methods:

  1. Advertising

You can monetize your travel blog when you attain a decent traffic flow. One of the common choices to monetize your travel blog is Google Adsense. There are many Ad networks for effective monetization of your blog. And mainly, the more traffic your blog generates the more revenue it can earn.

  1. Sponsors

Once you get suited to travel blogging brands, hotels, tourism boards, etc. you will reach to give your reviews and opinions about certain products and services. But in your initial days, you might only get free products or services in return. As you grow, they will arrange all the facilities for free to get exposure on your blogging platform.

  1. Affiliate marketing

When a blogger affiliates a link to any products/services, they receive a certain amount of commission without adding extra costs to the buyer. Affiliate marketing helps to earn extra cash without much effort. This can include hotel bookings, travel gear, and many more. Additionally, YouTube affiliate marketing can also provide additional resources to the blogger.

  1. Selling merchandise

You can sell your merchandise by promoting it on your platform. Clothes, books, etc can reach higher sales if advertised properly. Offently branded merchandise like t-shirts, mugs, or travel-related products featuring your logo or catchphrases catch the attention of the members.

  1. Membership and subscription method

Being a blogger has its perks. You can create a premium, member-only section of their blogs. You can offer exclusive content and benefits to subscribers who pay monthly. It is one of the important ways you should consider following creating blogs.

  1. Selling courses, photos, or ebooks

As a travel blogger, you can sell your written ebooks, guides, photos, online classes, etc. Having your platform you can promote your products/ services in your blogs, which will positively impact your business. To be a travel blogger and earn money, you should be innovative and stay ahead of your business competitors.

List of The Top 10 Famous Travel Bloggers

Table of Contents

1. Nomadic Matt

Mathew Kepnes, also known as Nomadic Matt is a well-known figure in the world of travel blogging. He is an American Travel Blogger who gained fame from his travel blogging website, ”Nomadic Matt”, which he started in 2008. He is a New York Times best-selling author and a full-time travel blogger who has traveled to not less than 100 countries in the period of 15 years. 

How did he step into blogging?

Nomadic Matt a.k.a Mathew Kepnes was born in Boston, USA, and had a very simple childhood. He went to Costa Rica on his first work vacation in 2004. That trip sparked his passion for travel and adventure. Inspired by this adventure he took a bold decision and quit his job in 2006 to travel around the world and follow his passion.

How does he earn?

Although he has various sources to generate revenue one of the most prominent ways he uses are:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Ebooks
  • Sponsors
  • Selling products and merchandise

2. World of Wanderlust

World of Wanderlust is a popular travel blog and brand created by an Australian Travel blogger Brooke Saward. She is the best-selling author of the books like, “World of Wanderlust: How to Live an Adventurous Life” and “The World of Wanderlust Travel Journal”. She collaborated with many travel brands and companies showing her influence in the travel world.

How did she step into blogging?

Brooke started her travel blogging journey when she was 20 and still going strong. In 2012, Brooke was a university student in Australia, studying international relations where she founded the blog “World of Wanderlust”. She started sharing her travel stories and experiences on that blog. Her engaging writing and fascinating photographs got a huge attention and she quickly attracted a following.

How does she earn?

Here are some potential money-making secrets that Brooke Saward implied:

  • Book deals
  • Photographies
  • Email marketing
  • Advertising and display ads

3. Laxmi Sharath

Laxmi Sharath is an Indian travel blogger, writer, photographer, and influencer known for her travel experiences and stories. She gained the spotlight for her writing and has been featured in various Indian and international publications. She was even enlisted in the list of top 10 travel bloggers in India.

How did she step into blogging?

She started her journey in the year 2005 by following her passion for travel and storytelling. She is one of the most beloved female travel bloggers all over India and around the world. She has been traveling since a kid and writing has been her passion since her teens which dragged her to this field.

How does she earn?

As a travel blogger, everyone has a similar earning source in this field excluding their other jobs. Some of her sources are:

  • Brand Partnership
  • Photography
  • Travel consultation
  • Affiliate marketing

4. Y Travel Blog

Y Travel Blog was started by Caz and Craig Makepeace, a husband and wife from Australia. They began their blog in 2010 to document their own travel experiences and adventures as they explored the world with their two daughters. Over the years their blog has become a popular and influential resource for travelers.

How did they step into blogging?

Caz and Craig had a desire to travel and see the world. In 1997, they went on their first overseas trip to Thailand and it had a profound impact on them. Due to a global financial

crisis in the year 2007, something unexpected happened and during that event, Craig lost his job. This life-changing event made them make a bold decision and pursue their passion for travel.

How do they earn?

They have the same way of making money as every travel blogger does. The methods are enlisted below:

  • Social Media and Youtube
  • Product Sales
  • Ad revenue
  • Sponsored Content

5. The Blonde Abroad

“The Blonde Abroad” is a popular travel blog and brand created by Kiersten Rich aka, an American travel blogger and influencer. She is known for her distinctive blonde hair and her passion for traveling around the world. She started her blog in 2012 to document her life experiences, provide travel tips, and observe the beauty of the world.

How did she step into blogging?

Kiersten Rich left a corporate finance job for happiness, becoming a bartender in Hollywood. Soon she felt it wasn’t her dream life and she entered into travel blogging due to her love and passion for traveling. She started in 2012 to share her life experiences soon her consistent writing, and impressive photos were attracting a decent audience. As she continued she was more loved and listed as one of the famous solo female travellers around the globe.

How did she earn?

Kiersten Rich, the creator of “The Blonde Abroad” generates income through various sources as listed below:

  • Group trips
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Brand Partnership
  • Photography and art sells
  • Workshops and consulting

6. Travel Tom Tom

Enthusiastic and adventurous travel blogger Tom Grond from the Netherlands created the website as a means to share his adventure and destination guides. He started Econometrics at 17 but switched to Economics earning his bachelor’s degree at 21. Later he realized that it was not his piece of cake. Right now he is a full-time blogger and has been to over 155 countries. He started his journey in 2012 and is continuing till the present. His blog consists of travel-related tips and tricks to enjoy the journey to the fullest.

How did he step into blogging?

Growing up on the border of Germany, Netherlands, and Belgium, Tom was exposed to different languages and cultures from a young age. This upbringing sparked a deep curiosity and passion for traveling on Tom. Tom explains it was more of an addiction to traveling, not because he wanted to.

How does he earn?

Travel blogging requires much effort but also gives a satisfactory outcome by profiting a lot. Some of the ways used by Tom are:

  • Affiliated marketing
  • Sponsor Content
  • Travel guides
  • Advertising

7. Dan Flying Solo

“Dan Flying Solo” is a travel and lifestyle blog and social media personality created by Dan James. Daniel James is a travel content creator, photographer, and writer who travels around the world capturing those moments and then sharing his experience, tips, and insights about traveling the world. He is famous for his stunning photography and adventurous passion.

How did he start blogging?

Early in the year 2014, he was a restaurant manager. In the same year, he started to travel on the road full-time leaving his job behind. Carrying his camera and traveling around the world, he started to love it and started to write about his journey. He traveled continuously from 2014-2018 that’s four years of capturing, adventuring, and writing all that in a blog eventually he engaged in blogging.

How does he earn?

  • Photography
  • Ad revenue
  • Travel Guides

8. Shivya Nath

Voted as the best Indian travel blogger, Shivya Nath is known for her travel stories and advocacy for travel ethics. She shares her travel adventures and experiences in her blog. She highlights the importance of traveling responsibly and sustainably. She advocates for preserving culture and nature and is well-regarded in the travel community.

How did she step into blogging?

Her pursuit of various passions, including her love for travel, decided to build a blog, The Shooting Star. She even quit her corporate job to follow her dreams in 2011 and her focus was on promoting sustainable travel practices. Her written works also gained recognition and were featured in both Indian and international travel publications. Additionally, she achieved great success by authoring a bestselling travel memoir under her name. 

How does she earn?

  • Ebooks and Travel Guides
  • Affiliated marketing
  • Sponsorships
  • Ad revenue

9. The Planet D

The award-winning travel blog, ”The Planet D”, was founded by Dave Bouskill and Debra Corbeil where they share their adventures. They began their adventure in 2008 and have documented their traveling experiences since then. Their blog covers a wide range of travel-related topics, from travel tips to various destination guides.

How did they step into blogging?

After dabbling in both travel and pursuing careers in the film industry, Dave and Debra finally decided to quit the filming industry and follow their passion for traveling. To initiate their journey, in the year 2007 they participated in one of the world’s longest cycling races Tour d’Africa. In the beginning, they documented their race for media presence. Although the TV show didn’t materialize, the website grew to become very successful since then.

How do they earn?

They had multiple streams of income utilized by travel bloggers. These sources may include:

  • Sponsorship
  • Brand partnerships
  • Affiliated marketing 
  • Ebooks and guides

10. Time Travel Turtle

Michael Turtle, also known as “Time Travel Turtle”, is an Australian Travel blogger and a UNESCO World Heritage site expert. He enjoys exploring culture, heritage, and people around the world. He shares his experience and gives tips or guides people to their destination.

How did he step into blogging?

Michael Turtle was a television and radio reporter and newsreader at Australia’s National Broadcaster for almost a decade. During the year 2011, he started the blog “Time Travel Turtle” leaving reporting duties behind to explore more culture that was unique in every country. Since then the experience he shares on his travel blog is getting more attention and has been seen growing.

How does he earn?

As one of the famous personalities, he makes money with travel blogs in the following ways:

  • Tours and guides
  • Brand content
  • Sponsorships
  • Selling Merchandise


In conclusion, everyone has a dream of traveling the world without caring about anything else. These bloggers have shown that the world of travel blogging beyond sharing experiences is making a successful career. Their diverse income sources from affiliate marketing to brand partnerships highlight the versatility of this professionIn this world of growth and new ideas, RanjeetDigital has become an important place to get new information. It’s a website that covers every topic like blogging and its related services.

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