If you want to create engaging videos for marketing purposes, InVideo is the best software available. This platform necessitates zero technological expertise on your part to create videos. Using this service, you may convert any article into a video presentation. On the other hand, in a matchup between InVideo and Lumen5, InVideo emerges victorious thanks to its superior feature set and aesthetic polish.

Further, like Canva, the platform provides standard dimensions for creating videos optimized for various online destinations. Find the information you need about InVideo – an online video editor, right here. Learn more by reading on!

What Is InVideo?

The video production platform InVideo is a do-it-yourself (DIY) video creation tool that allows users to transform their ideas into films in real-time. It helps the user using it to edit a video online. It comes with over one million royalty-free photos, video clips, and four thousand or more pre-built themes. In addition, the program allows for the modification of templates in various ways, including by altering colors, animation, transitioning, postings on social media shapes, and emojis, among other things.

Users may record voiceovers, and the program can convert text to audio automatically. The user-friendly editor allows workers to upload their media files or choose assets from a built-in media library. In addition, users of the platform are given the ability to produce, edit, preview, and distribute videos to other members of the team. Pricing is offered on a monthly or annual subscription basis, and live help is accessible all day, throughout the week.

How Does InVideo Work?

InVideo is an online video editor that provides users with several premade “How to” video formats to choose from while making their films. These templates will have different aspect ratios depending on where you want to upload your films. They are adaptable and cover a wide range of subjects.

Add it to whatever you’re working on, whether it’s an essay, a digital book, some content, or something else. Then, after reviewing your content, our AI will instantly pair your text buzzwords with the most appropriate InVideo illustration.

In addition, there is a symbol finder, an API interface for Pixabay, and a vast library full of high-quality InVideo images so that you may tweak the app to your heart’s content. In other words, the number of possible drawings is endless; more importantly, no two pictures will be identical.

Amazing Features of InVideo

Let’s take a good, hard look at everything this site offers.

1. Producing Videos Using the Storyteller Format

InVideo’s Storyteller films are a great addition to any article, blog post, or listicle. They may serve as a video summary of the post’s main points or as a brief introduction to featured items.

Having this feature may help you retain visitors to your site for longer. In addition, the increased time users spend on your site due to this action will positively affect your site’s search engine optimization.

2. An Archive of Historical Media

The media catalog is on par with similar services, but their unlimited monthly use of Premium footage is where they shine. Extensively, Business or Limitless plans subscribers may watch 300 or unlimited videos each month.

There are many alternative platforms, but they all have limited monthly downloads and high prices. In addition, their music collection rivals that of any similar software.

3. Support

The platform’s speedy support is a significant selling point. In a typical case, the platform’s support team will get back to you within 5 minutes. In addition to actively engaging with users in a Facebook group, the platform regularly updates with new functionality based on feedback from the group’s members.

In addition, consumers have not discovered any other program that offers many functions at such a low price. Although it lacks AI, most high-quality videos may be created using InVideo. It would just need more work to do.

4. To Edit Like a Pro With The Advanced Editor

The platform’s sophisticated editor hides a wealth of options that give the impression of a lack of functionality. Everything about your video may be modified here.

Users have complete freedom to rearrange elements, alter color schemes, adjust the overall appearance and feel, and play with various transitions in the sophisticated editor.

5. Design Schemes and Video Formats

Users have the option of making videos that can be uploaded to social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Even though the site does not officially “support” LinkedIn or Twitter videos, users may quickly get around this by creating a square video for YouTube and a video style similar to Twitter for LinkedIn.

Most users’ videos are converted from text to video using the script to video or “article-to-video” software; hence these users seldom, if ever, use the available video production templates. Whenever you need visual content made, InVideo is there for you.

What Is Invideo’s Price Structure?

Monthly plans for InVideo start at $30, with annual plans costing $360. Up to 60 clips may be exported monthly on the free plan; however, it does carry a watermark. The monthly cost of InVideo Business is $30 (or $180 yearly, or $15 per month), and it gets you ten iStock media files, unlimited premium media files, unlimited premium themes, and 60 High definition video exports.

You may get 120 Stock photographs and movies, limitless Premier images and videos, limitless Premium themes, and limitless video exports for only $60 a month with InVideo Unlimited (or $360 a year, or $30 a month).

You may easily create high-quality films with In video. They work exceptionally well for promotional reasons, including advertising campaigns, speeches, and presentations. In addition, this service makes it easy to produce instructional videos by providing a wide variety of premade layouts to work from. Users may create notable films with access to over a million media files as examples.

InVideo Pros And Cons


  • Storybook and Shutterstock’s massive video and image libraries are at your disposal.
  • User-friendly design targeted the layperson.
  • Make movies in whatever language you choose.
  • Created in advance, these layouts consider the platform they’ll use and the task.
  • Converting text to voice automatically.
  • High-quality assistance is available around-the-clock.
  • InVideo’s helpful Facebook group is available to you at no cost.
  • Your project’s look is entirely in your control.
  • The option to upload one’s material.


  • Inability to change templates.
  • The procedure for exporting is instead drawn out.
  • It needs a reliable connection to the Internet.

Who Is InVideo For?

InVideo videos are simple to create whether you’re an advertising agency or a solo professional looking to increase your revenue. The InVideo tool is available for anybody or any business. In addition to the groups above and occupations, InVideo may also appeal to:

  • Contractors who work on their own time.
  • Educators who generate their materials.
  • Commercial digital advertisers.
  • Money-making Bloggers.
  • Companies, Both Virtual and Physical.
  • Partners in Advertising.
  • YouTubers.
  • A long list of writers and more.

What Makes InVideo Videos Important On The Internet?

To edit a video online, an online video editor with professional coloring may be expensive, time-consuming, and distracting. InVideo is the first worldwide video production program that uses intuitive AI to generate professional-quality InVideo films in over 60 languages in a matter of minutes, regardless of the user’s familiarity with the language, age, or level of artistic ability.

InVideo Creator is a new cloud-based technology that can generate whiteboard, crystal clear, and slate videos in 70 languages in minutes, replete with human-like voices. In addition, video texts may be transcribed and translated into InVideo videos in any language using the included tools.

Top InVideo Alternative

There are several reasons to consider InVideo alternatives. Before addressing InVideo’s alternatives, know that InVideo is worthwhile. InVideo is one of the most straightforward film applications. If you don’t like InVideo, here are some of its competitors.

Pictory – Pictory utilizes AI to turn video clips and text into social media videos. Create videos faster. Brand social visibility. Logo. Colorise and font size.

Adventure – Your online visitors demand personalization. Mobile interaction, customizable social sharing, pre-roll advertising network compatibility, and more.

Renderforest – Renderforest is an all-in-one brand platform that lets users produce broadcast-quality movies, Ai-optimised logos, photorealistic mockups, print, and digital graphics, and fully working websites.

Capto – Capto simplifies capturing, recording, video, and picture editing. Capto is a powerful, easy-to-use screen capture tool great for instructors, students, creative professionals, and anybody else.

EasyMovie – EasyMovie is a video prospecting tool that boosts sales. Over 300 firms utilize our service daily and benefit from powerful video production, hosting, and sales platform connections.

Wave Video – Wave. Video integrates five must-have video marketing products: live streaming studios, video capture software, video editor, thumbnail creator, and video hosting.


InVideo is the first recently released video editing tool that uses Intuitive AI Technology to make it possible for anybody, regardless of age, experience, or artistic preferences, to create stunning, realistic InVideo films in 30+ languages quickly.

Videos such as whiteboard animations, video demos, video tutorials, and promotional and advertising videos may all be created using InVideo and sold online. In addition to the commercial license for InVideo, you may also white-label the product and sell it to an infinite number of consumers while you edit a video online! Aside from the apparent time and money savings, offering this service may also earn you money thanks to the trade rights that come with having your own business or earning your living.


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