Videos fascinate everyone and day by day, the number of users who watch videos on their smart-phone are increasing. The research statistics show that more than 90% of people using smart-phone keep on watching videos and YouTube is the most common platform to watch videos. So, by introducing your video on this platform, your sales can easily touch the sky. From the marketer’s perspective, it is important for you to understand how to get your videos to rank higher on YouTube. The higher the rank of the video, the more the person watches. Thus, for increasing the traffic to your video, it is important that the video ranks higher in the search results.

increasing the YouTube traffic

Search engine optimization is a process that is having some similarities for every type of website or content. Videos are becoming an important part of the marketing strategy. A video could help in increasing sales and conversions to a great extent. So, it is important to maximize the reach of the video and it could be easily achieved by YouTube. To drive more traffic to the website, it is important that the video content should be unique and innovative that attracts customers.

YouTube is the second largest search engine that is used by people all over the world. So, it is important to get your video ranked at the top to engage more customers.

Here you can find the effective tips to rank your YouTube videos higher.

1. Research the youtube keywords

It is important before launching the video on the YouTube platform you must do the research of the keywords related to your content. This will let you know if your content is optimized or not and it will let you know about the interests of your customers. This could be done in various ways like you can check the keywords of your competitors or you could check what the people are searching for.

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2. Knowing the audience:

This is one of the crucial steps while making the video content. It is the targeted audience that will be converted into leads at the last. So one should know the requirements of the customers. It would help in boosting the video. If the video contains the content that attracts the customer, it will be more searched and viewed by the people and thus the search engine would rank it higher.

Knowing the audience

3. Optimizing the title of the video:

The video title is something that creates a lasting impression on the customers. An interesting title will attract the viewer and the viewer would be more inclined to watch it. Make sure that you have used the keyword within the title to rank the video at the top position.

Winning YouTube SEO Tips in 2019 | yellowHEAD

4. Optimize the video description:

Once you have optimized the title of the video, now it’s the turn of optimizing your video description. Describe your video in a clear and transparent way by using the maximum keywords. It gives an overview of your video content to the viewers and they can easily understand what the product or the service is all about. Search engines index the descriptions as well so keep your description catchy and simple.

YouTube Video Description

5. Create an interesting thumbnail:

An effective thumbnail would help in boosting up the clicks on your video. Thumbnail is another important element of the video that attracts the viewers. This gives a glimpse or a snapshot of your video. YouTube provides three thumbnails to select from. Also, you can upload the customized thumbnail or your choice. A custom thumbnail gets more clicks by providing an interesting snapshot or a glimpse of the video. To create a custom thumbnail you may follow the easy steps. It is not a difficult task in any way.

This is How to Create the Best YouTube Thumbnails

6. Adding the tags to your video:

Tags are the keywords that are added to the video after it gets uploaded. It will make it more visible in the search results as people enter the keywords in the search engine. The tags entered should be relevant to the content as it helps in getting a better rank of your website. Choose wisely 5-8 targeted keywords and add them in the tags explaining the theme of the video.

What Are YouTube Tags? And Why They Matter for Video SEO

7. Promotion of your video to get more views:

Since you are done with the all steps mentioned above, now it’s time to promote your video. This will increase the number of views of your video and help in getting a good position in the search engine’s results. Promote the video using various channels so that it reaches the maximum number of users and people watch it more.

YouTube Promotion | LinkedIn

The other important tips that one should take care of for improving the ranking o their YouTube video:

  1. Incorporate your videos in your blog posts, this would increase the value of your content and is a smarter way of increasing the views.
  2. Social media could play an important role in increasing views. This is the best practical way to promote your business. People love sharing the content and videos that they like with their family and friends.
  3. Start answering the questions on social media on websites like quora and etc. In this process, you may start linking your video to the answers. Thus, it will drive in more traffic to your video. Make sure that the video is highly relevant to the questions that you are answering.
  4. The option of the call to action makes a great impact on the people. A video with the call to action attracts more viewers may change to the customers in no time.

For the services that do not allow embedding of the thumbnail like email services, place the thumbnail of the video along with your message and attach the link of your YouTube video and send these emails to your subscribers. This would increase the views on your video and thus would help in ranking higher in the search engine.

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