With the world catching the fast-paced train of digitalization, there is no better way to catch up than to familiarise yourself with some web hosting platforms. Especially for small businesses, that aim to expand their customer base starting from a small amount, the market is full of amazing web hosting platforms that can take your business to greater heights. However, with so many options available, it is often rather difficult to choose the right one.  Well, guess that’s what we’re here for. Presenting to you the list of best web hosting platforms that’ll help you rise above the competition and make your name in the market.

What are the best web hosting services?

The best web hosting platforms are decided on a number of factors, depending on the kind of business you own. So, the following list uncovers all aspects of some best web hosting platforms to help you choose what suits your palette the best. So, to find out the answer to ‘what are the best web hosting services for small businesses?’, keep reading.

And let me assure you, setting up a website for your website is not as daunting as they make it sound. Affordability, user interface, design, e-commerce capabilities, and any other thing that you may need- we’ll try to find answers to them all. So let’s get to work, shall we?

1. Bluehost-

With claims of a number of free web hosting services running around, serving all your web hosting needs requires a little investment. Hence, to ensure that investment is little and worth it, try your hands on Bluehost. It is one of the most affordable web hosts available, claiming to fulfill customer satisfaction by offering a variety of facilities at a very reasonable price, with a 30-day money-back deal.

It aims at providing you with the web’s most crucial and popular resources instantly available and does so through an integrated MOJO marketplace. Availability of dedicated products like shared hosting, WordPress hosting, and VPS hosting, along with programs like affiliates, marketing services and WordPress guides are sure to win your heart and your customer’s pocket.

With a starting price of $2.95, I’m sure you don’t want to miss this one.

Pros: It has amazing uptime and has generous storage.

Cons: Its constant upsells and speed lags can be a little annoying.

2. Hostinger.com

Hostinger definitely knows how to become one’s favorite go-to web hosting platform because its features just don’t end. Starting from unlimited databases and storage space to custom-controlled panels with auto-installation scripts, and a starting price of just $0.99, Hostinger is one of the best web hosting platforms in the market.

And as if the already available features were any less, Hostinger’s free site builder and WP performance upgrades leave no stones unturned to satisfy the consumer.

With access to the free domain name for 1 year, get started on Hostinger, now.

Pros: Hostinger’s speed is really impressive. Oh, you’re going to love its excellent dashboard.

Cons: It has no daily backup.

3. HostGator

I believe these hosts are determined to make their customers super happy because these features are nothing but amazing. One-click installs of popular open-source projects, unlimited access to email addresses, and SL certificate, with a starting price of $2.64 and a 45-day cash back guarantee. Wow, way too much to take.

Well, wait, because there’s more. It also provides unlimited disk space and 1-year free access to the domain name. Oh, and if you buy a 36 month upfront deal, you’re eligible for a 72% discount.

So, if you want to know more about HostGator’s amazing bandwidth, go try it out yourself, now.

Pros: It has many programming languages and their unmetered bandwidth will ease your life.

Cons: Their price scheme gets tricky as you move up the ladder.

4. A2Hosting.com

Hello, small business owners, this web hosting platform is going to be your favorite go-to server. Here’s why. This is free software for webmail, newsletters, contact forms, list management, and spam filtering. Not just that, it provides you unlimited access to inboxes, forwarding, and auto-responders.

With a starting price of $2.99 and a 30-day trial pack, unlimited SSD disk space, and secure messaging, A2Hosting ensures that every need of your small business starting from outreach to connection is maintained.

Oh, and for a bonus, it also has a multiple spam filtering feature, so you can stop worrying about that already

Pros: Their uptime record is almost perfect and offers a choice between 4 different server locations.

Cons: Their customer support is vaguely slow and the renewal rates can seem fairly high.


5. iPage.com

One of the best-rated web hosting servers out there, iPage.com provides users with unlimited domains, storage space, and email addresses. It allows credibility to market your small business with about $200 in ad credits, promising better brand reach and conversions.

The best offer that iPage.com has for small businesses is their free site-building tools, along with an online store that allows you to sail through a multitude of amazing options. With a very reasonable starting price offer of $1.99, iPage.com provides a money-back guarantee of 30 days.

Their brand support also claims to have some of the best autoresponders, virus checking, and spam filters, which you should hurriedly try your hands on.

Pros: Its feature simplicity will make it easier for you to explore new things.

Cons: Its performance cannot be credited way too much.

6. Wix.com

You know when you’re a small business owner, everybody expects you to be proficient in every skill because that’s what the skillset required for a small business looks like. Well, you can say Wix.com spares you that request because their drag and drop builder allows you to operate without any technical coding knowledge, so you can begin without any hesitance.

With a number of amazing niche-specific designs and affordable site-building access, wix.com is a great way to budget your site. It allows users to create an easy eCommerce facility for absolutely free. Yes, it is too good to be true.

Its accessibility also allows you to add features via App Market and Wix events, and almost every feature mentioned above makes it the easiest website-building app in the market.

Pros: The site speed is really good and its app market allows easy extension of site features.

Cons: The templates are not interchangeable and your site isn’t transferable.

7. GoDaddy.com

This web host is every business owner’s renowned host and for all the right reasons. GoDaddy.com is the world’s largest domain registrar with more than 17 million domains under its management.

With a starting price of only $1 and guaranteed 99.9% website uptime, GoDaddy.com has rightfully claimed its name in the market. It allows you to manage your domain via cPanel or Plesk and allows a 100GB-unlimited disk space.

Oh, did we forget to mention? It also offers free email hosting at your domain too. So, if you still don’t think you need this one, think better.

Pros: They offer amazing technical support and their prebuilt guide for small business solutions is a lot of help.

Cons: The domain prices seem a little excessive.

8. SiteGround.com

Small business owners like you are well aware of how setting up an eCommerce site can be one tricky task. But with SiteGround by your side, believe me, that would feel like a cakewalk. Here’s why.

SiteGround offers 1-click install eCommerce tools that’ll serve anything you can think of, right at the moment. Its daily backups, CDN, and absolutely free site builders have fetched the app a 5-star rating from across the world. There’s more. It tests changes to your online store in a staging area. We know we can’t ask for more, can we?

Well, there is still one amazing thing left. To ensure that cakewalk is easy enough, 24/7 support from eCommerce experts is available at your end, always. With a very worthy investment of $6.99, make SiteGround your eCommerce bud, today.

Pros: Its side speed is one of the fastest in the market. Their customer support is incredible.

Cons: The renewal prices are fairly high and the resources are limited.

9. Dreamhost

Doing complete justice to its name, Dreamhost is your best option for a quick and responsive website change for your small business. Being one of the oldest in the market, they’re the best in what they do because of their constant updates and on-the-clock features.

With amazing loading speed for your website and immediate responsiveness, Dreamhost’s adaptable services will win you over. So whenever you think of making a revolutionary change in your website, you can come running to Dreamhost.

Oh, make sure you stay in touch with their all-time available customer service.

Pros: Easy to use dashboard and the best in industry customer service.

Cons: Migrating websites can be a little difficult.

10. Nexcess

This web hosting platform is the best solution to all your online store hosting problem because of its wide availability of hosting options, especially with Magento, WordPress, Woocommerce, BigCommerce, Drupal and so many more.

And you better keep your optimistic pants on because if your store witnesses unexpectedly high traffic  someday, Nexcess’s auto-scale handling is there to save the day. With their premium SSL certificate, you can be carefree about the safety of your website and your customers. It also provides user access to continuous customer support and 24/7 site monitoring.

With plans starting at $15, you can definitely think of this one as a one hundred percent worthy investment.

Pros: Has a very stable uptime.

Cons: Their response rate is a little slow and its customer service doesn’t offer live chat support.

11. WP Engine

If you have WP Engine by your side, you can definitely consider your WordPress site to be in safe hands because there are no two ways about it. It is the best way to hand over all the backend technical work, to the provider, and give all your WordPress worries to the expert who’s there for you 24/7.

Even though this can be a fairly expensive option depending on different plans, this can save a lot of time, effort, and mistakes small business owners do in their WordPress journey. So, it would prove to be cost-effective, in every sense. With best-in-class tools, variety and depth of features, and site testing options, WP Engine claims its place as one of the best in the market.

So if you’re considering taking the right first step toward the success of your small business, WP Engine is all you need.

Pros:  The customer support level is top-notch and it takes care of security logistics.

Cons: The site’s uptime reliability isn’t very stable.

12. InMotion

Any small business owner would relate to this one dream of making it big in the market. And while that dream will definitely realize, the right resources will make that realization much faster. Their VPS and Dedicated hosting are ensured to fetch you premium services and serve the purpose of WordPress hosting and Shared Hosting options.

With a variety of plans, features, and services, InMotion stands out from the market at a flying high rate. If you’re planning to make it big, there’s no better go-to option.

Pros: It offers amazing features and its speed will make you run happy.

Cons: Their check-out process can be a little hectic.

13. HostPapa

This is the ultimate small business affordable option with all features fast, reliable, and amazing. With plans starting from $2.95, they allow the user access to domain registration, hosting, more than 400 business app potential connections, and easy drag and drop website builder, ensuring that every need is encountered.

It also provides unlimited access to websites, SSD storage, and bandwidth. So, whatever it is you may need, HostPapa is not going to let you down.

Pros: Their performance has been consistently fast and responsive over time.

Cons: Renewals are pricey.

14. GreenGeeks

This web host is for all those environmentally concerned small businesses out there that make it their responsibility to grow in coherence with the environment. It is one of the fastest, most reliable, and featured web hosting platforms, offering solutions for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and more.  

With free domain registration, free transfer service, and built-in scalability, GreenGeeks is likely to offer the best services in the market. And did we mention, its package starts at only $2.49. So quality and quantity both? You got it.

Pros: They offer unlimited resources and a lot of features

Cons: Their customer service isn’t very supportive.

With this amazing list of the best web hosting platforms that will cater to all your particular and general needs, you can be sure to take your small business up by a notch. Happy earning.

What are the best web hosting services for small businesses?

Small businesses require a platform for web hosting different than that of medium and large-scale enterprises, in terms of investment, features and domain. We have for you a list of the best web hosting services, mentioning features, pros, and cons of each, below-

What is the best web hosting sites? What is the best web hosting sites?

Some of the best web hosting platforms, based on various parameters, include:
• Bluehost
• Hostinger.com
• HostGator
• A2Hosting
• iPage.com

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