Uber is a pioneer in the ride-hailing industry, which offers a safe and convenient service to passengers. However, this digitization changed the face of transportation. With the emergence of such taxi apps, people get a ride service at an affordable price. With this standard, it is quite tough for competitors to compete and seize their position.

For those who are planning to start a taxi business, opting for a similar app like Uber with user-friendly features is a great option. An outstanding Uber Clone app source code empowers you to develop your taxi app that suits your business needs. This solution is highly customizable and completely scalable. Therefore, it lets you include any new features based on the latest market trends. Hence, let’s explore more in this blog.

Uber Clone App Source Code – Explained

It is a taxi booking app solution that enables entrepreneurs to establish a taxi business in no moment. It is a complete package with all the essential features that every business needs. It includes the Driver app, Passenger app, Admin panel, and Dispatcher panel.

The functionality of the Uber Clone app is similar to the Uber app as it is designed in such a way that its business model is the same. Moreover, cloning an app does not mean replicating the original app. It’s all about copying the business idea with the incorporation of new features that are appealing and useful to the users.

Undoubtedly, the concept of Uber Clone Script is popular as many budding entrepreneurs widely prefer it. The main reason for it is high ROI and minimum investment & maximum profits.

Let’s Look At Some Essential Features That Have To be included In The Uber Clone App

Uber Clone App Source Code

Features Of Driver App

In-app call – Drivers can connect and interact with the passengers to resolve queries and vice versa.

Earnings report – They can check their earnings on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Navigation – As a taxi app is integrated with the GPS navigation system, they can make use of it to reach the passenger’s location without delay.

Ride cancellation – If drivers are not in a position to take a ride, they can cancel it for valid reasons.

Language preference – They have the option to change the app’s language in which they want the instructions to be.

Availability toggle – Drivers can display their working hours by enabling or disabling the availability toggle.

Features Of The Passenger App

Communication – Both the drivers and passengers can interact with each other via in-app call in case of any queries regarding location.

Vehicles types – While booking a ride, passengers can choose the type of vehicle from the available vehicle types. This feature is very helpful for them as they can select it according to their budget.

Reviews – After completing the ride, the app prompts the drivers to rate and review the ride.

Cancel booking – Let the passengers cancel the bookings by specifying the valid reasons. Also, they can change the bookings.

Digital payment – Passengers can pay for rides through digital payment options available in the app. Or else, they can opt for a cash payment if they wish.

Social media login – This allows the passengers to sign up or log in to the app using their social media accounts.

Features Of Admin Panel

Promo codes – With the available promo codes, passengers can get their rides at a discounted price.

Payment management – The admin can transfer the drivers’ earnings to their account hassle-free.

Profit tracking – You can track the daily earnings as it will let you determine your business profit.

Fare management – As an admin, you have the option to change the base price. Apart from that, you can implement the surge pricing system in which you can change the price during occasions or demand surges.

Features Of Dispatcher Panel

Manage bookings – Using this feature, a dispatcher can view and manage all the incoming bookings.  

Manual booking – This feature will let the dispatcher manage the bookings manually whenever necessary. It also involves updating auto-assigning drivers.

Trip history – It allows the dispatcher to manage the previous, ongoing, and upcoming trips seamlessly.

Fleet tracking – With the help of this feature, a dispatcher can keep an eye on the fleet’s location in real-time using the GPS tracking system.

View feedbacks – Reviews and ratings given by the passengers and drivers will be displayed in this panel. A dispatcher can view this feedback and make necessary changes to enhance the app’s performance.

What Is The Business Model Of The Taxi Booking Uber Clone App?

Before you create a similar app like Uber, you have to understand its business model. Let’s see the functionality of the Uber-like app source code.

Once the passenger registers with the app, they must specify the current location (pickup location). Or else, they can allow the app to automatically detect the location. After that, they should specify the destination location.

Then, they can choose the vehicle type and view the estimated price. Once they confirm a booking, they get to know the estimated time of arrival. The driver has the option to accept a request or reject it based on availability.

As soon as the driver accepts the request, he will reach the customer’s pickup location. At the same time, they can keep an eye on the movement of the driver’s location in real-time. After the ride, passengers can make transactions using online payment or cash payment. Last but not least, the app prompts the passengers to share feedback if they wish.

As an admin, you have full access to manage the entire process. You can set a specific percentage of the amount as a commission to charge the registered drivers. Also, you can charge a service fee from the passengers who took a ride via the app. 

Despite this, you can consider implementing the surge pricing revenue model to gain profits. When a wide range of people likes to prefer your app for taxi services, you can consider the in-app advertisement revenue model.

Final Note

Taxi booking apps are a recent trend in the ride-hailing market. Hence, creating a distinct value for a taxi app is everyone’s wish, as it will set your app apart from your rivals. Seek help from freelance professional app developers or an app development company and get the Uber Clone app source code. With the app, you can reach a broader user base and generate more revenue.

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