If you believe Instagram Stories are only for sharing whimsical, short, and temporary content, then you’ll be in for quite a shock.

IG Stories can support your social media marketing efforts, helping you drive engagement, generate leads, and increase conversion rates and sales with the right strategies.

If you’re still unsure how Instagram Stories can amplify your social media marketing efforts, these five tips and tricks might just convince you to give them a shot.

1. Start strong within the first three seconds

If you want your audience to stay and watch your Instagram Story, display your main message within the first three seconds.

It might seem too quick, but it’s enough time if you get to the point fast.  

Ensure your visuals are consistent with your brand, tailored for your audience, and designed to keep your viewers watching. 

Adding your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) or compelling value can also entice your audience to learn more about your offers and promotions. 

For example, ensure your  USP or offer appears in the video’s first three seconds to show the potential benefits your followers can get

It helps encourage your audience to learn more and keep engaging with your IG Story, social media interaction posts, and other content such as poll questions for Instagram

Also, adjust the video speed if you need to without compromising the content’s quality, ensuring the video is easy to understand and see.

Use affordable tools to create your videos, including the equipment you already have, such as an iPhone and a free video editing app. 

You can also follow reliable content writing hacks to create compelling captions and descriptions for your IG Stories. 

Become more efficient with creating captivating Instagram Stories using reliable platforms such as Vista Social.

The platform’s sophisticated and advanced social media marketing features allow you to auto-publish your posts easily—from IG Stories to tweets. 

Set up a schedule, and the platform will auto-publish your content on your specified date and time.

The platform’s Smart Publisher can even create social media content for your connected profiles, saving you a lot of time and effort.

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2. Go with a vertical and lo-fi format

Using various creative assets and formats for your Stories diversifies your content, helping you engage more users.

However, your best bet to engage your Instagram audiences effectively is to use Story formats your viewers prefer and will likely watch and engage with.

For example, use a vertical format instead of shooting your videos horizontally like most YouTube videos.

Many Instagram audiences favor vertical format Stories since this makes the content resemble the standard Instagram posts most users have in their feeds.

It’s a great way to satisfy users with the visual content they expect to see and give your brand an air of familiarity.

A vertical IG Story layout can also make your content less disruptive and more immersive for your audience, especially when viewing your Stories on mobile devices.    

Simplify creating videos for your IG Stories using handy design project management software

The tool makes it easier to plan, collaborate, organize, and implement your social media content and creatives—from IG Stories to Facebook ads. 

Don’t forget to develop a content tracking strategy to track and assess which IG Story content formats drive the most engagement and help you achieve your social media marketing goals. 

3. Use question stickers to spark interest and drive interaction

Gaining better engagement on Instagram can be as simple as interacting with people and conversing with them.​​

If you want your Stories to stand out and drive engagement, be more strategic with engaging content.

Use the Questions sticker on Instagram Stories to encourage interactions and get customer feedback. 

By asking engaging questions, you can get a good idea about what your audiences think and feel about your brand or other topics. 

For example, use the Questions sticker to ask your audience about their favorite features of your new product or the top five movies they like to watch on repeat.  

You can respond to your viewers’ questions via Direct Message (DM) or a new Instagram Story.

If you use popular online community software, get ideas from your forums and discussion boards about the topics your followers are interested in or trending subjects they might want to share their opinion on. 

Weave it into your IG Story Q&A sessions and quick queries to engage your audiences effectively.   

4. Promote what you sell with product stickers

Besides posting in-feed images and videos, you can promote your products and services using Instagram Stories. 

Integrate your products into your IG Stories with product stickers. It’s a great way to make your IG Stories shoppable, bringing them in front of your potential customers for easy shopping. 

Set up your Instagram business account (if you haven’t yet) and follow the steps below to configure the product or shopping sticker for your Stories. 

  • Create your Story 
  • Find and tap the sticker icon (at the top of the screen)
  • Tap “Product sticker”
  • Pick the catalog item you wish to tag
  • Tap and drag the sticker around and position it accordingly
  • Post your finished Story when you’re done

Viewers can click the Stories product sticker to view a page containing more product information, images, similar products, and a link to your website.

You can also leverage Stories to share exclusive behind-the-scenes content about your product development process. It’s a great way to spark the interest of your audience while discussing quality, features, etc.

If you use customer success software, you can get valuable customer data and insights and leverage them to create IG Story content that engages your prospects. 

5. Incorporate your brand’s visual identity

IG Stories don’t have to look or sound as polished or “branded” as your other marketing materials, like your website.

However, your Stories still need to show who you are as a brand. 

One way of doing this is to incorporate your brand’s visual identity into your Stories. It’s one way of increasing brand recognition and awareness. 

For instance, integrate your company colors into your text overlays and include branding elements, such as key icons and your logo. 

Consider creating a blog resource center or style guide specifically for Instagram Stories. 

The style guide helps ensure that the branding colors, fonts, and GIFs are consistent with your other marketing creatives, whether promoting an event or sharing tips on buying SEO articles. 

Also, use an IG Story template to make creating your Stories quicker and easier. Customize the template easily by adding images, text, and branding elements

Try to make your Stories as interesting, relevant, and compelling as possible while staying within your brand guidelines.  

6. Enhance your social media marketing initiatives with IG Stories

Harness the power of Instagram Stories to amplify your social media marketing efforts.

Start with the tried-and-true tips in this guide while developing your own methods to optimize your Instagram and social media marketing initiatives.

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The power of Instagram stories should not be underestimated. If used correctly, they can help improve your social media marketing initiatives and boost your business’s bottom line. Have you tried using Instagram stories for your business? What has been your experience?

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