Discounts—each one of us just loves to get it. So, it is a great promoting tool for your online store to enhance your current sales. WordPress coupon code plugins offer an excellent shopping experience to your customers by providing easy giveaways and discounted deals. Taking advantage of coupon plugins can be an absolute game changer for your business. It is a powerful method to entice new leads, boost engagement, and convert them to loyal customers. But due to the soaring demand for these plugins, there is now a huge option available in the market. Additionally, each one of them claims to be the best in the lot. So, how are you going to pick the right one from this vast choice? Don’t worry! To save you from this bewildering situation, we have dug out one of the best WordPress coupon code plugins available out there which will help you reduce cart abandonment and advertise your products in the most effective way.

Shoppers always look for discounts, exclusive deals, and vouchers. You can consider this aspect a driving force behind gaining loyal customers. If you fail to include this profit-spinning feature in your online store then you will or already have missed opportunities in abundance. So, without further ado, let’s get down to business and introduce you to the WordPress coupon code plugins that are hot and the best in the market. But first, understand why you should use them and how to pick the best.

Why you should use WordPress coupon plugins on your website?

Discounts really attract all types of consumers because every person wants to save money on the deal. In a recent report, it has been concluded that over 96% of people use or look for coupons before settling on their purchase decision. Shoppers will definitely buy what they want, but they will choose a deal where he/she can save a few bucks. You should offer discounts on your product and services because:

  • It helps in increasing customer loyalty.
  • It maximizes conversion rate and drives sales.
  • It grows the traffic to your website.
  • You can easily reach new customers and new markets.
  • It minimizes abandoned carts.

If you are looking for an exceptional technique to engage your existing and potential customers on your site then offering discounts through a coupon plugin is the best way to do it. You can encourage users to purchase from your store by offering vouchers or points for your products and services.  

What to look for in WordPress coupon plugins?

As we already know that there is a huge option in WordPress coupon plugins in the market. Deciding the right one is based on some factors like the sort of discount you want to offer, your budget, and other specific features. WordPress is already rich in features but if you want to leverage its benefit of offering discounts on your website, you need a plugin.

You need to understand what kind of coupon you want to offer to your customers and how you can deliver them. These two factors can make the whole selection process easier. No matter how simple or complicated the plugin you are looking for, the following are some key features you need to check.

  • A good number of positive ratings and reviews.
  • Regular updates and maintenance.
  • Constant support from the developing team.
  • The process of setup, integration, and configuration should be simple and quick.
  • Customizing options for coupon delivery and appearance.

8 top and most powerful WordPress coupon code plugins

Not only your customers, ask yourself don’t you look for all the opportunities wherever you can save the money? The moment you see that there is a good discounting offer, you try to grab it as soon as possible, right? So, as an online business owner if you make the whole coupon functionality easy, then not only you gain more customers but can make them loyal to your brand.

If I talk about WordPress coupon plugins then undoubtedly it is a very useful tool in converting users into your customers easily. It offers all types of essentials for making the discount offering process easy, functional, and user-friendly. So, here are a few coupon plugins that have advanced features, and each one of them is highly efficient and supports an extensive range of WordPress themes.

1.   WooCommerce Discount Rules

Discount Rules allow you to run several promotions on your website such as BOGO (buy one get one free), bulk discounts, coupons based on categories, purchase history, products, other key factors, and user-role-based offers. This plugin enables you to apply discounts when your customer meets some conditions. This automated process significantly minimizes user resistance and leaves a positive brand impact. Discount Rules also allow users to check for all the available discounts on your product pages and their carts as well.

Additional features of Discount Rules:

  • Dependent discounts can be offered easily. For example, getting money off on another product when buying one.
  • Supports buying A and B and buying C and D along with BOGO offers.
  • It allows you to offer feature-based discounts.
  • You can offer free shipping on certain conditions like quantity, location, total, or purchase history.
  • Discount options on the subtotal of the cart.
  • You can offer coupons on the basis of the purchase history of customers.
  • Users can apply for multiple discounts.
  • You can easily exclude products or other items that are on sale.
  • You can offer discounts on the value or the number of products in the cart.

2.   Mighty Review for Discount

Mighty Review for Discount is yet another popular WordPress coupon plugin that helps you increase engagement and expand sales. As already told, positive reviews are really important and this plugin helps you get the best rating on your product from your customers. This plugin is counted among the most powerful ones that increase the number of positive ratings of your online store. It comes with single as well as multiple product reviewing options like setting discount type, expiry date, and amount to spend, including or excluding the products under different categories.

This plugin is among the finest and recommended coupon plugins available right now. Its free version is already loaded with essential features to increase the positive rating of your online store. However, its premium version has some advanced and specific features.

Additional features of Mighty Review for Discount:

  • User-friendly setup and installation.
  • Simple to use and added flexibility.
  • Allows you to offer great rewards to your customers for used products.
  • Helps in maximizing engagement.
  • Easy to set limits for minimum and maximum value to utilize discounts.
  • You can easily send customized emails to customers in order to persuade them to write positive reviews in exchange for getting various discount coupons.
  • The inclusion and exclusion of products for discounts can be easily applied or removed.
  • Picking a trigger event is easy. You can send one or multiple discounted coupons to the people.

3.   WooCommerce Volume Discount

WooCommerce Volume Discount is one of the popular extensions to provide discounts to users on the basis of the product number in the cart. This plugin help users check the total amount of saving on the checkout page. It clearly displays the discounting options available on all the products. You can easily set coupons and discount percentages on different categories of products and services. Customers can easily increase or decrease the quantity of the items in their cart. All need to be done is the insertion of an easy shortcode that shows the customized discounts on the page.

Additional features of WooCommerce Volume Discount:

  • Creating vouchers and coupons on the WooCommerce site is easy.
  • You can pick any section to display the voucher information.
  • Automatically calculates the discounts.
  • Easily applies discounts on the bulk of products and services.
  • Quick customization is easy.

4.   WooCommerce Ultimate Points and Rewards

WooCommerce Ultimate Points and Rewards is one of the best plugins in the market to incentivize your customers. You can easily offer reward points for several activities like referrals, signups, product reviews, and much more. Your customers can easily convert these points into vouchers and use them to make purchases from your online store. With the help of this plugin, you can easily assign points to a number of products in a wide range of categories in your store. Also, the setting up of configuration to enable users in sharing vouchers with other people is easy. Additionally, deducting or adding points from users’ accounts can be done effortlessly. This is a great way to grow loyalty among your current customers and obtain new ones as well. This process also boosts referral promotion and builds positive product reviews for your offered products.

Additional features of WooCommerce Ultimate Points and Rewards:

  • Users can buy products using vouchers and will get the option to use the remaining balance of points if not utilized completely.
  • You can easily manage and set the period of points expiry.
  • Your customers can convert their points into coupons and use them while purchasing products from your store.
  • Creating membership (silver, gold, platinum, diamond, etc.) and setting levels of attaining each one of them is easy.
  • Users can socially share the links.

5.   Smart Coupons 

Smart Coupons is another finest coupon code plugin in the market. You can easily add advanced alternatives to use WooCommerce coupons on the site. This plugin enables you to build several giveaway offers, restrictions for coupon usage, and easy management. Using this plugin allows you to automatically apply coupons on applicable products. Users can easily find out the coupon applicability. It auto-calculates the discount on the total quantity of products in the cart. You can easily filter discounts for minimum or maximum items. This plugin easily provides several methods for payment, checkout, shipping, and others. You can easily customize the appearance of the coupon along with their expiry, minimum spend, etc.

Additional features of Smart Coupons for WooCommerce:

  • Generate URLs for coupons for promotion motives.
  • This plugin has a user-friendly interface.
  • Adding options for payment, shipping, and check out on your site is easy.
  • Duplicating coupons with the same constraints as others is effortless.
  • Coupons automatically apply to the product in the cart according to their quantity.
  • Creating and designing vouchers of any amount is easy.
  • Allows you to import and duplicate WordPress coupons.

6.   Coupon Creator

Coupon Creator is yet another plugin to easily create a coupon and put it in your eCommerce store. You can add coupons to posts, pages, or anywhere you want using shortcodes. You also get the option to add the date of expiration to set a time to end the campaign. You can personalize the coupons using Coupon Creator Editor. Integrating this plugin with WooCommerce is easy. This plugin comes with a dynamic and a reveal code feature. You can effortlessly perform bulk edits for counter fields and expiration. This plugin allows you to customize Dotted Borders, Saw Tooth Border, Stitched Border, Border Themes, etc.

  • Additional features of Coupon Creator:
  • This plugin provides shortcodes to add customized coupons on any section of your website.
  • Display Print View in the popup for various vouchers and print the same.
  • Setting a Counter per Coupon to expire after a certain period of time or using it for an unlimited counter is easy.
  • This plugin offers block editor backing for counter-loop shortcode and its features.

7.   Advanced Coupons

Advanced Coupon is counted among the most popular WordPress coupon code plugin for WooCommerce sites. This plugin offers all the vital coupon features to help you promote your online store in a better way. It allows you to give BOGO deals to your users. You can easily organize WooCommerce coupons for different product categories. Additionally, you can apply URLs to coupons and restrict each according to the customer’s role.

You can display coupons in the order now’ preview section. This plugin also prevents the misuse of these coupons. It helps in setting up the right condition for the coupon plugin and its usage. You can easily control the time and maximum discounted option.

Additional features of Advanced Coupons:

  • It allows you to set the right condition for coupons so users don’t misuse the discount.
  • It has a user-friendly interface.
  • Customers can avail of the discount using a URL.
  • You can prevent accidental or incorrect discount usage.
  • You can easily show the available coupons on the quick order or buy now preview section.
  • This plugin allows you to add BOGO deals to your eCommerce store. This feature is comparatively much more flexible than straight discounts.
  • It is free to use but more advanced features can be unlocked in the premium version.
  • This plugin is compatible with all types of plugins.

8.   Extended Coupon Features

Extended Coupon Features is also one of the coupon code plugins for online stores. This plugin adds extra functionality to coupons and offers automated discounted rules. Its functionalities can be easily combined into WooCommerce Edit Coupon Panel. Its automated functions allow users to easily apply the discount in their cart after the conditions are met. Its free version has good features but is limited to a certain extent. Whereas its premium version offers many additional attributes such as APIs, auto coupon priorities, etc. Its API feature enables developers to use all the advanced features of this plugin easily. You can restrict the coupon according to the location.

Additional features of Extended Coupon Features:

  • This plugin comes with an auto coupon feature that allows users to apply the discount on their cart after meeting the restriction.
  • It has a user-friendly interface.
  • Users can use coupon URLs to apply the discount on the product.
  • You can put conditions on the coupon according to the method of shipping, payment, or other particular roles.
  • Its free version has vital features but you can uncover additional options in its premium version to increase the functionality of the site.
  • This plugin allows you to apply discounts according to the number of items in the cart.
  • It enables customers to add complementary products to the cart according to the coupon rule. This feature is accessible only in its premium version.

Take away

No matter what product or service you are selling, offering discounts and special offers is a great way to promote your WordPress site. Having some discount or limited-time offer on your website boosts your revenue as it is a great source to earn customer loyalty and maximize engagement. It is an excellent plan to increase the conversion rate. All the above WordPress coupon code plugins have topped the list as each one of them is performing at par in the market. 

You can personalize all discount coupons and add them to any section of your website. Using shortcodes, you can easily display the codes anywhere on the site. All the mentioned plugins are available in the directory of WordPress, you can install them from its dashboard. These plugins provide all the needed features to build and customize vouchers. Almost all plugins are compatible with all themes.

We hope this post helped you in your decision-making process. Now choose any of the mentioned plugins, enhance user engagement and earn loyal customers in abundance. 

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