Businesses in the new normal must leverage social media marketing, lead generation, pay-per-click advertising (PPC), content marketing, local listings management, online reviews, and reputation management are among the various subject areas relevant to all businesses. They are all important in your digital marketing strategy. So, let us look at the first 10 of the informative digital marketing webinars out there.

  1.  How to Identify Site Quality for Link Building

“Quality” is one of the most misunderstood aspects of search engine optimization. You must supply accurate and relevant websites to your outreach. Forgetting to include some websites in your outreach might result in lost traffic or, worse, loss of search engine optimization (SEO) effectiveness. It could result in wasted traffic, or worse, no value for your SEO.

During a webinar conducted by Kevin Rowe, the founder, and CEO of PureLinq, reviewed the evaluation aspects that must be applied to a website to identify its quality as a link source. In addition, he provided insight on several web factors that must be considered when determining the “quality” of a website for link development.

  1.  Better Benchmarking: Beating the Competition with Similarweb & Mention

The essential question that confronts you regardless of whether your business is growing or slowing down is, are you outperforming your competition? To gather the information you need to dominate your market, you can use benchmarking. Conversely, by benchmarking your competition, you will discover valuable information that will help you succeed in your market.

If you’re interested in learning more about the vital role competitive benchmarking plays in market research and strategic planning, check out the virtual masterclass Mention offers with their social media experts. 

Mention features various experienced social media professionals who give members an in-depth look at how competitive benchmarking is used in market research and strategic planning. Determine several benchmarking types and critical digital metrics you may use to help you measure your online performance and allow you to raise your company’s sales.

  1. Crowd and Similarweb (Keeping up with eCommerce in 2021)

The eCommerce landscape changed forever in 2020. Due to the pandemic, things drastically changed. Shoppers became drawn to online buying after the pandemic shook the market up. Many people turned to internet purchasing due to the introduction of COVID. The impact on e-commerce will be long-lasting. Also, the growth of e-commerce will have long-term effects on the industry. Are you keeping in touch up with everything?

This webinar is part of a partnership with London-based marketing agency Croud, which shared insights on British shopping patterns. First, the research was done to gather insight regarding British buying habits. In addition, by Similarweb data and Croud’s industry know-how, an organization would be given the insights to help them stay competitive in today’s digital transformation era.

  1.  Top SEO Insights From Leading Organizations

The pace of evolution for search engine optimization (SEO) is growing faster than before. It is advancing far faster than it did in the past. Without much emphasis on organic visibility, brands risk falling behind their competition. In my experience, if a brand is not focused on making sure it has a prominent organic presence, it will be left behind by its rivals. What must businesses like yours do in this time of change? What must be done to prosper and grow and not just survive? At this point, you should be concerned about long-term survival rather than immediate growth.

Operating with a wide range of global enterprises and thus have the advantage of first-hand knowledge about what is creating customer success and what is not moving the needle. By working with various multinational enterprises, they can see what is making a difference to achieve success. 

Businesses will face a challenging situation today since so many changes are occurring, and their ability to remain visible is shrinking. Organizations must manage visibility amid so many upheavals. To stay ahead of shifting client trends, your company must make the most of all of your expenditures in SEO. SEO is an integral part of an organization’s long-term strategy, as doing so ensures staying ahead of shifting client preferences and visibility during critical moments.

  1. Three Ways SEO User Intent Can Drive Higher Lead Quality

May you be doing all the things to drive organic traffic to your site yet failing to see an increase in conversions? Your material is missing the mark with your target users. If your material is not meeting the visitors’ needs, this means your site or campaign could be doing something wrong. To turn leads into customers, you must identify what your lead prospects are searching for and provide highly relevant and captivating content. You must have a detailed understanding of your leads’ search terms and supply enticing content to help your leads discover it.

Although the keywords selected for the inquiries are different, yet they all seek the same purpose.

The following four categories of user intent can be observed:

  • Commercial
  • Navigational
  • Transactional
  • Informational

However, why is user intent necessary? Simply put: Google’s #1 priority is to meet consumer user intent. Therefore, when you perform a Google search using a keyword, Google’s results are closely related to your intended inquiry.

  1. Digital Teardowns: Conducting SWOT Analysis in 2021

While you’re confident, you have several ideas and development factors to utilize. Which of your ideas do you believe would be the most fruitful? Which differentiator and growth investment opportunity is the best for you? How can you get more out of comparing your results to the competitors when they’ve already collected the data? This analysis concludes that you can learn even more when comparing your performance to that of your competitor online. But is it going to make you stronger in a competitive sense?

Want to know more about SWOT analysis? Take a look at their virtual class to learn more about it and how it is such a great market research technique. They analyze the fundamental technique to researching a business’s long-term growth strategy in the digital age. To discover more about your competitors, businesses go to great lengths to carefully examine the overall methodology used by any firm to establish their competitive advantage and success.

  1. Four Local SEO Tips Even the Experts Miss

The number of consumers looking for local businesses has increased significantly. It is the most popular way to find local companies that have ever been. But, to what extent is it possible for local firms to rise in the rankings? As firms strive to gain recognition and visibility, how can they gain a competitive advantage? For your business to engage with you, how can you make it easy for them?

Google’s research indicates that, globally, people who conduct local searches regularly end up visiting real sites. In addition, research has shown that when people perform local searches, they are almost always searching for places to visit. To rise in the local search rankings, you need to have confidence in your brand built up through an abundance of ratings and reviews. The greater your rating and review count in local search, the more trust your brand will have.

Learn to utilize the following through this webinar fully:

  • Use these lesser-known local SEO strategies to improve your search rank.
  • Include text messaging into your marketing campaign in your local area.
  • Finally, use Google Maps’ map bundle to the fullest.
  1. Leveraging Data To Drive Business Impact

It is vital to have market research to understand your customers better. Because market research is crucial, try to visualize yourself doing a backpacking trip in the mountains. Would you try anything you haven’t learned anything about, like the terrain, weather, amenities, or the residents before? 

Most likely, you will not. Therefore, to locate the optimal route, gather the necessary supplies, and plan your wardrobe, you must first collect the relevant information. This information is needed to locate the best route, obtain necessary supplies, and determine what you will wear.

Market research works in the same way. It shows you exactly where you stand in your industry, helping you see your competition and then providing a strategic roadmap for improving your company.  Thereby giving you a better idea of where you stand and how you can enhance your firm.

  1. Banking & Mortgage Disruptors: Performance & Predictions U.S.

In this webinar, the Lead Financial Services Consultant, Jamie Drayton, examines the wide variety of digital industries within the financial services business. In addition, he will discuss insights into the financial services industry’s digital landscape.

With a focus on banking and mortgage providers, Jamie Drayton will go into greater depth than the competition with their research into both disruptors and industry leaders. It is expected that you will obtain actionable information to help you have ever-clients. In addition, by relatively better digital performance. You will receive valuable, actionable insights to help boost their production.

  1. Webinar: Preparing for a Cookieless Future

In response to more significant consumer privacy concerns, the top e-commerce and software companies, including Google and Apple, are changing their browsers and operating systems to safeguard user privacy better. This significant change will affect digital publishers and media purchasers’ methods of monetizing content after the expiration of cookie data.

Apple and Google have taken actions in their browsers and operating systems that benefit the privacy of customers. And while these major players are implementing these modifications, major third-party companies make similar adjustments for the same reasons. In a post-cookie era, these shifts will significantly affect digital publishers and media purchasers when monetizing their material. Therefore, it would be best to monitor these developments as these will affect monetized content.


Optimize marketing strategies by acquiring new knowledge and skills that can help you boost your business amid the pandemic. Webinars are powerful tools that you can employ and is a very effective marketing channel. The benefit that you would get from the webinars listed here would help you establish a firmly founded course of action regarding your digital marketing strategy. 

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