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Cabs and Taxis have a good demand in the market. With the increasing shift in choosing private modes of travel, the need for cabs and taxis are increasing. Thereby trafficking a lot of other scams in it. If you are a travel host and want to provide an efficient and seamless service to the locality of your business, take this opportunity to launch your exclusive Uber clone apps that ease business management online. 

As the crowd traffic to online taxi apps increases, a single application can never suffice. That its flaws will lead to the need of other new applications similar in the efficiency of Uber. To meet this, many companies do develop Uber clones, but not every application hits its target. 

But how to gain traffic for the app?

Here are a few suggestions incorporated in your Uber clone to make it unique and different. 

Uber Clone for a profitable business

The demand for travel applications increases its needs. There are many individual drivers tied up with online taxi or cab-hailing applications to have a stress free work life with a regular income base. Uber clones can be developed by entrepreneurs to promote their business and also help in improving the living standard of the drivers. Nowadays, most of us prefer to book taxis or cabs prior and are not much interested in waiting for cabs on the roads for longer time. With the increasing demand for online taxi hailing applications, Uber clone for sure is a profitable investment for your business. 

Add on to your Uber Clone

Before getting started with the add on features, by default, the Uber clone will have features like

  • GPS to track location
  • Payment method 
  • Schedule ride option
  • Option to select the vehicle type
  • Reviewing option.

Apart from these, the developer should know why things are restricted in the existing application. And then concentrate on his apps’ features accordingly. Here are a few suggestions that can be incorporated into your Uber clone to improve its efficiency.

  • Advanced navigation

With improved navigation facilities, the exact location of the hailer can be tracked by the driver to pick up, instead of an approximate location that is a total fuss. 

  • Multiple payment methods

By providing multiple payment methods, the users can use their convenient mode of payment, and it also invites banks to incorporate with your business. 

  • Booking for others 

Primarily Uber provides a facility to book for others. Yet, it is not very convenient to track the location and pick up. In that case, with technical solutions, the driver and the person for whom the cab is booked can come in direct contact with GPS options to make tracking easy.

  • Package pick up

Through Uber clones, you can incorporate package delivery options that can be delivered on the go. In between the ride.

  • Multiple booking

Few apps allow you to book only one cab at a time. Unique features and identifications can be provided to book multiple cabs at a time. With unique identification in the pattern, it can be made convenient to track the journey.

  • Route selection 

By providing a route selection option, the driver can fix the hailer’s route for a better experience.

  • In-app calling 

Instead of sharing the numbers, the driver and hailer can avail to call using the in-app call feature to provide safety and security 

  • Choose vehicle 

The Uber clone can contain features to suggest the right cab for the people to travel in terms of the number of people, age factors, etc. 

These features can be added to your Uber clone to make it more feasible in its performance standard.

What should a developer offer to launch an Uber Clone?

 From the developers’ end, they have to be efficient in offering the service as required. And no compromise can be made to its standard. For any application to get listed in Play Store or App Store, its white label features are a must. As a business entrepreneur who is willing to take your business to new heights through online portals, you have to look up a few attributes based on the developer’s service.

  • Choose a developer who can provide white label Uber clone applications. 
  • They must be capable of creating cost-efficient applications.
  • They must provide an advanced technological solution
  • Improved features in the application
  • Easy onboarding process
  • On-time delivery of the app
  • Post-launch service
  • Available to provide round the clock assistance

For an attractive and classy application, the design and its structure contribute to gaining more user visibility. The old school trends are not always welcomed in app development. So the emphasis on the design is significant from the entrepreneur’s side. 

Before reaching out to the developer, one should be more apparent about the structure and features of the application as customised as it can be to render the service you need to. 

Working on the Uber clone application

  1. The uber clone app can be downloaded and installed
  2. The login process takes place.
  3. The location access is given for an easy and quick navigation process
  4. The hailer pick their pick up spot and drop destination
  5. The nearby drivers are notified, and either of them accepts the request
  6. The driver makes his way and picks up the customer
  7. The route is chosen, and the drive proceeds
  8. At the destination, the hailer makes the payment and gets down.
  9. The process ends with reviewing the application and ride.

Final verdict

The shift in private rides has increased the need for travel agencies to develop similar White label uber clone to meet their needs. Instead of clubbing your interaction with other companies, it’s affordable to launch your application to provide your service exclusively. Uber clones are the best solutions to take your business to good reach and for efficient management under one portal. 

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