Not collecting blog subscribers is one of the major mistakes most new bloggers make. In order to keep your visitors coming to your site and read your new blog posts, it is essential to have RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed subscribers. Through RSS Feed, the subscribers get notified whenever you publish a new piece of content on your blog.

So the first thing is getting your visitors subscribed to your RSS Feed. In this post, we have shared some effective ways to get RSS Feed subscribers for your blog:

1. Promote your feed with an image

To increase your RSS feed subscribers, you need to promote your feed with an image. First, you need to create a catchy image button. Make sure to add a button in the right place, the place where people visiting your website can see it. Using a catchy way like an image for promoting your feed can help you increase visitors to subscribers ratio.

2. Educate your readers

What if your readers don’t know what actually RSS means? This could be one of the reasons why your blog is not getting enough feed subscribers. It is a good idea to write a post on what is RSS feed and how your readers will be benefited from it. You can add a link to that post below the RSS feed button.

3. Use sidebar, end of the posts, and footer

Some great places to add the RSS feed button on your blog website are sidebar, end of the blog post, and the footer. By adding the RSS feed button on these places, the button will be more visible to your readers and you will get better conversion to feed subscribers.

4. Give a bonus to your readers

Another effective way to gain more RSS feed subscribers is by giving a bonus to the readers. You can give a free eBook, conduct giveaways, put exclusive content for your RSS feed subscribers, etc. This way you can make your subscribers feel special and keep them subscribed for long.

5. Run an Ad campaign

You can even run an ad campaign for promoting your RSS feed. If you are just getting started with your new blog, getting enough visitors can be a big problem. By running an Ad campaign on the right platform, you can get good enough readers to your blog.

6. Produce high-quality content

The content quality plays a major role in blogging success. If your content does not excite your readers, they are gonna leave your blog without subscribing. And, if your blog posts are of top-notch quality and readers like them, they will immediately subscribe to your RSS feed.

7. Write blog posts daily

Readers don’t like subscribing to the inactive blog. Basically, there is no rule book on how many posts you should be publishing each day. All you need to focus on is creating so much quality content.

These are the seven best ways to get RSS feed subscribers for your blog. If you are facing difficulty getting enough subscribers for your blog, you can use these ways.